DIY Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) of cannabinoids at home - tutorial

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by PhenoMenal, Nov 16, 2017.


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    thanks man, much appreciated! This thread opened my eyes to the world of TLC, and made it possible for me to participate. I can't wait to do it again on some cbd strains. I'm such a newb, I thought the plates we reusable, I wasted space on that first one. Live and learn!

    By the way, any chance to explain "forums dont use HTML, you'll need to use the icons that are made available when posting for various formatting options"? Thank you

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    see "BB Codes" at
    You can either manually type them, or highlight the text you want to affect and then use the various icons just above the textbox that you type these replies in

    And yes the TLC plates are single-use! especially considering cannabinoids from resin are seemingly sticky, and Fast Blue is a staining dye, i'm not sure how easy or possible it would be to get that out of the silica without making an absolute dogs breakfast out of it lol

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    perfect, thank you

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