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  • hi NewGrowth ... i'm a newb (gets down on all four and approaches eyes to the floor) .. ah yeah Killawatt. i have a secure location to build a grow room but it's tight. i've only 5' to play with. i've heard killawatt does'nt grow much above 60cm and it's sounds (and looks) like the sort of plant i want in my life right now. 60cms, have i heard right? thank's so much .. enjoyed your journal ... so much good stuff on this forum. thanks again
    Usually roots exposed to light just turn green and migrate away from the light. Brown roots usually indicate rot, along with the plastic covering and buckets I would run some H2O2 or an enzyme product like Hygrozyme.
    hey I had a question Ive been growing in a drain and flood system and rockwool, my plants are pretty big and the roots are coming out all over the rockwool and today I see they are starting to turn brown. I coverd the rockwool with dark plastic so the roots would not see the light, I went out and bought some buckets and I was going to put the rock wool inside with some hydroton rocks and set it back on the table to flood & drain will that fix my problem
    Great here woo we are actually in the process of opening a dispensary and my garden is starting to become productive again after a major spider mite attack.
    I've been well just moved and set-up my new garden. Working at a buddys hydro shop part time so now I can get stuff at cost! I even started my mexi-brick weed breeding project going. So I've been busy, I see people are still hiding out here don't you DARE start chatting!
    You were gone so long, it gave me time to wander. What's up NG, how you been? Haven't seen you in for-ev-VER :hug:

    Good to see the old av back :grin:
    Did you pre-soak your rockwool in ph adjusted water? Make sure it is not too wet, rockwool holds a lot of moisture and will rot seeds if you keep it too wet.
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