Could Kelp extracts be a waste of money?

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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Samwell Seed Well

    Samwell Seed Well Well-Known Member

    canna rhizotonic is a kelp fermination tea with other benificial nutrients and H&G has one too, i think its common to water with a kelp solution

    also their is ecklonia kelp all soil feed, am I confused here do you think that kelp solutions will only work if foilage feed

    i use a kelp extract the whole time canna rhizotonic

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    i NEVER Folier feed with Kelp, but i can Guarentee you that Kelp is a MAJOR advantage when it comes to marijuana growing. Kelp has certain hormones that allow you to manipulate the plant.

    if you feel Kelp extract + Mag/Cal soloution around 4-5 weeks of flowering it will cause the Calyxes to "stack" (Grow one inside another) Doubling the density of the Buds.
    then you feed Kelp + 0/High/High Ferts (i use 0/10/10) it will cause the Verticle growth to STOP and the buds just get FAT as a mother fucker....

    Theres one little thing that article doesn't Mention. the levels of Indol butric Acid and Cytokinin's in the Kelp. IBA and CK are plant hormines that are responsible for regulating the growth of a plant at different stages of life.

    IBA is responsible for root growth, it is the hormone in Clonex and other rooting Compounds.
    CK Is the hormone related to Cell Devision within the plant......
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    Niko Bellick

    Niko Bellick Well-Known Member

    I concur on the rhizotonic. That shit is amazing. But I like the VooDoo Juice better in comparison. I am going to buy a gallon of pure kelp extract or whatever and try this stacking thing you speak of

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    First off, I (nor the professor who published the paper) are talkIng about nutrient mixtures of which kelp is a component. I am attempting to get peoples experiences with pure kelp extracts.

    In regards to foliar feeding of is widely regarded as the most effective means of transmission both in terms of absorbtion and cost effectiveness. You should be aware that plants have a very very difficult time absorbing both hormones AND SUGARS through there toot systems do to the caspian strip. I find it kind of funny that some attribute any gains from adding sugar to the root zone being a result of sugars actually being absorbed by the plant.

    Anywho, i realize that kelp has lots of cytokins and other hormones.. But so do all plants. I think the authors point, was that despite these compounds, there was little to no evidence that they actually did what they are advertised to do.

    I appreciate hearing about people's direct experience with application of straight kelp products more so than broad spectrum nutrients that include kelp.

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    i use the "Marinis Seaweed" its a 100% Full body Kelp extract. they concentrate the pure extracts and sell it AS IS.

    i would have to go against the author of the Paper then and say that when used PROPERLY at the Right times duering the growth cycle Kelp extracts can be used to great effect.

    There are even proven fertalizers that MANY of the users on the forum will vouch for which use the 2 methods i stated Above. Humboldt Nutrients uses these Secrets for their TOP Fertalizers, Bushmaster and Stacker (Now called Purple Maxx).

    Humboldt Bushmaster = Kelp hormones and extracts, Potassium and Phosphorous. this combination stops Vertical growth of the Meristem and Causes the plant to focus on Lateral Growth of secondary maristems.
    Humboldt Purple Maxx = Kelp Hormones and extracts + Cal/Mag. This combo is used for the production of Calyxes, Carotene and Turpenes. which is why it has been called Stacker and Purple Maxx.

    rumors1011 Member

    I just started using kelt extract in my res. Curious what other people think about it. Figured it was only 20 bucks for a gallon so might as well try it. using it at 2ml/gallon every feeding.
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    i was gonna buy some stuff until i broke it all down in price and it was what i did was buy botanicare liquid has kelp, molasses, and shitloads of other essentials all in one jug. cost me 30 bux and it lasts a good way

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    "if you feel Kelp extract + Mag/Cal soloution around 4-5 weeks of flowering it will cause the Calyxes to "stack" (Grow one inside another) Doubling the density of the Buds."

    Now I been using a seaweed/kelp liquid extract during the 4-5 weeks of flowering
    and I was wondering if using this extract is beneficial for plants during the last 3 weeks of flowering also?

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    from my personal experiance Kelp also helps with Carotene and Terpene production. in plants Carotene is responsible for the Blue / Green / Red coloration of the plant leaves, it will turn the plants ALL KIDSW of colors (if the genetic expression is in the plant, of course).

