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    cobled New Member

    I'm trying to lower wattage in my flower room, i have 3 1hlg-185h-1400, each running a rail of 4 cxb3590; if dimming 2 of those drivers to 50%, will it make of big difference with replacing those 2 drivers with a single hlg-185h-700?

    I guess that when dimmed to 50% the driver will then use 100 watts instead of 200ish watts, right?

    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    makes sense - because dimming always decrease efficiency of your driver (~1%).
    with hlg-185h-700 you can wire 2 rails together (8 x cxb3590) @ 700ma and full load -
    or even go down to 350ma and maybe break the wall of 200lm/w @ 10% load.

    i guess even bit lower ~ 80-90w

    a cheaper solution - before you buy a new driver is:
    take one driver out and run 2 rails in paralell - with the same effect. you can send me one driver for X-mas gift ;) to my destination :eyesmoke:
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    Cedru Member

    Little help needed....

    Got a Mean Well 320H-36b driver. currently NO potentiometer hooked up to it.

    Have 2 cobs, Citizen CLU048-1212 properly hooked up to their heatsink.

    When wiring just one cob from the driver, brown driver lead to positive, negative to blue driver lead, the cob powers up brightly.

    When wiring BOTH cobs in parallel, both cobs power up.

    When trying to wire both cobs up in series, ie. Brown driver lead to positive cob 1, negative cob 1 to positive cob 2, negative cob 2 to blue lead on driver, neither powers up.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance,
    *.*.* Cedru *.*.*
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    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    That driver is a constant voltage that outputs ~36Vdc and ~8.9 Amps. I bet that single cob DID get bright.....
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    Cedru Member

    Ooh yeah, very! Of course I only let it inn for a few seconds each time, but yeah, vey bright.

    MarWan Well-Known Member

    be careful you might damage your eyes, I almost did with 4 cobs @ 50w each.
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    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    3 times the rated max current WILL tend to make them bright...for a little while.

    oill Well-Known Member

    Hi all. I have want to do a build with 3 quantum boards and 4 cobs.

    Anyone know if I can use one driver to do that? And I so... Which one?

    I have the 3 qb 288s already, but open to suggestions on the cobs.

    Space is 120 x 120.

    Dopaw13 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys i am working on making my first real led light want to do 4 Veros then get some red, blue, uva,uv, green leds to even out my spectrum. I was looking around on how to set the up the different color channels with some LDDs and i am going to be getting the typhoon controller but i couldnt really find out how to really hook them up anyone know of a wire guide or video that could help me out would be awesome thanks.

    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    I also tried to do the same - more even spec, but with different chips.

    Didn`t use any wires inbetween the different chips

    It´s a watercooled build and will be tested this winter
    ? Why do you try to even the spectrum of your lamp ???

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    TheHero Member

    What if some chips are worthless - they do not give any good waves to plant. Just spent money and electricity. And You wouldnt even know..

    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    What if --- I know the worth of my chips and their data.

    all chips are inside a 360nm - 730nm range.
    all chips are driven @ 20-50% of max. load
    watercooled led light in this build = light - heat cogeneration
    The lamp produces my hot water, that I need in shower and kitchen,
    it`s three times more energie efficient - than any aircooled setup with cree superhero-binning...
    that you can imagine.

    I save the money for my hot water bill - and use it, to pay the electr. bill of my lamps
    <> more or less cost neutral. This winter I will substitute heating costs as well... and maybe stop
    !!! burning oil in my house.:fire:

    I guess, I know a lot more about chips, efficiency...... and the future, than most of any dumb superheros....and DJ`s

    What if..... :spew:you simply got some strange brainsick .... locking to my colors ???(:
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    TheHero Member

    Did you measure wavelenght? :)

    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    what ??? do you measure each led chip you buy ???

    I know the range of the waves - and I trust the producers to tell the ~ data

    TheHero Member

    So, it is not like You know everything. Your science is based on belief of what seller tells You. Cool. I am just messing around :)

    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    You have to be a very good and complete traveller in TIME - SPACE - AND STATE OF MIND

    to see "ALL" ........ and there are ways to train that.

    I`m also a complete mess - don`t worry

    TheHero Member

    Could You share - where You buy those chips? Maybe I should build some extra light as well.

    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    Put ---> watercooled<--- in the SEARCH above , or lock in my contents.
    you will find pics and related content... and also other watercoolers.

    i buy my chips in asia - but you can use any chip you !!! trust.
    i use my lamps in combination with heatexchangers
    if you really want to DIY --- you can have a look @ my website.
    i sell watercooled led kits for a reasonable price / and chips, size and power is your choice
    my brand is:

    Watercooling without heatexchanger is not recommended
    with 550W led watercooled set up ( like in the pic^) you can produce 120L of hot
    shower/kitchen water (3 pers.)

    You can cool up to 1200w lamps with only a little water pump 3W - no fans no noise

    Dopaw13 Well-Known Member

    what i am struggling with is getting a single driver ac/dc running it to a ldd board dc/dc drivers for the different colored leds to be able to have a veg bloom switch ect know of any guides i can look up for it mahiluana?

    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    Sorry - no idea
    i try to keep my builds as simple as possible
    for switching veg and bloom, i prefer an extra driver.
    never used ldd
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