DIY concept Cree XB3590 need suggestions from experienced DIY'ers

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    Hello all.

    This is my first DIY led project and having done enough projects of other types I know its better to ask those in the know before spending $ and having cost blow outs etc.

    Now I am handy though I don't have a lot of tools.


    My plan is to attach 1pcs CXB3590-0000-000N0HCB35G - Cree

    Stats for item
    34.85 mm x 34.85 mm x 1.7 mm
    Color Temperature
    3500 K
    If - Forward Current
    2.4 A
    Cree, Inc.
    Vf - Forward Voltage
    36 V

    to a CPU cooler which I will bond with thermal paste and Kapton tape


    The base plate of the cooler is perfect size for the Cree chip

    This is the driver that I was intending to use but this is were my knowledge is seriously lacking :

    1pcs LPC-100-1050 - Mean Well - LED Power Supplies 100.8W 48-96V 1050mA CC LED

    My concern is the chips forward voltage is 36 but the driver is 48-96?

    I would appreciate any feedback especially in reference to the driver match for the CXB3590.

    Cheers Guys
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Vf is minimal to illuminate. Beyond that, the chip dont care. Amperage determines intensity. The heatsink is overkill at that drive current imo. Your only looking at 35-40 watts +/-, for the same price, maybe less you could go with a passive pin fin. Also, that driver could run 2 chips if you wanted. Wire them in series. You would get more out of it if you ran 2 50v chips, vero 29b. Im pretty sure it would drive 2 of those. Theyre prlly cheaper too.

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