Could Kelp extracts be a waste of money?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by legallyflying, Oct 9, 2011.


    Wolverine97 Well-Known Member

    Nope, just snark.
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Yes, Kelp extracts is a waste of money.

    End of thread......
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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Ooohhhhh. What's uncle douchebag saying? You know, it's actually kind of fun having the tools blocked.

    watchhowIdoit New Member

    Your the one tossing the names about from the safety of your computer, yet you think UB should be banned. You have 2 choices here at RIU. Believe the forum bs and myth and follow the masses down a dead end road. In which case everything is ok. Or actually try to share sound, tried and true, factual gardening advice. Which will eventually end with you burning on a stick after a witch hunt by a bunch of mommas boys mods. Just gotta love it............
    Samwell Seed Well

    Samwell Seed Well Well-Known Member

    I still think UB works for Dynagro, and ya its been proven over and over agian any nutrient that is not present is needed and sometimes people choose to use kelp extracts , just like you make the choose to take the the interchange to get home or the highway, you get to the same place

    UB your a smart guy, the more you beat this dead horse, Snake oils, the more you just seem petty, if works for people bottom line. Doesnt mean their are not ways to not use it . . .. .

    and making a broad ranging generalization that prodcuts do to ad campaigns that trick the buyer into thinking they are buying canabis specific products, are snake oils, is as dumb as trying to sell cannabis specific products(kushy kush) and well it doesnt matter fools will always be fooled either fooled by you or fooled by them

    . . . . the good companies for the most part are all producing the same shit with different dilution rates and mix's. END OF STORY

    your crusade to sell dyna gro and make everyone be like you is well a little pathetic, be yourself ill be myself and share your knowledge not dyna grow specific information
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    wow 21 pages of which 98% is useless babble brovo peep hell 99% of the best info is on the first page

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    I think this is actually required of an RIU thread.

    711grower Active Member

    humans will do anything to justify there wallets. if we spend money we hustle ourselves into believing its the best. i used to spend all the dough on all these bottles of shyte. in fact i once spent $500 on advanced nutrients to grow 20 plants. results where great but at the expense of my wallet. took me about a year to realize i was getting hustled. i dont post much on here but i do read allot and if you sift through all the hating you actually can learn something. my last grow i bought a bottle of osmocote plus. i took two plants to do an experiment with. one plant had approximately 25 cents worth of osmocote amended into the soil. i did water a few times with some agave and maybe 5 bucks worth of kelp. the other plant i used a high dollar cannabis specific liquid nutrient called flair form. i spent a total of about $ 45 of nutrients of the flair form on the other plant. the osmocote plant produced 3 oz dry and the flair form produced 2.5 oz dry. i gave my patients the two different fertilized meds and they couldnt tell the difference. next round i am going to leave the kelp out and see if theres any difference. if pot was suddenly legal and could be grown by farmers do you really think a farmer would spend 45 bucks a plant to fertilize a few thousand acres of cannabis or a few bucks a plant if that ??? thank you uncle ben and others for teaching me that a fucking majical weed can be grown for far less then what we are led to believe

    711grower Active Member

    and for the put up or shut ups on this thread here is what about 5 bucks of nutrients looks like on 10 plants.

    . IMG_20120101_005947.jpg IMG_20120101_005910.jpg IMG_20120101_005923.jpg
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Nice job 711grower! Yep, some of the best grown plants are from growers who use cheap foods you can buy from Walmart or plant nurseries. There are several reasons for that, one being they understand plant culture and plant nutrition as opposed to noobs who are drawn into the hype.

    Slow release products like Osmocote are great. I use a Plant Products brand 10 month 18-5-9 with micros. No fuss, cheap, and the plant gets a continous supply of nutrients.

    MatthewD Active Member

    Yeah, fuck any Cannabis specific products, they are always a rip off. I'll grow with anything and have good success, but prefer organics. Believe it or not, it's just as cheap too. I do use a Kelp extract powder as well as a fermented manure/seaweed/bacteria product, but I bought them in bulk and they cost literally cents per application every few weeks. If you're growing with a high compost mix, which I have done a lot of, these types of products wont make too much of a difference, the soil is already quite complete and contains everything in abundance. However, I like to grow in pure coconut fibre (with up to 20% compost at times), which is extremely cheap (don't buy the cannabis-specific brands...), but also very lacking in everything. I put some Dynamic Lifter on top (3-2-2) and water in diluted/shaken up Dynamic Lifter + Kelp etc. for a couple weeks, then it's all dandy from then on. If I don't add Kelp to the teas, the plants can get deficient and not as vibrant looking from time to time. But that's just for me, not many people base their organic grows off Coconut fibre.

    kpmarine Well-Known Member

    Seeing as all this kelp comes from the ocean, there is one concern I have. Does it absorb mercury? Seeing as mercury concentration has been a concern in some ocean fish, I thought I'd ask.
    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    So it's true what so many say, despite your cartoon sized green are a pretentious hump! What a ridiculous statement. I'm a newb at growing weed, not gardening. And I'm capable of observing and recording results accurately. I don't use overpriced cannabis specific products. I rinse a strip of dried kombu of its salt, steep it in hot water briefly, and add that to the watering. ALL flowering plants utilize the nutrients in kelp/seaweed, and it shows.
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Shows how, in your lab tests?

    MedicalinMississippi Active Member

    Could I just purchase some kelp and juice it? Maybe use 2 average size stalks added to a gallon of water?

    Mooobaby Well-Known Member

    I have actually found the same thing to be true! I had Blue dream plants in two gallon pots and nailed a run with perfect timing on the kelp and I had three foot plants with 3.5 ounces each at 16 per light... And a breeze to trim! The buds doubled in exactly the manner you speak of. Had about 8 gigantic fan leaves pet plant and nearly 0 trimming other than cutting the buds off.... Miss those days.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    If you think these lovley trace elements are a waste then great...Me? Id use it just for the Boron.

    Its awesome stuff

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    lol haha

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    Tom Tucker 313

    Tom Tucker 313 Active Member

    Spray and grow is a better investment

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Did they drag him off the street and give him a white coat FFS?

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