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This is a method that was passed on to me by an old grower friend. I have found this method to work with the most difficult and stubborn cuttings, including the strains that are labeled "difficult to clone".

Materials Needed

terrarium/old fishtank (I picked this one up at a garage sale for $0.25)
waterbed heater w/thermostat (same garage sale, $2.00)
fluorescent light
peat pellets
spray bottle
saran wrap (not shown)

2x4's, plywood, light switch

Hang light to the desiered area, a 20 watt is reccomended for this project.
Now that my light is hung and ready, the next step is to lay out the waterbed heating pad. The pad is laid out so that the terrarium will be sitting directly ontop of it.

The thermostat is placed near by for easy access, and it is set at 80deg F for most cuttings. If rooting tropical varieties, I would suggest a setting nearer 90deg F.

The next step is preparation of the terrarium. I took mine down to the laundry sink and scrubbed it clean using detergent. I would not recommend using bleach, for bleach leaves a residue toxic to your plants. Once it is thoroughly cleaned, and dry, fill the bottom two inches with soil. I prefer to use Sunshine Mix #4. Once complete, place the terrarium ontop of the heating pad and beneath the light.

I mix the required amount of No-Damp into the water, before moistening the soil within the terrarium. Dampen the soil, do not leave it dry and do not make it wet. This will keep the peat pellet at the correct moisture.

Now is time to take your freshly cut clones and place them into peat pellets which have been expanded. The trick here is to bury the pellets most of the way into the soil, this will keep the pellets moist, warm, and will allow the roots to grow into the soil.

The pellet on the right is sitting ontop of the soil, the pellet on the left is correctly buried into the soil.

Once you have all the pellets in place, you are ready to place the temperature probe from the waterbed heating pad. I like to place the probe just above the soil, but not touching the soil, terrarium, or any plants and pellets. This will regulate the temperature within the terrarium to keep your new cuttings happy.

Mix up a spray bottle of cold water and the appropriate amount of No-Damp. Give the plants, the soil, and the inside walls of the terrarium a good misting. Mist everything without making the water bead and runoff.

Cover the terrarium with saran wrap to maintain humidity and temperature. Ensure to leave a one inch gap for fresh air.

Now you are all set to get started. Plug everything in, turn on your light and waterbed heating pad. The pad will warm your environment to optimum temperatures, plus you have just made a high humidity environment for your plants to root.
Now, just watch it go. There is really nothing more to do, the pellets will moisturize themselves from the soil and the temperature will remain the same. Check it daily, and give the inside of the terrarium a light misting, if needed. As long as there is still moisture on the terrarium glass, misting is not needed.

As long as your cloning methods are solid, in seven to ten days you will have roots running through the soil. The cutting pictured is shown at day ten, and some roots had to be broken to remove it from the soil.

i might have to start cloning like this..i like it

tea tree

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hello all, I am on my second round now not using a humidity dome. I use a seed tray the floating insert and an old heating pad wrapped in plastic. I need another real seed mat.

The trick is six hours of darkenss right after cut. A dip in rooting powder. Then into presoaked rapid rooters. I keep the water warm and add a little P from gh three part for fun and also I keep the rapid rooters wet, wet as they get from dipping a few times a day. Before and after work.

Took ten days last time for 100 percent success. It has only been one day so far but no droop means to me clones will work out.

Gl. I wish I had some superthrive or liquid karma but last time I did not use them either and all came out fine.

Read the albfuct sticky.


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is there any way to clone with out cloning gel?
I know its better but i cant find a store near me that sells that and im short on money(January sucks) to order it on line.


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can you get your hands on rooting powder instead? takes longer, or cut what you need place them in a party cup make sure the stem is submerged and with a little luck in as little than a week they should start to root, when the roots are a couple of centermeters long plant them in growing medium, this is a hit and miss method but if you carnt get supplys its better than nothing.


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Can someone answer me :)
Answer..... Yes you sorta can, use 2 weeks flower as a base line, but remember, they Will take longer to root

anything much past 2 weeks can't really grow after they started 2 bud...

