Dna Genetics Holy Grail Kush smoke report+pics

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    Strain : Dna Genetics Holy Grail Kush (Kosher X OG18)

    Breeder : Don and Aaron

    Growth : topped at third internode and vegged about 4 weeks in 2 gallon pot under 250 mh,when she was 1,4 ft tall i transplanted to 7 gallon pot with Bio-Bizz All Mix soil and mycorize and go to flowered under 2 x 400W with Adjust A wing Reflector,in the corner of the growtend 2.40 x 1.20 mt because she was really tall and slim,about 5,5 ft,ideal for SOG,but i prefer do it with big pots

    Nutes: BioBizz AllMix,Plagron Alga Bloom,General Organics Bioweed ,General Organics Urtica,GHE BioRoots

    Yield:nice yield for a kush strain,approx 45-50 g

    Bag Appeal: Great,extra sticky resinous dank dense OG buds

    Grade : AAA+ FIRE top shelf

    Smell: DANK meat,earthy,musky,with an hint of citrus fruits remember og18 with something added,more complex smell

    Taste: OG creamy,hashy,smooth on inhale and exhale sometimes more earthy but with style,sometimes more

    mentholated,musky,meat (seitan for vegans @[email protected])

    The High: creative stone with a bit of euphoria @[email protected] ,very relaxed and a bit couch at the end of ride,really satisfied,great nightime smoke,but you can stay also awake and do things or smoke it to parties and outside with friends

    Indica/Sativa (80/20)

    Comments: this plant was a pleasure to grow,feeded only 1 time with Alga Bloom and 2 times molasses,low eater,it passes the hard test of my throath,i love the extremely dense smooth hashy smoke from this pheno

    click on those links to see pics/trichomes in high res


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    Seek3r Member

    Hi Lichen

    Thanks for the report, there aren't too many around for the DNA / Holy Grail Kush!

    I have 6 of these going from seed and have just gone 12/12, scrog, with a bit of topping for good measure. I experienced massive root formation, I seem to have a few different pheno's, 2 or 3 were Xmas tree like and with the scrog have between 6-8 tips each. The others were single cola's, which I have heavily trained for the scrog and they are doing quite nicely, one or two have HUGE fan leaves right at the top which I have to tie down to create the canopy.

    Which type did you get?
    50g's is a bit of a let down, was it not getting a lot of light compared to the centre of the tent?
    Did you go the full 9 weeks, or even longer?
    Are you going to grow her again, would you say she was a 'keeper' ?

    Have a nice day.

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    Lichen23 Member

    Hello Seek3r,
    i had the second pheno with single cola, i had 2 colas because of topping,scrog or lst work fine with those phenos,yes she was behind the adjust a wing in the corner,i turn her 180° every day,9-10 weeks of flowering,yes atm she is a keeper but would like to see other phenos and maybe find something better =) from a selection of 10 females

    bud man jay

    bud man jay Well-Known Member

    I just finished her and had two different phenos. One was short and bushy one was taller and bushy and stretched slot. She was definitely the yielder pulled 3oz dry off her on a 5gallon smart pot under a 600watt hps.

    Seek3r Member

    What smell did you get during the early weeks of flowering? My cab smells like sweaty, cheesy socks! Never had that before, there is a bit of rottern meat to it also... Had that before and usually is a good indication of quality shizz!!
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    postedup610 Well-Known Member

    Good smoke report. It was very detailed, and I enjoyed the HD pictures. Wouldn't mind grabbing some beans.

    Lichen23 Member

    dont remember exactly but very similiar to late flowering smell,i also had meat smell
    Canna Bus

    Canna Bus Well-Known Member

    Glad I found your post. I grow 12/12 from seed and know how to use light and temps to keep internodal lengths short so I couldn't quite figure out why my HGK was so tall. My HGK is 24 inches tall two weeks into flower in a two gal pot while my Purple Haze' internodal lengths are so short she looks like an 8" bush.
    It seems like this HGK pheno might have a little bit more sativa in the mix.

    KLITE Well-Known Member

    Great report and grow what sexy buds! However it seems like you got the Kosher kush pheno. The og18 pheno has a taste and smell like strepsil and the taste lingers in your mouth for aaaages after you 've smoked. Have you comne across it?

    ace720 Active Member

    Good laaawd this plant yield that shitty
    nice report tho look like some good shit.

    indicantonio Active Member

    Great pictures amazing report and awesome smoke! All about dna/rp gear!

    Smidge34 Well-Known Member

    Nice report, thanks for the review. From the "AAA+ FIRE top shelf"remark, I guess they are high THC varities? I wonder how they would fair outdoors and flowering period times in your opinion? Thanks in advance!

    hangerr Active Member

    Just sampled one today and oh my. top aaa shelf for real. wow. hits you right behind the eyes then relaxes the body. I had a menthol, musky, citris taste to mine as well. keep in mind that these were fresh nugs that were just dried, no cure.

    ActorBasedReality New Member

    Glad I came across this review! Just order 12 Holy Grail female seeds and got a bunch more other seeds for free. I'll be using an Ebb and Gro 12 pot hydro system with a 800 watt LED light all in a grow tent. I'll also be using a full array of nutrients even though this is my first grow. I'll be sure to share my results.

    Mr.GreenJeans Well-Known Member

    I'm currently on my 4th cycle (8 plants per cycle) of this strain. Looks just like the pics and will absolutely stone the shit out of you -- especially from a vaporizer! What I haven't figured out yet though, is why everyone who posts gets such shitty yields. I germinated 2 of my seeds, but only one grew -- but it turned into a monster!! I got 183gr (6.5 ounces) of dried, manicured bud from her. That's actually a personal best from me in one of my standard cycles (veg 4 weeks/flower 9-10 under 1000w light running FF nutes and soil). What I can't figure out though is how I managed to kill all of the clones on the 4th round. It had cloned easily before, with very nice results and I had decided to make this my new primary strain (while still keeping my beloved Power Kush strain/pheno going. I've been growing off of that one freebie seed from the 'Tude for over 3 years now, lol). but on this last round not a single one of the HG clones even started to grow roots. Now the 2 Power Kush clones that were in the same propagation chamber took off and grew very nicely, but not the HG's for some reason. Luckily I've still got some seeds left, so all is not lost! But this is a seriously wonderful strain that lives up to the hype. Me and my smokin' buddies have been hangin' and baking together for over 35 years now and every one of them says the HG is the best shit they've ever smoked. I don't know if it's the absolute best for me, but it's definitely in the top 3!!
    danky supreme

    danky supreme Well-Known Member

    Here is a HGK nug Im doing my first run on. This is the Kosher pheno, I have the OG 18 pheno as well but this is the keeper. 1111131817-1.jpg

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Fuck yeah!

    Matix35 New Member

    I have the two pheno in veg right nom im the type of Guy fuel lemon og which phenotype is best little indica or sativa which one is og#18?

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