Do Not Talk to the Police

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    you did.

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    not's always those CLOSEST to you and i don't mean your online friends.
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    in florida, jail is our state import/export business..

    oh and if you see them coming up your drive or at the door..DON'T OPEN THE DOOR..makes 'em crazy.


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    Great point, the lawyer you choose has to be a bull-dog type and specifically deal with criminal law, ideally in the area of drug convictions, and MUST practice in your area. Good local lawyers have a reputation, and that reputation is well known by the local cops if he/she is any good. They've probably had to deal with them at some point and they already know they better have their act and evidence straight before trying to bully you. Just handing them their card can be enough to deter a cowboy-type cop.

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    this particular attorney is a well known weed attorney in florida..on the flip of his card it specifically states what you will talk about and what you won't talk about.

    i was talking to another attorney in his office and he said he has a client which the same thing happened..guy went to hydro and they FOLLOWED the guy to his house..

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    Just meant there was some irony n the fact I incriminated myself to protect him n he was actually the reason they were there to arrest me
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    That's pretty crazy...still don't get why law enforcement has a hard on for MJ when there's so much more shit going on out there
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    "I want an attorney"

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    Is it on youtoube cause i cant see it through the link.

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    I would say this. "We can talk, but I don't answer any questions without first consulting my attorney". "Again, I do not answer any questions".

    I saw this video not too long ago and I was impressed. I will have to try and see part 2 one of these days.

    It is always best to have audio and video recording. Whether it is for your home or in your vehicle. I have seen a lot of videos and it seems cell phone cameras seem to really offend the police in many cases. I think it is best to use something like a spy pen camera that records in HD. Then they will not be aware of the recording. I will not drive any vehicle without a HD dash cam running. It is really sad that we need to have audio and video recordings these days to have any value in the courtroom. Nowadays our word is considered worthless in the courtroom vs a police officer's word.

    Check out what a dash cam did for this young man. The video is worth the watch.

    I believe the cop would have flipped out if the kid pulled out a cell phone to record the incident. He was flipping already.
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    ''Where ya going? where you coming from''?

    --Sorry, I don't discuss my personal life with strangers'' Am I free to go?
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    it is an excellent video and until more people exercise this right more it is being taken away. Most, not all police are trained liars for a reason. Always have a lawyer so the less you say the more your lawyer will have to work with otherwise the police will back you in a conversational corner if not they call in another officer to gain intimidation and/or control the potential desired arrest even though there isn't one they will do what they can to TAKE PORPERTY thats the goal.. Be careful!!
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    I am in this very situation. The asshole ex called the cops and had the officer come to my house. He asked if he could come in "since it was raining". I let him in, since my grow is not even on the same floor 8) He never smelled a thing, and just talked about custody issues, and left saying he will tell the asshole I said : STAY AWAY FROM MY HOUSE. It's been like 3 weeks and quiet, so far. Should asshole show up at my house again, the cop urged to call the police. In the meantime, if said asshole gives me any lip, I'm going to proceed & break some facial bones, till the cops arrive. I really don't want any violence, but this prick has run his stupid mouth far too much in the past, and has no more "free rides" around here. Punk ass bitch....
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    i wonder if i can pull this dont talk to police in canada

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    I liked the line Robert Downey Jr's lawyer character used in the movie "The Judge" - "If you don't talk, you walk". Exactly what worked for me earlier this year.

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    Its easy money for them.
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