Does anyone Know the answers to these questions?

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    What cababanoids are present in leaves? Is there any THC in leaves? Do leaves have a high ratio of CBD to THC? Although I have heard many opinions on this over the years, I have never seen or heard any definitive answer.

    I make infused oil and have been using buds only. I recently occurred to me that since some people only use trim to make infused oil, I might be throwing out stuff that might make the oil more potent.

    On another not. A few years ago I started using a Magic Butter Machine. That has been some of the best money I have ever spent. It makes infused oil much stronger and honestly has more than paid for itself because the oil lasts much longer.

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    There are zero cannabinoids in the leaves, or even the flowers for that part. The cannabinoids are produced by the trichomes on the surface of the flowers, leaves, and stems.

    The trichomes on the fan leaves and stems tend to be sparser, as well as older and more mature, so collection is typically limited to the flowers and sugar leaves.

    Extracts from the fan leaves and stem trichomes make great topicals for pain, but more of a Charley horse between the ears when dabbed, than a euphoric high.
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