Hope that helps ya some

and Mr.Luso, use just water, put the cuttings in a cup will just water, but they will take Way longer to root, but generally will.

tea tree

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cloning shit at lowes is like 3 dollars for a tray with peat pucks and a humid dome that is small but you wont need it.
Is it ever too late to take clones?? Or do u have to do in veg cycle?
yes u should take them in veg or the first week or 2 of flower if u lollipop you could use all the stuff u chop. and to the guy who just cut his branches and ther was no main stalk , i do this all the time an i have a 85% sucess . not to hijak this thread but i use a black tray with12 inch dome fits abuot 80 peat pods just take cuttings dip in stimulant there are many kinds they all work, and put them in the pods . u will have to make a hole first . spray them all and dome every day for a week then u should start to take lid off for an 1hr then next day 2hr then 3hrs u get my point after 10 days from cutting u could take dome off completly if u see roots there are ready for meduim. oh ya i use two t-5 s about20 inches above the trays. and when i do clones its like a 100 -150or more at a time and this is tried tested and true sorry about the grammer hope u enjoy

Jay Cart

i was wondering if u can clone a clone
you can most definitely clone a clone using the same techniques....although I do not quite understand how you turn one branch into multiple clones...because I have flower branches that have about 3-4 nodes themselves...I was just wondering if you could simplify yer explanation...from what you said im taking it that you only need one leaf and a stem from a flower branch to become an adequate clone?? Im just encountering a prob because my flower branches are soo large they are growing into the fan leaves


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LOL @ some of the reply's!

If you take a cutting from the top of the plant, you will end up with a Lazy Clone in vegging, the opposite is true for a cutting taken from the bottom. Bend the whole branch gently & observe what appears to be the part that will snap if you push it to breaking. That is where you cut. The best medium is root riot cubes, google them. You will have similar if you live in other side of the world. Trim the larger leaves back & pop them in the cubes. No rooting gel needed, but if you have use it. Pop the finnished article in a propagator, spray the leaves & cover once a day & leave them alone under your vegging light. CFL are best for this.


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you can most definitely clone a clone using the same techniques....although I do not quite understand how you turn one branch into multiple clones......
this may help....:razz: from the GrowFAQ

Branch cloning

How do I take multiple clones from the whole branch?

Contributed by: MeasureG
Submitted: 05-02-2003

Most folks (including me) take only main growing tips as cuttings, but occasions arise when you want to preserve the maximum number of growing tips on the mother plant. Sometimes it is better to remove only one complete branch and make it into multiple clones. Occasionally, while training a plant, you will break off a branch. Here's a way to turn that branch into multiple clones.

Just as an aside, I discovered this technique when my knife slipped, and I cut across a node instead of trimming off the leaf and secondary growing tip at that node. I was surprised when the bottom half rooted faster than the main growing tip.

According to several sources, cuttings taken from below the main growing tip will usually root faster (and in my observation better) due to lower nitrogen levels and higher carbohydrate levels. I also find the stiffer woody stems from lower on a branch easier to deal with than soft green ones near the tip.

The smaller secondary growing tips will take a bit longer to develop into full fledged plants, but they will have a great set of roots to do it with.

Cut off the main growing tip by making a 45 degree cut through the main stem just above a node and prepare it as you normally would.

Cut up the remainder of the branch by making a succession of cuts through the nodes at 45 degree angles. You will end up with a bunch of short stems with a 45 degree cut at the top and the bottom, and a leaf and growing tip near the upper edge of the top cut.

If the cutting is too long to fit entirely inside your cloning medium, trim the bottom end of the cutting.

Holding the cutting by the leaf stem (petiole), scrape away some of the outer layer of the stem tissue to expose some phloem (the white tissue underneath). Dip the whole stem into your cloning gel or rooting hormone, be sure to cover both the bottom and the top cuts. Avoid getting any on the growing tip.

Insert the stem into the cloning medium, you may need to open up the hole in the rockwool or latex plug a bit first.

Use a sterile tool (a chopstick, q-tip stem, etc) to push on the top of the stem to push it inside the cloning medium. The leaf may tilt up as the stem goes inside the medium. Added on: Saturday, March 24, 2007 Viewed: 8418 times


quick ? im on my first set of clones and not sure if they are going to root. i know its early only been 2 days, but is it normal for the leaves to be really droopy?
I am new to this process but I have been reading the growers bible a bunch and it says that the plant should be a minimum 2 months old. also if you take a cutting prior to pre-flower that you'll have a faster success rate as far as keeping it in veg stage as opposed to taking it from a plant thats flowering and it having to revert back to veg from there.
If anyone has anything to add or correct me on please feel I said, I'm new to this, and will always take constructive criticism to better my green thumb. ô¿~


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if i remember correctly, the bottom branches have more of the necessary hormones required for cloning


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quick ? im on my first set of clones and not sure if they are going to root. i know its early only been 2 days, but is it normal for the leaves to be really droopy?
it's normal if they aren't humid enough, keep misting them and if you haven't got a humidity dome over them get one otherwise you'll fail