Cinderella 99 - 4 plants in scrog

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    Taos Well-Known Member

    I started a veg with 4 Cinderella 99 seeds in the first week of December. This is my 5th grow, and my first attempt to scrog. I am starting this thread largely to make notes for myself, rather than keep a more elaborate lab notebook. I will try to post an update weekly. Comments/suggestions/criticism welcome.

    Today is finishing the 3rd week of flower, and entering the 4th week.

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    Tito#1 Well-Known Member

    Wat breeder r they from i have ran them from female seeds n to this day one of my favorite smoke. i what to run them again. Ill be watching :joint:
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    LACookies Member

    Looks amazing, I'm waiting on a 4 pack from female seeds, are these from female seeds?

    I take it you would reccommend from female seeds then, I wasn't quite sure I had made a good choice, only got them as back up incase these la cookies hermie lol.
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    charface Well-Known Member

    I like the way you strung it.
    Looks as fast and easy as lacing boots.
    What are the screw looking things?
    Just screws?
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    I also recommend female seeds c99, very vigorous, high yielding, super tropical fruit smell(mostly pineapples) and a good quality high. It wasn't super potent for me but it doesn't really have a ceiling so you can just keep on smokin and gettin higher.
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    Taos Well-Known Member

    The quick version of the backstory:

    The Cinderella 99 seeds are feminized seeds from a California seed company -
    I have never ordered from them before. I think I paid a slight discount of $50 for 5 seeds,
    which might have included shipping.

    I debated buying these, vs the Cinderella XX through Seedsman. The Cinderella XX is a feminized version of Cinderella also, bred by the original Cinderella 99 breeders - Brothers Grimm, Seedsman has pricey shipping though.

    I popped all 5, and 3 were slightly larger than the other 2. After approx. 2 weeks in a solo cup, I potted up 4 seedlings into 12" x 12" Air Pot copies. (1357.17 Cubic Inches = 5.9 US liquid gallons.) I picked 2 of the larger and 2 of the smaller, as those 4 looked perfect.
    The first screen is 8" above the top of the pot, and about 10" above the soil line. I spaced the string at 4", using screws. This fits into a 44" x 44" flood/drain tray, which is just used to collect runoff this run.

    The two larger plants grew into the screen, and I spread them under it. The 2 smaller plants tended to cover their own node growth, and I had to tie down branches and trim/tuck leaves for node growth.

    They were topped, and re-topped at some point as well.

    After 8 weeks (from emerging from soil), I changed the lights to 11/13. Yup - I always wanted to try this cycle, even though it is not a controlled experiment. I think I have about 80 total nodes under 3 DIY cob bars, each running 200 - 250 watts each. (1400-1750ma)
    I can't wait to see what happens from here.

    I also took clones of one of the plants, for learning and for a future grow, if these turn out stellar.
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    LACookies Member

    Thanks man, it sounds amazing really happy i got them. What was the smell like, I've read it's a low smelling strain.
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Mine smelled very strongly of pineapples, grapefruit and musk. Not really skunky but still loud. I've been sniffing weed for awhile now so I can discern different smells not just that "weed" smell so I'm not sure how this would smell to a non smoker. Not saying YOU don't smoke, just saying I'm not sure how it would smell to a random person in your house if you want a stealthy plant.
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    Taos Well-Known Member

    Finishing the end of the 4th week from flipping 18/6 to 11/13. Today started a 6-8 day of pk boost, as per Canna Coco boost week schedule. (Normal feeding.)

    Three of the plants (to me), smell very sweet and fruity, and one (in the front left) smells like a cross between coffee and mild skunk when rubbing stems, or trimming leaves.. A friend called it different (just smelling flowers) - left front was very sweet, and the other 3 were 'piney'.

    Today, 3 of the drippers clogged. Next time I use these FloraFlex, it will be the 'fast' 2mm holes, rather than the 2 gal/hour drippers. I increased feeding from 8 cups to 9 cups today, and there was no run off. Will go to 10 cups (80 oz) tomorrow. I was getting run off with 6 cups just last week - they are feeding!

