Cleaning my piece?

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Mattack, Dec 23, 2014.


    Mattack New Member

    I want to know if there is an alternative method of cleaning my bowl and bubbler without using rubbing alcohol
    i haven't been able to find anything but methods that don't require rubbing alcohol or isopropyl
    I've heard of using denture cleaners does anybody know if that works?
    what about nail polish?
    And could I use regular methanol alcohol? like vodka?
    what about how just hot water and salt?

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Why not isopropyl..?
    stick some lemon wedge
    in your bong to reduce the cleaning involved
    2-3 times per month is enough?
    you may try salt and water like many here
    but isopropyl is a lot easier
    but rinse well

    Mattack New Member

    ive got a bowl haven't cleaned it yet and i've had it for like 6 months and would water and salt work enough to get most out?

    warble Well-Known Member

    Denture cleaner doesn't do anything except maybe dislodge some burnt pieces that float around and stick to the neck when you are pouring it out.
    Hot water will eventually crack your piece if its glass. It will melt your residue and smear it all around the inside of your bong.
    Nail polish remover, acetone, will clean your pipes if they are glass or porcelain. If you have a plastic bong, it will melt, just like isopropyl melts them.

    I have all glass pieces so I use isopropyl alcohol and rock salt. Shake it like a polaroid.

    There are bong cleaners, but I just think they have some strong degreaser. The degreasers like formula 409, work well enough on a dried bong, but if there is some water droplets in there, it will work less well. <-- Is that grammatically correct? English is not my first language.

    Peroxide and bleach do not work too well. Forty proof liquor, and butane work, but costs more than 91% isopropyl alcohol that works better. I use an old toothbrush, baby bottle brush, green scrub pads and gun cleaning bristles to get into the nooks and crannies.

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