DillWeed's 2009 summer grow journal: Two Lbs. or Bust! (2x1000 watt HPS in grow tent)


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Greetings, my fellow RIU friends! My name is DillWeed and welcome to my grow journal for the summer of 2009. In this journal I will show you all how to grow two pounds of killer weed with a grow tent and two 1000 watt HPS light systems.

Some of you may have seen my Big Bang and White Widow harvest (along with some killer hash I made) in this thread:


I am basically going with the same philosophy as I did in that grow except that I am eliminating my two 400 watt HPS lights and replacing them with a second 1000 watt HPS light for flowering. I am also going to be growing more plants, sixteen in all.

I will also being growing more strains this time around as well, six to be exact. They are: White Widow (6), Cheese (2), TrainWreck (2), White Rhino (2), Lemon Skunk (2) and Great White Shark (2) and all will be from Greenhouse feminized seeds.

Everyone is more than welcome to post their comments, questions and opinions in this thread at any time. I will be updating this thread daily and will be adding pics at least twice per week. Now let's go grow those two pounds, baby!

Next post will be of the grow tent and my setup itself...


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Pic 1- Shot of the grow tent from when you open the bedroom door to the room it is set up in.

Pic 2- Shot of the left side of the tent including the intake fan and some of the ducting.

Pic 3- Shot of the AC window unit and my crude, homemade filter to the ducting that feeds the intake fan.

Pic 4- Closeup shot of the intake fan and ducting from the AC going into the tent.

Pic 5- Shot of the right side of the tent including the carbon filter and it's custom built frame.

Pic 6- Closeup shot of the carbon filter coming from the tent and notice how nice and sealed up it is... you've got to love duck tape!

Pic 7- Shot of the exhaust fan (also sealed up air tight) inside the tent that blows into the carbon filter.

Pic 8- Shot from inside the tent of two 400 watt MH lights (for vegging) and one 1000 watt HPS light (center) that were set up for testing the temperature.

Pic 9- Shot of my 1000 watt HPS ballast.

Pic 10- Shot of my two custom built 400 watt MH ballasts.

Pic 11- Shot of my bulbs, the 1000 watt SunMaster is the greatest!

Pic 12- Shot of my soil (Fox Farms Ocean Forest) and nutes (Fox Farms three pack) I will be using.

Pic 13- Shot of my 100x microscope, digital timers, PH water tester and PH soil tester.

Pic 14- Shot of my Pur water filter I will be using for this grow.



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I will be using just the two 400 watt MH lights for the early stages of vegging. The plants will be vegged under those two lights on a 24/0 lighting schedule for the first 2 weeks.

I will then add one 1000 watt HPS light to go along with the two 400 watt MH lights and change the lighting schedule to 18/6 for the second stage of vegging. This will be done for 2-3 weeks and I will also being feeding vegging nutes at the start of this stage.

When that stage is complete, I will remove the two 400 watt MH lights and add another 1000 watt HPS light for flowering under a 12/12 lighting schedule. I will continue to feed the plants vegging nutes for the first week of flowering and then I will switch the the flowering nutes. The plants will be on a 12/12 schedule for 8 weeks.

When those 8 weeks are up, I will begin to flush the plants and switch to a 10/14 lighting schedule. The plants will remian on this schedule until they are ready to be harvested, which should be around 2 weeks after the schedule change.


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DAY 1:
June 2, 2009

I put the finishing touches on my growroom in its new location and I also began to germinate my seeds.

I germinated 20 White Widow seeds (pics 2 and 3 below) that I got from my last grow with the goal of getting 6 healthy females.

I also germinated all 10 seeds (pics 1 and 4 below) that came in my Greenhouse Indica Mix H feminized seeds pack. Hopefully they will all germinate for me.

I am glad to be starting a new grow, but with my joy also comes the fact that I know I have a lot of hard work in store for me.

Here's to a new grow, friends! :joint:



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maan i didnt post in ur other thread but i sure looked it over..you got some amazing nugz from it..i bet u clear 2 elbs...with 2k of light and 16 bigguns... ill be subscribing glad i found this 1..good luck man..im guessing at least 3 elbs...based on ur last grow and the switch to 2k...
Thanks so much for stopping in and for the kind words, my friend! Anything more than two pounds would be quite a bonus for me, as my goal is exactly 32 ounces. I got 27.5 ounces last time, but just like yourself I figured that three more plants and more lighting will get me over that coveted two pound mark. Let's hope so!

I hope to see you stopping in from time to time as this grow continues! bongsmilie


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man had to move my post down..didnt know u were still putn ur specs down...well man like i said ur first grow from the finsihed pics wuz off the hook..im sayn u get ur goal and some..doin ur cannabiz proud..good luck and some rep for ya oh ya and i will be stoppn buy, u got a lot of good ideas incorporated in2 ur setup.. how could i pass up good bud porn, its all in the works..


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man had to move my post down..didnt know u were still putn ur specs down...well man like i said ur first grow from the finsihed pics wuz off the hook..im sayn u get ur goal and some..doin ur cannabiz proud..good luck and some rep for ya
No problem, my friend! +Rep right back at you as well. :joint:


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Hey man, you last grow was sick so I imagine this one will also kick ass. What size is that tent? Also you dont top the plants right? I always thought topping increased yield, by looking at those huge colas im starting to wonder. looks like they get better light too if their are towering above the rest of the plant. How long is your veg period? Im hoping to get some GH seed packs soon and give it a go.


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Good luck bro! Im subscribed and will def be following. +rep. I am getting ready to start my 2x1000 watt grow too. Ill be startin a journal on here soon and will post pics and specs. Im doing a variety of strains like yourself, but mainly some BF Blue Cheese, g13 Nlxskunk, and GS Himalayan Gold. Hope you reach that goal of 2 lbs and then some brotha


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topping can be strain specific..ex. blueberry fair well under topping where both main colas end up bigger than if it was just 1 maristem..other plants react differently where they may have to reduced colas , equaling only what the maristem would have been..believe it or not strain specific


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is that the 4x9' grow tent? I got 3 off ebay. Your planningon running 2kw in that thing?
It is a 6'5"x6'5" tent.

I ran one 1000 watt HPS and two 400 watt HPS in the same tent for my last grow, so I don't see any problems with just running two 1000 watt HPS lights this time.