    THCV (The precursor to THC) and THC are Both terpenes. through out my 3 years of using kelp i have found that Kelp CAN help with THC production, but it has to be applied properly.

    stop applying the Kelp for around a week (around 3 weeks before harvest) Then for the last 2 weeks Feed with a Kelp + Molasses mixture. the Kelp will feed the Plants and the Molasses will feed the soil. The plant will believe it is dieing from a week of No nutrients, then when the Kelp is introduced it will cause the plant to put all of its energy into one final Burst of life.

    most of this can not be corroborated with further evidence. the information in THIS post is personal experience. just to make that clear....

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Great info! I was not aware that bushmaster had kelp
    In it. That stuff can work miracles in terms of stopping stretch in it's tracks and building buds in a heart beat.
    Thanks for the info.

    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    I like it. GRAVITY

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    I like certain products that happen to have kelp in them, but they also tend to contain humics, fulvics, aminos and that sort of jazz as well. I've had mixed results depending on the product but have settled into something that definitely works. I actually haven't seen any of the 'benefits' that Dr Linda addresses in her paper and didn't know people expected these 'benefits' when using such products.

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Home brewer, nice to see you back buddy!

    For me, it was the high levels of hormones in kelp that made me think that they would provide lots of benefits. Also, a friend of mine runs a very large commercial native plant nursery. As you may know, most commercial nurseries use sterile soil with absolutely no nutrients in them. Anyways, all he ever uses to fertilize his plants is foliar application of kelp.

    I'm still on the fence about bushmaster. I used it last round and it was AWESOME!! the plants did not stretch at all and I had buds forming at day 5. HOWEVER< it was not soo fucking cool at week 6 when I noticed seeds fucking forming on all my buds. There was a hermie bud in there somewhere. I never had a hermie problem before.. ever.

    I did not encounter anything that would have acutely stressed the plants that run (overrun on temps, nute burn, accidental light on).. nothing. So I am kind of pointing the finger at bushmaster.
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Nothing like a dash of kelp and sliced bananas on my bowl of Cheerios in the morn.

    ATL HYDRO Active Member

    Floralicious plus is 20% kelp extract, and I used it as a foliar spray and it certainly didn't hurt!

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    Great and thank you for this info. Sounds like you know very well what you
    are doing and I will apply the same. Thank you again!

    gudkarma New Member

    ^ one of the favorite things in my arsenal.

    in the cloner, in my rezzies, as a foliar, in veg, in flower.

    this particular dried, soluable powder is a great addition to my nutrient chemistry... as i stopped using p/k boosters early in flower (weeks 1 to 3) and substituted the above powder for that time frame.

    i see results.
    i save $ on ferts.
    & the powdered stuff goes a long way.
    & the more expensive stuff i buy (like the fox farm trio) lasts me much longer.

    i also use liquid karma from botanicare... which i love.

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    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Do you use this in your res? I found LK to be the dirtiest product that I've ever used in hydro. One week and never again.

    gudkarma New Member


    i have used LK in my rez & agree with you.

    i switched from sterile rezzies to biologically active rezzies... why do i mention this?

    sterile rez i change every two to three weeks. like a clock.

    bio rez i never change, maybe take out 2/3 (ish) and leave some of the "seeded" water in to mix with a fresh batch of nutes... like you would a fish tank. kinda like your link... i use the endo from the same ebay store above (way cheaper) and foxfarms kangaroots (bene bacto) with enzymes & some root stimulator & nutes to about 850 to 950 ppm with super results, no nasties, and much less work.

    was rocking dynagro about a year before you did that thread (excellent by the way), but i switched to cns17 as its just as awesome, doesn't calcify in the container like dynagro, and is much easier for me to get as i buy 2.5 to 5 gallons at a clip.

    LK in sterile rez never bothered me as i was changing it often. killer product imo.

    now i use the powdered kelp (which dissolves completely) and love it tons.

    LK has moved to the foliar app in my set-up ...& i also use it every other time i hand feed my mothers & seedlings ...& any coco (old) moms i throw in flower.
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