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    dstroy Well-Known Member

    Nice job dude, looks great!
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    stickyfly Well-Known Member

    Looking awesome! How tall is she now? Done stretching?
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    Taos Well-Known Member

    The garden is progressing. I am currently in the back quarter of week 5 since 11/13.

    I am also using two growmau5 "Flower Initiator" pucks. The lights come on for 10-15 minutes, just as the grow lights turn off. They are a mono-band LED at 730 nm, which is just inside of the near infrared spectrum. The first two photos were taken with an IR sensitive camera, The colors are false, but I was looking to see how even the illumination was with the boards hanging vertically.

    I finished an eight day feed with elevated PK, as per the Canna nutrients 'normal' schedule. I do use other additives: I am just completing using a silicon supplement, at a rate of 3ml per 5 gallons. I also add Mammoth P at about 3ml per 5 gallons. I started using 10ml/gal Cal/Mag, and used 15ml/gal in week 5. Finally, I add a very small amount (less than 1/4 tsp) of Yucca, which should act as a wetting agent.

    My runoff was at about 550 ppm before the week 5 feeding, and was 1000 ppm at the end. This is the heaviest week of feeding for the cycle. If I knew I was harvesting in 2 weeks, I would start a 2-week flush tomorrow. I will start a small 1-2 day flush with florakleen tomorrow, and try a portion (or all) of week 6 with base nutes, enzyme and sweeteners, before switching to a sweetener/enzyme only flush for a week, followed by water only.

    This C99 can take the 'medium' feeding. I cannot find leaf tip burn anywhere. It can probably be pushed to take more. (Note, I do have CO2 at 800-1000 ppm.)

    The flower development looks great (to me) on #2,#3&#4. #1 is the slightly different pheno in regards to plant shape and smell, and is developing smaller flowers. Perhaps this is due to having 2x the flowering sites as the other plants, or just genetics. I am keeping an eye to #1, as it is the only plant which I have a clone, due to plant count.

    I live in a green state, and have read the laws for home grow, as the local news has gotten this wrong more than they have right. The infuriating part, is NOWHERE in the definitions or elsewhere is there a definition of what 'a plant' is. Is a rootless clone a plant? A rooted one? There was recently a grow bust for 100+ plants. The guy had 10 lights (figure 40 plants), and the rest were clones. It looked like he was doing a pheno hunt, and observing how the plants grew, as he was growing christmas trees, and not maximizing yield in any way.

    Going forward - Get ready for "End Game."

    It looks like there is a ton of frost on #2, #3 and #4, but the trichs appear smaller. I will see how they look with a loupe later, and will be checking daily from now.

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    Taos Well-Known Member

    stickyfly She was done stretching in week 3. I raised the lights once. The height is 2 feet (from the soil line) max.
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    Taos Well-Known Member

    Finishing week 6 of 4 Cinderella 99 in scrog.

    This strain produced a lot of orange pistils early. I saw the first at the end of week 4 on one plant.

    The 4 plants have 4 flowers that differ in a subtle way.
    #1, which has the most bud sites, has the smallest flowers.
    #2 has nice large flowers, and was the first to produce red hairs.
    #3 has the most spindly flowers.
    #4 has the nicest overall flowers, just behind #2.
    Remembering, #1 and #2 had the best time in veg. (Clone taken of #1)

    Last week, I ended the raised PK week with a 1-day flush with Florakleen. my ppm dropped. Today, they are at 625 ppm in the runoff. I am going to do another 1-day flush, in place of a feeding, and resume feeding according to the Canna 'medium' rate. (This is about 20% more ppm than the 'low' I used last week.)

    Will they be ready next week? A lot of red hairs, but the trichomes and lack of late bud swelling tell a different story. Perhaps next week, I will only be feeding sweetners. I have seen that Cindy 99 is a 7 or a 7-8 week strain, but I am seeing other growers going 9.5-10 weeks. I won't be ready at the end of 7 weeks though, and will hold off of cutting nutes for another week (at least).

    Photos (shots 2-5 are #3, #1, #4 and #2, in that order)

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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    What COBs? Your plants are pretty af btw
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    Taos Well-Known Member

    Thanks - I hope I nail the finish/trim/dry/cure.

