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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    And who we've all been waiting for, Madame Northern Lights#5 x Haze

    Here's a picture of her when I last took her out of the closet for yet another pass of defoliation and top pinchings, plus starting to sort her branches for that wider canopy she's moving towards

    2018-02-11_defol (2).JPG

    This was Feb 11, day 125 of her life, and the canopy was spread out to 140cm on that pic (the closet totals 150cm width). It folded back up nicely, like an umbrella, to fit back into the closet..

    Day 88 for the CQ will be day 145 of the NLH's lol

    She's still blooming surreptitiously in the undergrowth too
    2018-02-18_day132 (3).JPG
    She soooo reminds me of my youngest sister at 2 or so; she was forbidden to draw on the walls, so she'd hide under her bed and draw on the walls down there, all scrunched up and in the half-dark. it was such an irrepressible urge LMAO

    For now however, this is the closet situation
    2018-02-20_sissi-partial-harvest (7).JPG

    The rest of Sissi will get chopped on Monday at the latest, some red clover and buckwheat got sowed into her pot already and I hope for a cover crop to keep the soil going in the break it will be getting.

    Then, the lil CQ will get stacked above her, and the NLH can start getting spread out more.
    Hoping to show you a closet just full of NLH next time!! :D
    And then, just 12 more weeks of giant plant in too small of a pot, fun times continued! :bigjoint:
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    you will find problems with the trim sinking down into the hash below, just so you know! it doesn't all float :)

    ROFL @ unwashed motorcycle guy
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Haha yeah that bouquet was pretty intriguing. :D Never having grown a fuelly strain myself, maybe it's not that special, I sure wasn't expecting it from a strain touted for its sweetness lol
    But I'm seeing from other reports that there are indeed 2 phenos, this is one, and my other plant is the other. Interesting - and quite a funpark for the olfactory glands!

    Thanks for the heads up on my rustic hash thoughts, I was kind of figuring it's going to be fiber-rich. and nothing like the thick sparkliness you make! But my aspirations aren't so very high there for the moment, just not wanting all that resin go to waste, or just cycle back int the soil.
    I'm collecting the CQ trim in the freezer (undried) - is there any disadvantage to using it that way that would justify thawing and drying to correct my course? :bigjoint:
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    I always dry my trim and freeze it, but fresh frozen is best because you're preserving the terps by freezing fresh. But then you can't run as much material at once for the bubble.... so it takes longer, yields are lower per run, and bubble is a lot of friggin work lol. I'd much rather try and press trim into rosin, but it would take a large press to process enough material at once to make it worth it. So it just depends on what you want to do!

    i'm sure you could build a rosin press, you built your cobs right? Can't be that much harder ;)
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    lol yeah, except I don't even really know what rosin is, it's sitting patiently on the shelf alongside with other mysterious substances like shatter (though I've actually looked into that) awaiting discovery in the time when I start getting bored with my soils :bigjoint:

    What I want to do for now is very humble lol
    There isn't going to be very much material in my case, I think. In my minds eye, I was seeing hash made from fresh frozen to take on a more greenish hue due to the chlorophyll possibly floating about o_O haha but what you're saying about terps actually sounds great to me. I may dry the plant remains after and extract the rest into oil too... but all in all, it's going to be on a very side-show level.

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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Yeah, fresh frozen is soo tasty! But from what I heared it is for instant use (1-2 weeks) only. Terps are fading fast and the water contant in the trichs is higher than from dried material so you can‘t store it that good.
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    yeah the idea is to use it as soon as possible. but most times life just gets in the way lol. so i just dry and then freeze :) . get to it at a later date when i have time!
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    I see a pattern emerging there - dependent on the specific circumstances, we choose the appropriate method. :grin:
    Yeah in my case, I'm just waiting til next weekend to chop the second plant, so storage time is around that for the trim of the first plant.
    Hm but does this then also mean the hash made from fresh frozen won't store well?
    ...not that it's a problem actually, just use that up first whilst the flowers get more cure time? :bigjoint:
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    SmokeyMcChokey Well-Known Member

    How would you efficiently remove the rosin from the press paper? That's been my reservation. Seems like a huge pia. I'll stick to solvent blasting as it's all personal for me so I dont mind the very occasional not quite purged perfectly dab
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    rosin comes right off the paper, it's not difficult at all. check out some youtube videos and you can see them get it right off with a little flat edge tool. piece of cake :)
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Closet update - yesterday finally marked the beginning of 12/12 :D

    The NLH at day 145 of life got LSTed and topped and trimmed to make a space of about 45cm between bush and lights
    2018-03-03_day145_LST+switch (1).JPG

