Do You Take a LOT of Hot Showers? Frequent nausea, vomitting? Pain?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Gramaw, Mar 23, 2013.


    BAWBAG'69 Member

    Maybe just a coincidence but I suffer much of the same symptoms apart from baths instead of showers to ease the pain and discomfort. My symptoms were diagnosed as pancreatitis but I have a history of alcohol abuse, very historic though because I haven't drank alcohol for over a decade. Sorry if this is completely left field and not applicable and nothing more than a coincidence just very similar symptoms.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    I'm curious if both high thc and high cbd varieties do this? Perhaps he should make a switch to a different variety? Best of luck with this.

    Johnnii New Member

    I am currently going through this as we speak. It's been ongoing for about 6 months now. & I am a regular marijuana smoker, I smoke anywhere from 2 grams a day to 7 grams or more a day. Before this started, I used marijuana to relieve bad headaches & sometimes a lack of appetite. The symptoms come & go but I usually can't keep anything down, no food or water, I usually throw up all the bile In my stomach until I'm eventually throwing up nothing. I've been to the ER about 3 times for this where they've kept me for about a week every time, & every test came back as normal (as if nothing is wrong with me) I've been very curious as to how to treat i, without cutting the cannibis out completely, because I do use it for other medical reasons.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    My grandson's dad has this issue now. Same symptoms. He thought it could be due to mixing alcohol with weed but he quit drinking and still has the same issues. I've been familiar with this for quite awhile but never knew anyone personally. They gave him perks and it helped a lot but that was only short term. We thought it could be shit in the weed like ferts or pesticides but he grows his own. Must be interfering with a receptor in the gut somehow since the symptoms are almost the exact opposite of a good high. Opiates would calm that receptor down I'd imagine.
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    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    got this a few times always seem 2 happen when theres been a lot of alcohole thinktheres a lot more 2 it tho like somthing used onthe plant

    Johnnii New Member

    I've also noticed that keeping a heating pad on my stomach works just as well as a hot shower sometimes. I would usually turn the shower on really hot, & lay in the shower while the hot water hits my stomach. But if you wanna save some hot water, that's another helpful method lol

    BRANDON77 Well-Known Member

    I read online that in colorado the ER's are having major issues with described the symptoms exactly...the article said it was due to immense amounts of thc being consumed and that as soon as the people stopped smoking/dabbing etc...they feel better.

    tell him to quit for a couple weeks...
    Doctor Derp

    Doctor Derp Well-Known Member

    Look up CHS and Azadirachtin. The leading theory for the cause of CHS is pesticide poisoning. Azadirachtin was never intended to be used on a product that isn't washed before consumption. (Like fruits and veggies) There are a great many growers, both commercial and hobbyist, that are treating their plants with this stuff right up to harvest, and believe it is totally safe.
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    BRANDON77 Well-Known Member

    Just about everyone I know neem oils everything.
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    Doctor Derp

    Doctor Derp Well-Known Member

    Yep, and without any studies done on its safe use in cannabis.
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    newgrow16 Well-Known Member

    probably related to pancreatitis, mine was related to gall bladder. once removed episodes decreased significantly.

    newgrow16 Well-Known Member

    my research indicated high cbd varieties may have anti-endemic results, doing the opposite of typical effect on appetite.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    maybe needs a different source of of meds? maybe a different strain? a different method of ingestion?
    The folks I know with similar suffering have common denominators often not considered. (diet,artificial sweeteners, gmo crunchy corn snacks,rx drugs, tobacco, etc)

    I hope he finds resolve soon

    newgrow16 Well-Known Member

    when i have been using medicine that i have grown, i have not experienced any episodes. not scientific, one episode in last two years and i was buying from store again.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    I think this problem is related to neem oil use and not cannabis. It hasn't been shown to actually be a problem directly linked to cannabis at this point.
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    jeskah rabbit

    jeskah rabbit New Member

    Yes , damn near every other day, but it's caused by ibs , to tell you the truth, people like me with this condition, we get pretty nervous to eat anything cause you never no what's going to happen. My dad gave me a joint, never smoked before ,not once, and started getting sick in 2012, I was 250lbs, I started drastically losing weight dad got scared and gave me a joint, I smoked it curiously and cautiously, to see what it would do, after ten minutes of finishing that thing , I was starving, and the plus side, wasn't to worried about eating , even though I have lost 130 lbs, I feel much better, at least I can eat now, I used to hate marijuana, now I think it's a blessing. I can't imagine what I would look like without it. is probably be a skeleton. Now I'm starting to gain weight back, eventhough I still get sick every other day. I hot shower , get out smoke and eat a half hour later ,so it's definitely much better now, better than staying in the hospital for 2 weeks , over and over again that's for sure.


    gb123 Well-Known Member

    first ive heard of it in 50 plus years :eyesmoke:
    The feds are pushin this scare tactic.. along with the fact that POT isn't medicine :lol:
    ya sure! :weed:

    stop trying to add to the large piles of poo that prohibition would love to pile higher.:weed:
    These BS nonsensical lies are showing up in the news as of late ...:-D(::Po_O:idea::hump::bigjoint:

    cheers pukin ears!

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I had this problem in a mild form for awhile. I heard about the neem oil/ azadiractin connection and cut it out of my regimen and the problem went away for me.

    Now I recommend that people only use been and derivatives in veg, never in bloom. The stuff is an oil and it's persistent- and gets concentrated right along with resin when made into hash.

    I haven't seen any studies making a positive connection as yet, but it fits the symptoms and the timeline.

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