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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    Was with the daughter when I saw that..
    its from Crappy tire as well @ WHATFG (:
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    IMG_2394.JPG IMG_2396.JPG

    maybe I squished them to much in pre press?.
    I got less this time around :lol: :confused:
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    zoic Well-Known Member

    aha, the new brick weed. :mrgreen:
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    Farmer.J Well-Known Member

    GB will be able to insulate walls with the pucks after he's done with them ha ha
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    He's building an Igloo
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Thatd be an interesting idea eh? I wonder if brick weed would even make rosin. Not that Id want to be the one to smoke it. But it may be the only good use for it if feasible lol
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    don't laugh..I nearly broke off a piece I just squished to try it ... lol would have had to use scissors
    Some press weed used to be ok way back when lol

    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    Looking for a automatic watering system. I mean I can make it work but I’m not sure if it’s as economical and efficient as possible. So ideally what I would like is a main supply pipe that I can connect the reservoir to and switch the pump on. Off the main supply line inside the room it would have to feed 48 plants all evenly and evenly within the bucket too. Also how strong of a pump. Any ideas would help
    redi jedi

    redi jedi Well-Known Member

    1.21 gigawatts...pie x the angle of the dangle? Depends on if ya want gentle flow or raging torrent?

    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    so how did that pre squished do for rosin gb???

    i can use pre squish advice,,since i have not pre squished anything yet
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    like I said. maybe I pre squished it to much.
    I got less from the same herb I was using lol...I only tried one way
    ..gotta try a few more things.
    .Ill get back to you on that

    ya Im reading that I squished it way to hard at first lol
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    pre squished less and got more? lol

    I only pre pressed it to around a 1/4" maybe 3/8th lol in thickness rather than 1/8th :lol:
    it fit in the bag real nice though and didnt blow out.
    With 20 tons..I think you'd blow out every bag if you went all out each time lol I could be wrong.
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    Farmer.J Well-Known Member

    Do you ever second squish with more heat and pressure?

    I was thinking cold pre press maybe only 100psi, first squish 110°F @6000psi, second squish 185°F @10000psi.

    I have no idea if there is any logic to that, as I have never pressed yet, still waiting for my parts to come in the mail.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    I do one squish and put the bag in IPA to wash.
    After I've pressed a p or so, I rinse the bags and make coconut oil caps with that as well. It's just a full extract this way is all..

    after pressing an oz..I get less than a gram out of it the second time around
    so far anyway..

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