Do You Take a LOT of Hot Showers? Frequent nausea, vomitting? Pain?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Gramaw, Mar 23, 2013.


    Gramaw Member

    I'm curious -- Do any of you have:

    1. bouts of nausea, and
    2. periodic episodes of INSANE vomitting (as if you had food poisoning),
    3. with severe stomach pains,
    4. AND find that you are taking a ton of hot showers each day to feel better?

    Perhaps you've even had to go to the emergency room because it was so bad?

    If so, post and let me know (or send a PM if you'd prefer). My son has this problem and I am researching its correlation to frequent smoking. I've always been a huge advocate of medicinal marijuana use, by the way.

    I'll supplement this post with the research if it turns out that I'm not the only one interested in the subject.

    chronictre Member

    In some cases, smoking too much marijuana can cause these symptoms. There was a guy on here who posted the info somewhere, I can't remember where.

    That would only be if you smoked like 5-10 grams a day to your dome in a year.

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    Panic attacks or IBS? Wouldn't think it's the pot. But you can do anything to excess.

    Gramaw Member

    Are you asking about panic attacks and IBS, or are you asking if that's what my post was about? (Sorry; you lost me.) I was specifically referring to bouts of severe nausea, vomitting, and stomach pain that is bad enough to send a person to the ER. AND frequent showering. The frequent showers are a key element of this, apparently.

    We were told that there is a relatively rare, little studied syndrome called Cannabinoid Emesis Syndrome. It's a paradoxical syndrome because weed is proven to reduce nausea and pain. However, for some heavy smokers, it causes nausea and pain. Frequent showering -- up to 10 times a day -- apparently reduces the misery by vasodilation.

    My son has just come home from his third hospitalization for this, but it wasn't until this admission that we were given an actual diagnosis. Till now, I thought his excessive showering was an autistic trait and never in a million years would've correlated it to his medicinal use.

    "Everything in moderation" and "you can do anything to excess" are true, but for people who use cannabis medicinally, it's often necessary for them to smoke "excessively" -- every hour in some cases. (My son doses 1x every 3 hours, on avg.) For most chronically ill tokers, medicinal use eliminates negative symptoms and is a worthwhile treatment. Its been a good treatment option for us, until now.

    John's Hopkins is apparently doing a formal study on this. I hate the idea that this rare syndrome with its negative effects will give the anti-weed people ammunition against uniform legalization.
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    Gramaw Member

    I did a search before I posted the thread, but I didn't find anything. If you know where that post it, let me know.
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    Someone in my family has this and he stopped smoking because of it after being hospitalized a few times for vomiting/ stomach pain. I didnt know it was called this ..... or that showers helped

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    This condition has been discussed extensively on different boards. It's real but rare. I'll try to find the link to Norml website, they had a huge out pouring of people that have had the condition. The CVCsufferer (that's his internet handle) has a lot of info on it and can help too if he sees your post.

    here it is - -

    Gramaw Member

    Showers are actually a symptom, and frequent showering is supposedly required (clinically) in order to be diagnosed with the syndrome. Without the frequent showering, the illness could be a number of different things like "cyclical vomitting syndrome".

    Showers "help" with the pain and discomfort only while the person is actually IN the shower. Hence, frequent showering. The hot water dialates the vascular system which has something to do with relieving the yucky symptoms.

    My son has not completely quit, but he's cut back -- and we are keeping a detailed journal now of when he smokes, and why. Again, this is medicinal smoking and not social. He has autism, a brain injury, a SEVERE anxiety disorder (primary reason for smoking), and is physically disabled. The number of prescription medications this kid was once on -- and the horrible side effects of them -- was outrageous. I hate that he is going to have to find something to replace medicinal weed because, for the most part, it really has helped him.

    Gramaw Member

    Thank you! (I don't know why I didn't find anything when I searched.)

    Whatstrain Well-Known Member

    Have you tried switching to edibles/vaporizing? Maybe smoking is the problem.

    If the edibles dont work then i would try cutting out weed completely (assuming he could for a few weeks) and see how he does. If the heat from a shower helps him feel better then you could try using a heated blanket/heating pad.

    Trying to find out what he has is the going to be the hardest part. Best of luck.
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    Swag Well-Known Member

    If the main reason for his medical use is anxiety related perhaps look into the poly-drug use of a benzodiazepine such as clonazepam or extended-release alprazolam to reduce the amount of cannabis he needs to intake. While they too can cause paradoxical effects in certain individuals along with physical dependence they shouldn't produce these aforementioned unpleasant physical side-effects in the proper dosages. If your completely against the use of this class of chemicals perhaps try an SSRI, they don't appear to be as clinically efficient though.

    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    I think the smoke is somehow making its way to his stomach. I think it might be drying the mucus in the stomach lining causing the beneficial bacteria to die and leaving him more susceptible to food poisoning. Just a theory. I find lactose free yogurt helps. Perhaps you can also teach him a better breathing technique and use vaporizers to cool the smoke?
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    collegedude Member

    I've spent many many hours on research, self-experimentation, and even being the "Natural Doctor" for the family and friends and to this day-and no, I am not exaggerating-none of us have experienced a negative side-effect of natural medicines and super high vitamin supplement dosages; only positive side-effects, some of which have included healing an infection that antibiotics couldn't (I had epididymitis for 4 months and nothing worked except 6 cloves of organic garlic every day for two weeks), anxiety and depression (1,500-3,000mg of Niacin daily), and the beginning of autoimmune syndrome (changed the diet!).

    What is your son's diet 80% of the time?

    How long has he had these symptoms?

    What was his health prior to the onset of his symptoms?

