Diy cree cxb3590 3500k help please

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Elijah Ferman, Jan 23, 2018.

    Elijah Ferman

    Elijah Ferman Member

    Hey i got a meanwell 320h 48b and I'm having trouble finding a dimmer to hook up to it the output says48v 6.8 amps so do i need a dimmer that can handle 48v? Cause i can't find one anywhere

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    no you needa 100K potentiometer, 1/4 watt is fine

    its a separate circuit
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    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    For your 5x5, I would not run them at 360W, I would run them at about 250W each.
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    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    Interesting boards, BTW. I like the size. One of those would be perfect for one of my 2x4 flower cabinets.
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