Do these gals look done?

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    just wanted some feedback & opinions..
    Using roots organic soil. Using blackstrap, pbpro, golden tree, & splash of cal mag+
    Using mars hydro 450w *missing sum diodes* led & a 2ft t5 & sum xtra supplemental light w a few cobs & "mini-leds" .. all together i put this project together in 3 days time rushed & on a major budget, oh & the girls were all taken 3week old clones & topped them & lst'd & experimented etc. Put straight into cabinet .. the cold winter air here makes me pull my hair out when i wake up at 6am & look in & see 40° on therm. Not only was i shocked that they even lived but they seemed to be overall tighter & frostier buds ... maybe its just me but after a LONG run (even had a case of bugs at 1 point 'thrips' ) I feel like i rode this grow till the wheels fell off battling mother nature & myself all the way. Experience truly is the best teacher. Peace grow fam..
    *p.s. they are 110 days old*

    20180205_214755.jpg 20180205_214633.jpg 20180205_214707.jpg 20180206_104244.jpg
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    danktoker60 Active Member

    The first two pics look close to me. Then the third throws a kink in it imo. There are white hairs that haven't receded yet, otherwise they do look nice for your conditions. I use a $5 microscope that's a 60x or something to check the trichomes. I harvest when the buds just start to get a bit of amber color on the trichomes. Plus, you don't have to harvest every bud at once. I have harvested buds at different times on a couple of grows. Now that I tie my plants down, the buds ripen much more evenly giving me a nice harvest all at once.
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    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    Nice grow. Another way to check about when to harvest is to check (if you don't have a scope) is to see how many red hairs are on the buds, as compared to white ones.

    Also, if you have pistols still growing upward, its too early. (what I've read).
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    Olive Drab Green

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    Looks like you could probably have lowered your lights a bit. Looks a little high. Not a bad grow for a new guy using a MarsHydro blurple board, really. Pretty. It doesn’t look like it’s swelled quite yet, so you have a bit more time, I think. And your pistils are still white and long. When it swells, they’ll retract into the fattening bud and turn red/orange/pink/purple.

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    harvest now!
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    Olive Drab Green

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    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    get a scope, they are cheap amazon has a bunch.
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