    And then the lights got rearranged and DonBrennons citizen COBs added
    2018-03-03_day145_switch-300W (1).JPG
    The second Cosmic Queen is still in there too, I've decided to let her finish landrace style.
    Sissi has some good medicinal qualities, but in the end has something unfinished about her.
    So I look forward to seeing how letting Miss Woozy ripen slowly affects that!
    2018-03-03_day145_woozy88 (1).JPG
    I've made her a "bench" so she can sit above the other no-till pot without compacting it. I've left the bean growing in there as I don't see any of the clover seed I added a few days ago sprouting under there though.
    cheers and fine peaceful times to all! (:
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    lol if that plant could talk!!! quite a life it's had indeed. shit, she gonna finish at half a year!!! that thing is huuuuuge though. i mean do you think she's gonna stretch again or just start budding? She's getting plenty of light with all those COBs :)

    miss woozy looks amazing. beautiful colors. can't wait to see some harvest shots and hear a smoke report on her! Thanks for sharing :leaf::peace::peace::peace::leaf:
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    I know right! had anyone told me I was going to do a longass grow like that I'd have laughed in their faces, but here we are *sheepish grins*
    I have no idea what she'll do :D
    Kind of hoping for a bit of branch development before she goes into flower though. If she ends up growing into the lights, well, this strain has done it before, it'll survive that too. So whichever way she decides, I hope I've at least provided enough space for her to do it in.

    Getting her through is going to be a hairy affair, she has grown herself a thick mat of rootlets in the mulch layer, looking for food? I do think. Will keep an eye on that. Also making an ACT as we speak, though still in my suboptimal old setup, and though my VC isn't very great at all either :shock: But it's what I have. I may do another aerated hay infusion too...
    Feels like a solo cup grow must, just in big :-P
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    marijaymade Member

    I am impressed seeing the layout and simple portable DIY on how to grow cannabis.
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    glad it gave you some ideas ;)

    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Closet update!
    The house air input has gotten rerouted out of the closet again so the two girls in there can now make their own climate again.
    First impulse to do this came from whiffs of herb floating about our flat - I thought the house input was pushing unfiltered air out the cracks or even room air intake holes. Probably it was just little aroma clouds escaping when the closet was open, not getting washed out by airing the room it's in, and then moving out into the rest of the flat later. lol

    Here's Miz Woozy, the second Cosmic Queen, on day 103 of her life, very slowly pulling the life out of her leaves
    2018-03-18_day103 (1).JPG
    See those bottommost buds, dry and blond?
    2018-03-18_day103 (14).JPG

    I test smoked those,
    2018-03-18_day103 (16).JPG
    and was wowed by the pain killing and relaxant effects! Sissi has it too, but much less distinct.
    That has finally decided it for me, she's to dry on the stalk :)

    Some budness

    Secondary top, sporting a little foxtail, which has been going on in a small way across the plant these weeks
    2018-03-18_day103 (5).JPG

    And a sparkly detail of the main
    2018-03-18_day103 (9) detail.JPG
    This strain actually does have a small portion of Mexican landrace (though I don't know whether north or south, and there seems to be a diff) - amongst others, the star dawg on the one side of the genetics seems to be quite a - hm in German, one would say, "colorful dog" LMAO
    cheers :bigjoint:
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    colorful, frosty, nuggy.... nice autoflower there :) Beautiful!
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Indeed, I can only agree! :D
    She still is on the airy side in the undergrowth, but her upper buds have firmed up in a way Sissi couldn't have even had she wanted, as she already got chopped day 77.

    calliandra Well-Known Member

    And the Northern Lights #5 x Haze has begun flowering all over now too!

    Seeing the last pix I posted of her here, I must say, yes she has stretched a bit too, though nowhere near the first time round

    Day 17 of flowering lighting
    2018-03-20_fday17 (1).JPG
    Impossible to get anything but partials of this bush now, so...
    a bit of branch / bud structure
    2018-03-20_fday17 (3).JPG

    a bit of canopy view - of the rightmost branch by the door there
    2018-03-20_fday17 (3b).JPG

    Budsite spacing typical of the longer branches
    2018-03-20_fday17 (5).JPG

    and on midling branches below
    2018-03-20_fday17 (6).JPG

    I am starting to get the feeling this girl is going to thank me for all the torturings I've put her through with a biiig bouquet of flowers. Not sad about that! :bigjoint:


    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    oh yeah, she is saying "finally, thank you!". Good thing it didn't do a 2nd stretch though haha. you should get great penetration with that size plant :)
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