Do You Get More/Less Bud From Auto-flowers?

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    I've head much experience between Dutch passion and Dinafem. In my honest opinion Dinafem takes the cake hands down. Although that was only with photo plants. This is my first auto grow which is all Dinafem and they're growing fantastically. I've heard much about think different but am shying away because of size. I have an 80x80 tent and have 7 autos going and they fit perfectly. I've learned a lot from growing and one of the most important things to remember is not to put all your seeds in one breeders basket. Every breeder has their own strains that exceed others and a lot has to do with your experience and technique as a cultivate. I'm also interested on information as to 7 gallon pots and if it's worth it to step up on my next run

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    I would suggest this. Just my opinion:

    Take your 7 gallons of dirt and plant 3 in two gallon pots and 1 in a one gallon.

    You will have 4 plants that will do way better than one 7 gallon.

    Also if one of the plants has some “issues” you can toss it and have 3 left.

    Can you tell I’m not into large pots for autos. In my experience 3 gallons is about the max. :bigjoint:
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    I've heard a lot of people saying using less soil will give you the same result. Only thing is I've had an auto in a 3 gallon that I threw in my closet during my outdoor season because it was a freebie and it maxed out at about 1 1/2' and the yield was 14 oz. The ones I have going currently are in 5 gallons and they're 4' tall in the early flowering stage and from the way main cola is looking I'll have 14 oz just from the cola. Smaller pots have always scared me because naturally the more root space the bigger. I have done multiple outdoor seasons and when I started I used 5 gallons and maxed out at 4-5' plants (topped 3 times) and ended up with a qp to go a plant. This recent season I ended in 30 gallon pots and the plants were 7-8' tall and yielded 1 lb to 1 1/2 lbs per plant. So it would be very hard for me to go down in pot size justifiably. I'll see how these come out and make changes accordingly. But I do appreciate the advice. Different perspectives are always a plus
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    You almost got a lb from a 1’6” auto? That’s real nice. I’d put 9 of those under the 600 and be real happy.

    You say “the recent season”.

    Are you comparing outdoor and indoor? That’s not apples for apples.

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    I'm sorry I worded that wrong. It was 14 grams on the 1 1/2' auto and on my current watch's colas. This is only my second time growing autos. All of my experience was with photoperiod plants. You are right though there is no rational comparison between indoor and outdoor ops but mainly what I was referring to is pot space for good root growth. In my experience the bigger the pot the bigger the plant. I also try to replicate outdoors as much as possible. I keep the autos under 2 1000 watt hps lights. My temps are completely controlled. I even go as far to play with my temperatures and light timing week by week and will give them an extra hour or an hour less at random points to give them that outside feel.
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    I just bought 7 gallon pots and I agree 7 gallons is little much. Fixing to do a 5 gallon grow to compare to my 3 gallon grow

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    I'm doing a 5 gallon grow right now and your roots are going to fill that right out. 2 months into the grow the pots had multiple roots peeking out of the drainage holes. Depending on what my root system looks lime after harvest I may step up.
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    Light - CFLs, leds, hps.
    Happen to have any pics of these plants in the pots?

    Dabber68 Well-Known Member

    What type pot fabric I can see roots at the drain holes on 3 gallon pots

    Codey06 Member

    I use plastic. Usually if roots are showing through drainage holes I know it's filling the pot out nice and may be able to go up a pot size. I spoke to one guy who used 7 gallon pots and he said the jump from 5 to 7 allowed him to get an oz to 2 oz extra a plant
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    As far as size is concerned you can alway trim her to the size of your grow room. You can turn a ten foot monster into a seven inch baseball cola dwarf with proper trimming. If you trim her right she will focus all that energy on a few branches and turn them into baseball bats. I have even grown several autos together in a small u shape sea of green configuration. The branch you trim is basically designed to grow out for a large canopy and when you trim it focuses all that energy to a single branch or set of branches. Sounds like a lot of work but it takes a few minutes with a pair of snips. Stay focused on the large stems and trim the small stems out of your way, win every time.
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    I would grow auto ultimate before think different, course Id grow mephisto before either of those tho...
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    Has anyone any experience with Rino Seeds in the UK? They have some Girl Scout Cookies Auto they say are 9 weeks from seed and the prices aren't too bad. Also some AK49 Autos that were 9 weeks! They sound too good to be true but I've never run autos, or ordered seeds from the UK.

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    love auto flower strains, but last grow got a less harvest as expected :fire:

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    People like to hate on autos but honestly they can be just as good as any other strain. A lot easier not having to worry about light leaks or off times and you can get big buds when flowering for 18-20 hours a day. THC% isn't the be all end all of cannabis quality either. I value taste and aroma over anything. Anything over 12-15% is honestly pretty good if its cured properly. Worst case you pack a bigger bowl?
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    Did you end up going with Dutch passion?
    Ive got their auto ultimate at 4 weeks just now looking healthy.
    Got 3x "think big" waiting for after them
    It's supposedly a larger yielding cousin of think different lol
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