defoliation when in flower

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    Where do I find info on you grow, look great!
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    Thanks :)

    I joined this forum right in the middle of bloom and had no idea grow journals were a thing so I wasn't able to document that grow BUT I've started a grow journal since then. Titled "here w3 go." I'm still pretty new to growing so it's all been trial and error.

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    I done some light defoliation my first indoor plant, I'm not suggesting to do so.. but no big harm with this plant as top pic date is Jan-7th, middle pic date is Jan-21st, 14 days later, big change... Last pic taken Feb-18th...

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    My last batch where I hardly defoled at all actually turned out to be about the same dry weight as when fairly heavily top defoled with lower leaves left on. Which is better, I don't know at this point. I guess better air flow and less water transpiration would be good things though. Same root space all going to the flowers seems advantageous, at least when growing in containers of medium.

    I'll take entire leaves from the middle parts of the stalks, big resinless fan leaves, but I prefer to just take the tips off the leaves that are supplying top buds, like half of the leaflet. That's usually enough to reduce shading of other buds. Leaves are normally way too long but it's best to leave at least some of a top leaf rather than none. I mean leaves with some resin on them somewhere. They still get use out of even little stubs as long as there's some leaf part left. I think they're evolved in such a way that the tips can get eaten by animals and the rest of the leaf still stays completely functional.
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    I defol as needed. First 2-3 weeks of flower I'm training as needed, removing shoots that wont reach canopy, removing larf, leaves blocking areas I want to have light, and leaves so dense condensation collects on them (recipe for pm). By day 21 she's in her final form. Some fan leaves may need to be removed around this time (day 21), but only the ones blocking bud sites is removed. Dead/damaged leaves are removed when they arise. Around day 47 I'll revist defol for anything blocking buds that I cant tuck out of the way.
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    In my vertical grows, I use screens and soft ties to tie the plants to the screens. I do some defo but where I can I will tuck the leaves back thru the screen, I remove them after the leaves get big enough to take over their job of providing energy to that bud site. I do remove fans that block light and larf.
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    Did a medium defo on 6/1, and started 12/12 on 6/3
    Before 6/1
    20170601_091702 (2).jpg
    After 6/1
    20170601_140245 (2) - Copy.jpg
    6/5, 4 days later
    20170605_080358 (2) - Copy.jpg
    6/10 Day 7 of 12/12
    In those 5 days the plants stretched/grew beyond the screens. So we removed the plants from the tent and began Super Cropping, main stem and some of the other upper branches. Also remove some of the tucked fans, tucked some more and removed fans blocking bud sites.
    20170611_090502 (2).jpg 20170611_091349 (2).jpg
    6/12 Day of 9 12/12
    I pulled the ladies from the tent and all the areas that had been SC'ed had turned up toward the lights, did some tieing of the SC main stem and branches and did a medium defo. Moving bud sites around to fill in voids on the screen, this will continue until the screen is full. Will continue removing fan that can't be tucked behind the screen and are blocking bud sites and on day 21 will do a heavy defo and further SC'ing as needed.
    Before defo
    20170612_100430 - Copy.jpg

    Will take a pic when I pull them out of the tent again in a few days to see how they are responding to the abuse, LOL My ladies in a nutshell! "Whip me, beat me, call me Edna" by Fijensen
    Funny Shit,

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    Thank you. This post made sense.

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    Day 30 12/12

    Minor defo day, hand water with nutes and Great White.
    Buds forming nicely, except the Critical Kush, it is a stretcher and from when I grew it before it puts on buds starting around week four so it is just starting.

    Critical Kush
    My lady is 5'7"
    G13 - 2

    g13 - 4

    To Be Con't
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    Day 30 12/12 con't

    G13 1
    G13 3

    The profile view is fairly standard for the 5 plants and most are pulling the screens away from the frames. Did some more tieing to the screen, removed all the fans from the backs of the screens I did remove some of the bindings on some plants
    Will be doing defo into the 6th we of flower, all minor defo now. The day I start flush I will be striping them bare of any leaf with has a 3/4" stem.

    Haze the maze

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    Those pots are tiny. Won't that dwarf your plants and lower your overall yield?
    Great looking plants though. I'm curious about your vertical grow so I'll have a look.

