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Discussion in 'Illinois Patients' started by arborborn, Jul 24, 2015.


    arborborn New Member

    I am trying to find a doctor that is willing to write my recommendation. If you can help share some doctors names that would be great.
    sasquatch is back

    sasquatch is back New Member

    Not sure if you have found a doctor to help, but if not, Pied Pfiefer.

    Medicinemom New Member

    Call your nearest dispensary, they are the best source for getting all the help you need to get your card. Some even fingerprint. They will know of doctors and there is a traveling RV or some such that goes to different areas and does everything you need to get your card. Bit pricey but convenient. Your dispensary will know and Pied Phiefer is very knowledgable, as is Thrive if you are in southern Illinois, Carbondale and the area 75 miles in all directions. My doctor charged $75 for the one page paperwork, IL law seems to say you should not have to pay to have it filled out, but it isn't very clear.

    The DPH/Cannabis people are not very well trained and will give different answers even if there are no changes in the law. Only reason to call is to check on your paperwork and make sure your card is being processed. Any questions about getting a card, call a dispensary.

    And keep advocated with Illinois legislators to eliminate the freaking damn fingerprinting. They can use our driver's licenses to get any information they want on us. Fingerprints are a way for places to make money and inconvenience disabled people tremendously. I had to go to 4 places to get all the stuff together, not including my doctor visits.

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