    You can pm me if you like.
    I am a HUGE, let me say that again, HUGE advocate of natural healing through the right kind of diet and supplementation (no, not one of those freaks who only consumes vitamins/minerals and skips real veggies, fruit and meat). Our health really does come from the inside out. And what I mean by that is you keep your gut happy and free of holes (drop the wheat, beans, and legumes) and your blood sugar low (for the love of whatever spirit you believe in, drop ALL the sugar. Use non-pasteurized honey for hot drinks and coconut palm sugar for a regular sugar replacement).

    Start eating a Paleolithic diet. Eat what our human ancestors ate for the hundreds of thousands of years our species has been around and have adapted to. Our grain, corn, soy, and dairy based diet is only an est. 10,000 years young...our Homo Sapien DNA isn't largely built for the food we consume today-especially the one the wheat and dairy industry try and push on us. We've been around for 3-400,000 years subsisting off of vegetables, fruit, nuts/seeds, bugs (yes we have, but you don't have to ;-)) and meat-we are meant to eat this way. Look at our current disease trend in North America, something is wrong with the base roots of our health-our diet. Why the heck are dogs and cats getting cancer and other human diseases? Look at the food we feed them. Would a dog naturally eat a corn husk in the wild? A cat munch on rice? They would eat cats and rats respectively :-P

    For those who have Netflix: Food Matters and Hungry for Change

    And for anyone who is curious as to what my and my family's diet is: Paleo based 80-90% of the time (I love me a good pizza and toasted tomato sandwich!), and an extraordinary amount of organic veggies and fruit-probably close to $40 (Canadian that is) a week alone for veggies and fruit that are juiced daily and grass fed, hormone/antibiotic free meat. Add in that about 50% of daily calories come from fat (organic coconut and olive oil) and you've got a head of hair that will make a lion envious!!

    It is a little bit more expensive to eat this way but from my point of view, one less bottle of wine, 10 meals a week at home and not having to buy the latest gadgets on sale certainly pays off in the way you look and feel!

    Don't lose faith in being able to heal naturally. It is a new (well, we've been healing ourselves naturally forever :-P) way of healing but I have every single bit of confidence and experience that changing your diet and supplementing vitamins in a mega dosage, disease/illness based way is the best way to go.

    I hope your son is feeling better soon

    Google Niacin and the founder of AA, you'll see :-)
    Google the RDA of vitamin D3 and compare that with what our ancestors received (in the hood around 10,000-20,000 UI a day)- I supplement 6,000-10,000 UI a day

    Oh yeah, another point! Drink water till your blue in the face ;-)

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Its the dope ,some people cannot handle thc and get bad side affects.

    Superskunk408 New Member

    I googled 'warm showers and nausea' because I was curious why the shower makes me feel better. I am a chronic medicinal smoker.
    This past February i was STUCK in bed for 2 weeks, I finally went to the emergency room for the same symptoms( i wasn't doing the shower thing then) I told the doctors I had a sinus infection and the mucus was draining back into my stomach causing irritation . I went to ER last night (11/8/14) and told them the same thing-so they gave me antibiotics again. So- i pretty much self diagnosed and now am really unsure if that was actually my problem. The antibiotics worked last time but know I am unsure if this was actually the problem. To top it off I am smoking even more now because it curbs the nausea. Any info would be good. How did they diagnose this, I would assume most docs have no idea what this is?
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    sounds like pot isnt the right medication for him. Get it together.

    Despite what potheads may claim: it's not a cure-all.
    Ace Yonder

    Ace Yonder Well-Known Member

    No offense but this whole "Agriculture ruined our diet when it was introduced 10K years ago" thing is kind of a bunk assumption based on a faulty premise. Not only is 10K years more than enough time for our systems to have adapted to our current diet (This is why people who's ancestors had dairy heavy diets aren't lactose intolerant, whereas people from regions where dairy is not consumed are almost all lactose intolerant, this is why lactose tolerance varies based on ethnicity) but the whole dating of agriculture to 10K years ago has been proven wrong by the discovery of megalithic structures like Gobekli Tepe that date to over 12K years ago and evidence of grain cultivation in the region of Israel that dates to around 22K years ago. Probably older too, but there's only so far back we can peer with certainty. Eating healthy and having a good diet is very important, but it's equally important to base that diet on how our bodies actually work now, not how we think they may have worked so long ago that we're practically talking about a different creature altogether. Here is a GREAT article detailing how the process of transitioning our diets towards grains and dairy actually began around 3.5 million years ago when we started consuming a much larger proportion of C4 plants and grasses.
    Ace Yonder

    Ace Yonder Well-Known Member

    I've heard of this before and I've read all three of the studies involved, there is a thread on here somewhere where me and someone else have a long discussion about it, I won't rehash in too much detail but my overall takeaway was that this needs much more research before it can be definitively proven as a thing, so far the studies are flimsy at best, based on self reported data from incredibly small sample groups and referencing only the other studies as background evidence, far too self referential and inconclusive. All three studies say repeatedly that they can find no physical mechanism of action for the supposed effects, which is basically saying that it is caused by cannabis because people who have it smoked cannabis, even though they see no possible way cannabis could actually be causing the symptoms, which leads me to lean more to the conclusion that it is, at least in the vast majority of cases, a psychosomatic disorder.

    thesliceman New Member

    I suffer from these symptoms sometimes for 3 or 4 days in a row and nothing makes me feel any better except a hot shower its terrible and It sucks to hear others suffer from this as well because I feel like im dieing when it happens and I really don't want to have to stop smoking.

    thesliceman New Member

    I thought it was from methadone withdrawal but then I had it happen after I took my methadone and now that iv since stopped taking the methadone iv still had it happen and nothing I mean NOTHING helps with the chills and vomiting except a hot shower. Its so bad I have considered doing some pretty bad shit to escape the misery.
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