Do Not Talk to the Police

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by Garden Knowm, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Same applies for any of you who may have kids and if you have an asshole ex who may try to get protective services on you.You do NOT have to let them in.Insist on a meeting at their office.They will try to trick you.No warrant, no entry.
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    Damn straight mother the whole thing, and you'll be just that much more knowledgeable.

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    Let me sum this up for you for the majority of people watching.

    If the police do not have a warrant do not let them in.

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    Excellent link. Everyone in america should watch this.

    whulkamania Well-Known Member

    I might watch it later while having some drinks and snacks.

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    Just watched it, but what am I supposed to say if a cop wants to talk to me?

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    just finished every second of it.... its good i agree... but i just go with what my lawyer tells me to say... NOTHING! same fuckin thing... listen people... dont say anything, dont let them in without a warrant.... but how much evidence do judges actually need to grant a warrant? and how quick can they get one issued?

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    all they need is just enough to prosecute your ass,ive beennn in the system for 8long years now and just finishe paroll.damn it feels good to smoke without the worry of a piss cup,but thas allthey need ,but keep in mind it cost them to take you to trial so the more solid the evidence is the quicker they can obtain a warrant.Now ILLEGA SEARCh and SEIZURE is a diff. story

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    and yes do not talk to the police.Well n the USA we have rights and one of them is to remain silent..yu must exercise this right and you do not hve to talk to anyone you dont want!So the best thing to do is be quiet.try to bond out or catch a bunk.

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    As always, good info from GK video is entertaining also. Thanks! Cops suckbongsmilie
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    This legal section should be on the top of your lists because you should know what your in for when they come to your door.
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    i agree 100%.i had to find out in the pen:wall:.if i knew what i know now,there would have never found a true bill on me and thats a fact!:fire:
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    good vid. man...everybody should watch it and apply its principles.nobody exercises thier rights the few who do,often end up being made examples if everybody chose to take the fifth it would make the process much less sureptitious by nature...

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    Do not talk to them even if they have a warrant and claim you are not under arrest, get a lawyer period and go through them. Anything you say period will be used against you even before your rights are read. Their job is to find anything wrong to nab you for.

    purpdaddy Well-Known Member

    YES.That is our right and yes people need to exercise thes more.

    i would not give a damn how many warrants they have and what evidence,still....SHUTUP!They are observing everything you are doing and sayingtrying to figure you out the second they encounter you.Most of the time now you are being videotaped from the police cruisers used as evidence in court.So step lightly, prison is a bad place to be.

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    I had a friend that actually fell for the old write an appology to the victim trick. How anyone could be so foolish is beyond me. But, uh, yeah, fuck the police!

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    Good post +rep

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    I was once accused of trying to run over a black security guard...the only witness there was his buddy security guard who was lying for not going to tell the whole story but basically during the confrontation he said he was going to call the cops on me for trying to run him over and I told him to go ahead and do it because my mom and pops are lawyers here in town.....when the cops came all i told them was that they're lying and if he wants to press charges to let him know my dad and mom are both lawyers.....the cops talked to the security guards and then came back and said they arent going to press charges.....the cop also said i would have gone to jail on felony charges for something I didnt do.

    So.. although i agree with this guy, i also think there is a time and place for every situation.
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