Could a vote to legalize cannabis, be done like a president election?

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    Azazel35 Member

    Can it be done? If so, how come it hasn't been and if not, then why not?

    It really is getting to me, that so many states have recreational cannabis. But my state doesn't. It being in the Bible Belt it will probably remain a felony till hell freezes over! How can we get it to at least not be a felony? I remember in my town when you couldn't buy alcohol. But I could drive 30 miles to the next county or state and purchase alcohol, and bring it back home! Legally! Do that with Cannabis and head home you may end up in prison. I'm so sick of being controlled by the government. When will people wake up, realize we're not free? Why shouldn't we the people have a vote by the people on what the government makes illegal or legal? Sure we vote in a representative, but our choices are limited on who we choose. Let's face it, if your not loaded with money, you don't stand a chance to be elected. The people should have a popular vote on any legislative bill that puts any restrictions on us.
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    BRANDON77 Well-Known Member

    US signed a drug treaty in the 70s.....It cannot undo its stance due to international law I imagine. (anyone weigh in on this part?)

    lawmakers make laws.....u vote for lawmakers....that's it.

    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    You recently lived in a dry county in 2017 and think the hippies lettuce could possibly be legalized in your
    lifetime there? You know the god-fearing people of your community don't want that satanic weed
    corrupting their fresh, nubile daughters into carnal situations under its demonic influence.
    Besides, the good old boys in law enforcement, politics, and lawyering make loads of money
    from that particular plant species remaining illegal.
    Id suggest moving...

    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    Canada signed it too but that isn't stopping us.

    BRANDON77 Well-Known Member

    its not federally legal in canada is it? thought only provinces?

    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    Not legal anywhere in Canada right now for recreational however it is legal for medicinal use federally. But July 01, 2018 it will be federally legal right across the country for recreational use and we will also be allowed to grow 4 plants the too.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    The only national vote that would do it would be constitutional amendment. But that requires ratification in 2/3 of the states legislatures (people don't get to directly vote - they are too irrational for that). Look at a map of which party holds which state houses and see if you can find that many states to ratify.

    Likewise, a const amendment could end every effort by every state to legalize. The anti's are only a couple of state houses away from being able to pass that if they make a full court press.

    These votes cut both ways.......
    John Levy

    John Levy Member

    Well, the use of cannabis is still legal but only for the medical purpose. there is a growing demand by people for legalizing this. Legalizing marijuana is a bonafide for the economy too as it has been predicted that it has the potential to add up to 17 billion dollars in the economy. this would help in increasing the employment. So in my view, people should have the right to choose what is right and what is wrong for them.

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