    :peace: Peace

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    Those are 2 gallon SmartPots, For the type of grow I am doing 2 gallon is plenty big enough. I have been growing in two and three gallons SP's for a number of yrs now, both vertical and horizontal grows. The SP's, being fabric, tend to root prune, preventing them from becoming root bound. My last grow was a horizontal grow in 3 gallon smart pots, I really noticed no difference in plant size, I got 15 zips of two plants.
    20170407_090508 (2).jpg This was taken a week before I harvest the plant on the right and just over two weeks for the one on the left.

    Thanks for the comment, Yes please check out my grow there are a number of people there that grow in coco and can explain it better than I can. And I can always use good suggestions and comments.

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    Hi im new to defoliation. I have a autoflower by mephisto that is crazy thick with leaf. A pain to water. Would anybody suggest a lil defoliation in this situation. 2wk of flower currently. In a 5g airpot
    Sourhound_1499754787555.jpg IMG_20170709_210427_664_1499754766611.jpg

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    No one mentions the MILF... Shame...o_O
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    She is a lovely woman!
    Did last defo 10 days ago, am 52 days into 12/12, and will be starting flush early next week, plan on harvest around day 70 for the 4 G13's and day 60 for the Critical Kush. The kush is not going to be a decent yielder
    20170724_120212 (2).jpg 20170725_215404 (2).jpg 20170725_215350 (2).jpg 20170725_215331 (2).jpg


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    Very productive weekend,
    Saturday morning pulled the plants out to give them a good check up, they had a good low ppm flush twice and had their water stopped on Thursday morning so the pots had been drying in the pots for two days, I scoped them and found at least 60% cloudy, 20+% clear and the rest just beginning to turn amber. Turned to my GF and told her to get the trimming sizzors and we got busy. Harvested that Critical Kush earlier last week so this weekend GF and I did the G13 Haze.
    Total wet weight, 4596 all plants, had around 450 grams of small buds and leaf that will go in the oil also, the G13's averaged 999 g wet weight and the CK was 600 g. Not sure what that will be dry but being conservative and using a 15% wet to dry ratio it comes to 24.62 zips of good medicine (but never count those chickens and all that crap). Should be able to get enough CO for my treatment, I hope so anyway.
    Ladies just before chop.
    First two rows hanging in the tent.

    All nine rows, lined up and smelling so nice.

    My little helpers comment, I don't want to take this leaf off it has so much white crystals all over it. My comment, remove it, it is going to be added to everything when we make oil.
    Well I will post dry weight when it happens, not totally happy, the Critical Kush will not be grown again and the entire plant is going to make oil. I would have done well weight wise had it not been for that bitch. Second time to try her but won't grow it again.
    Guess I will continue to use the stacked 315's, very pleased with the lights.


    Any comments I make are totally false and a figment of my imagination.
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    Love freely and be happy!
    gr865, Aug 14, 2017
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    Final final,

    They are in the cure jars, weight has not changed since Sat..
    Total of the four G13 Haze plants = 23.5 Zips (658g) of smokeable/medical
    Shake, sugar leaf/leaf (168g), G13 under sized buds, smokable but would be too much work to trim (56g), the entire grow of Critical Kush (70g) = (296g) 10.5 Zips
    Total = 35 + Zips

    And just over a G/W of medical goodness, plus the good Cannabis Oil the rest will make, Yay, [​IMG]

    As for the smoke, last night G/F and I had a couple of bowls and it was very delightful I must say. Uppy high, kept us awake for a bit (at least till we smoked a a couple of more bowls), light and thoughtful. Hell I even played some guitar which I have not done in a while. Cool beans!

    I am making Cannabis Oil today and using all the shake, Critical Kush, the non workable G13 and 3.4 Zips of the smokable G13 Haze. That give me a total of 17.3 Zips for the oil. Hoping to make 45 plus grams of oil. If I were using all bud I would expect 60 + but with the shake and way the Critical Kush turned out, very disappointed, can't expect much.

    Here's the 20 Zips of my medicine!


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    Any comments I make are totally false and a figment of my imagination.
    Be at peace in your life!
    Love freely and be happy!
    gr865, Monday at 4:30 PM
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    I did 2 rounds of GML leaf strip, at day 15 of flip, and day 34.

    This is a totally experimental round. several tests done,. Using a 125 watts.

    One thing we dont want to do, is induce stress to the plant. So I did a few things to see reaction thru various defoliation methods, from removing single pedals, to cutting off entire leaves, and leaving just the entire stem.

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    Bro when you mentioned 15oz from a couple of 3 gal SP was that with a good yielding strain or is that your average when using the vert technique?

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