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  • Thanks for your 1nput NewGrowth

    Just like Mr. Burns says : " E X C E L L E N T! " :clap:
    A garden of gratitude must first be cultivated in a mans soul before any seed will grow for him.-

    great signature broseph
    I don't have to do anything dude, I'm not into drama so I don't come here for it. You are welcome to my opinion I simply do not care, sorry man. I'm going to go play foozeball now
    First and foremost, you need to respond to my visitors message, you basically replied to yourself

    Two, why don't you care about being banned?
    Sure I'll check it out can't guarantee to much though I've got a full time garden here myself :)
    Howdy NG, thought I would invite you over to my first journal, nothing to exciting:sleep:, but would love to have you along for the ride.
    Under Current RDWC test run.bongsmilie
    not sure what type of bugs you have man, a picture would help. Pyrethrin is a good all around insecticide but is usually not good enough to kill mites.
    i need help bad! my ladies have bugs! some have this red bug with a white head and the others have an all white cream color looking bug. they havent caused any damage to the girls they are still flowering nicely there are just more everyday wat can i do i have 2-3 weeks of flowering left. first noticed the bugs a week ago i noticed i had spiders so i thought they would eat them but havent done anything to these bugs. just ordered ladybugs if there is anything else i can do plz let me know it would be greatly appreciated
    Hey rocky I sent you a PM about that, I don't add physan to my rez unless shit has hit the fan bad.
    Hello NewGrowth. If you have just a moment, I was curious if you have a weekly amount of physan 20 that you use as a preventative measure in your reservoir? I have a 10 gallon res.Thanks you so much!
    Sorry to hear that Fresca, if you are in Colorado maybe I can send your friend some glycerine tincture, it's sweet and much more palatable than the alcohol tincture. Candies are pretty simple with alcohol tincture. I just added it in when the sugar reached "hard crack" stage. The Alcohol instantly cooks out (be careful it is VERY flamable!). Then I added the flavoring and poured the cooked sugar out onto a Sil-Pat when it hardened I just break it into bite size pieces. The candies were pretty strong, I like to dissolve them in a cup of hot tea before bed . . . sleep like a baby after that :mrgreen:
    Hey, How did making the hard candies with the old fashioned tincture go? I am trying to help my friend who has a neurological imbalance which causes her body to constantly choke and/or throw up. Its awful, at this point there is nothing anyone can do but make her comfortable, she is throwing herself up to death. We can't afford a vaporizer, smoke causes he choking reaction and she pukes. I want to try the tincture and this. How did it work?
    thanks for that - i'll check out some journals on LST and topping. i'll maybe just end up trying a plant that's shorter and still a bit "kushtie". have a good one for 2010
    Killawatt has a pretty decent stretch especially in flower. I would say it is more of a medium sized plant. Why not try using a combo of LST, Topping and maybe a trellis or screen?
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