Chuckers paradise......

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    We even got T-shirts Amos would rock with pride


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    Posting a link to chuckers paradise thread from the chuckers paradise thread on the chuckers paradise forum? It’s like inception. :blsmoke:
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    :lol: I know It’s too funny
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    Programmers call it 'recursion'. :wink:
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    Deputy #1 about day 22 from flip. Dropped some Exotic Lemon Meringue pollen on her today. I’ll do two or three more applications. Using the paintbrush method.
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    Anyone need a little help in the outdoor garden?


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    I don't think I'm going to run in the greenhouse this year, but when I do that might be my new buddy. That's pretty cool! If they made one that could decipher between bad and good bugs and feed you data, it would be well worth it.

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    Straight Growstones & DTW doesn’t work well. took some plants out of 1g pots (promix) n transplanted them into 5g airpots with the GS. The GS do not hold enough water for the roots to want to venture into them. It would have given me lazy roots .

    So I mixed the GS with promix about 70/30

    The tops work better now that there is Promix in there. But still think the mat would help a lot , I tried to make a mat out of filter floss but I don’t think it is much better than the promix . 0AEA6463-589B-4EC0-9B9C-8D8E065343E9.jpeg


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    Can the emitters be buried in coco or peat, or even expanded shale, I think this might be the best of the 3, but I have no idea how those things work so, take that from the peanut gallery.
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    No, you’d be better off with sprayer spikes .
    The way the top works is that the water comes to the 360 ring around the base, the water comes out n flows over the maze , but with out back pressure from the mat the water goes the path of lease resistance.

    You can see in the pic the water isn’t flowing to the outside edge.

    I was hopping the GS held some water n could be used in the DTW but they are better for RDWC but I don’t want to chill 4 totes.
    I think the promix will make it work, I just wanted to get away from it cause it’s dirty.
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    @Bakersfield Hierogamoscreations
    4xGrape Champas
    4xBubby Hotep
    @Schwaggy P
    4x Fpog x Cherry Sunshine.
    @Useful Seeds testers
    4x GG#4 x Banana Kush
    4x HAOG x Chocolate Diesal
    Some GPS Jelly Pie and Doc's TPR thrown in to round things out.
    Bean popping addiction is just as real as bean collecting. 20190315_122149.jpg

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    Are those some kind of drawer sliders? And how well do they roll after they get a little bit of floor dirt on them?
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    They are for moving like fridges and shit. They are pretty robust.

    Says they are good for 1200lbs On Homedepots website. If he's using the 102L totes that's 216lbs full. If it's the 208L tote it's 440lbs. They should roll pretty ok with that load.

    ^this is all if my memory is working right and 1 gallon = 8lbs.
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    Nailed it

    I run a pretty clean ship. No dirt on my floors . But they are about a 1” wheel so they probably would get hung up on a zip tie.
    So far everything is working pretty slick, I need to dial everything and make some changes n adjustments but the concept is sound. Just not enough hours in a day.
    Edit .
    Just tried it out in the garage with a dirty floor , works good .
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    Bounty hunter f2 all dried up and ready for the cure, oh lawd jesus it's some fire

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    Goji male, let’s try this again.
    I have some nice teen sized ladies a week into flower for him.
    Goji (pinesoul pheno)
    Sour lime og
    Love triangle #6
    Slymeball #5
    95871618-24D9-4422-84A4-31DB366ECA70.jpeg 7D35076E-5468-478D-9528-FE58F5D4E0B3.jpeg

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    @BigHornBuds thanks for the tip on Hicock Haze stretch, so far she's a 2x stretcher with DD root bumps.
    Here she is with a cameo down low in front of cojack x honeybee f3 (p#1).
    Cojack x honeybee f3 (p#2) is in the upper right, slightly covered by her sister in a 6in terracotta color pot. She is beginning to throw some purple and so is the party cup under some uva. The party cup and others are more like p#1, with the short mutant late comer being in its own subclass. P#2 is considerably darker and has more 3 blade, ducks foot and hooked leaves.
    Party cup

    I have noticed some of the spikey type of growth that I associate with intersex potential, but significantly less since early in flower. It is possible what I was seeing was the begining of the purple phase. I will reserve further comment re: intersex on this particular strain until I have more information.


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