    The cobs are bars of 4 Cree 3590's with a color temperature of 3500k. I have used these to very sucessfully veg, but this time, I tried using Cree 5k. The spacing seemed to be a bit too dense with smaller parts in early veg. Some of the bars are RA aluminum, and some are RapidLED rails. Some of the cobs are bin CD, and some are supposed to be bin DB.
    There are 3 bars over an approx 4'x4' area in a 5'x5' tent. The front is usually open. 1 bar is running about 1.4A, (50 watts/cob) and the outer 2 are capable of going to 1.75A (62 watts/cob), but are dialed back to 1.4A according to my analog meter. They work well.
    I use a cheap lux meter (No PAR meter yet.), to set/check levels. About 30k lux during veg, and stretching to about 50k-55k lux during the stretch. If they go higher, I will raise the light or supercrop the canopy, if I can no longer tuck. Learning.
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    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I've been growing C99 for years and the ones by Female Seeds are great. Makes a great daytime smoke and is in high demand with the local beauty parlor! You've done a really good job with them. You can harvest them anytime you like and will get a good high, but if you wait a couple more weeks you will get a better yield. One thing I have learned over the years is that C99 buds hold a lot of moisture and take a little longer to dry than most of my other strains. The buds look fluffier than some and you would think they'd dry fast but I've jarred them too quick before and spoiled them with mold, so make sure they are ready before jarring.
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    Taos Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the useful info cindysid!
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    Taos Well-Known Member

    I use these cheap Chinese timers a lot. I can never remember how they work, so will document setting a regular timer, and setting a more complex setting.

    Set the time:
    * Press <Switch>
    * Press, and hold for 3 seconds <Confirm>
    * <Hour> # Set the hour. (Note 24 hour only with these timers.)
    * <Minute> # Set the minutes.
    * <Confirm>

    Daily On/Off timer.
    * <Switch>
    * <Timed>
    * <Hour> # On time.
    * <Minute> # On time
    * <Timed>
    * <Hour> # Off time
    * <Minute> # Off time
    * <Confirm>

    Turn CO2 on for one minute each hour, during the light cycle, between 0500 and 1600.
    0) Optional :<Reset>
    1) Set the time (from above)
    2) Set the interval circulation:
    * <Switch>
    * <timing cycle> # Hold for 3 seconds
    * <Hour> # Sets the MINUTES On - set to 1.
    * <Timing Cycle>
    * <Hour> # Sets the MINUTES Off - set to 59
    * <Confirm>
    3) Set the timer. (Follow instructions above - set On at 0500, and off at 1700
    4) Combine the two functions:
    * <Timing Cycle> # HOLD for 3 seconds, and note the 'bell' icon is now flashing.

    NOTE: When does the interval turn on? As soon as you program it. eg: If I program it at 38 minutes past the hour, it will turn on for 1 minute during lights on at 0538, 0638, 0738, etc... Funky, but usable if you know how it is going to work.

    This note is basically a reference for myself for future work. I really like a $13 interval timer. It is just a pain to work with from memory.

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    Taos Well-Known Member

    Finishing week 7. My _lead_ plant is has all cloudy trichomes, and about 5% amber/red. Next week, when I have 48 hours in a row free, they are all coming down to hang, after being wet trimmed. I am knocking out next weeks chores to free up as much time as possible.

    Yesterday, I started the final sweetening/flushing. 2 days of sweetener/enzyme/mammouth P in the morning, followed by 1/4 strength FloraKleen in the afternoon. I will use FloraKleen one more time at full strength, and the final 3 days with PH'd water, finishing with distilled water. I am in the 300's ppm right now, and am noticing the beginning of a fade to yellow on 3 of the plants.

    Unless I botch the drying, this should be a very good run. I have an evaporitive humidifier to set the room to about 55%, and a heater to keep the temps above 70F. Curing will be in 1/2 gallon jars. Bovida's (62%) if I dry a bit too fast, and overshoot _slightly_.

    I will definitely Scrog again.

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