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crosses you have made,or things you want to make.....
I'll start with a few...of the things I work..

And mad respect,to the folks that have grown these..

Yoga flame (fire alien kush x plat.bubba/jo og)
Candy grape og(Candydrop x stomper og)
Antidote kush(rp's og x force og)
image.jpg image.jpg

Dessert breath (cookies'N cream X high school sweetheart )
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Your crosses look great mate!

Sin city's buddha's dream (male) x 3 different critical sensi star females. The Rigel, or critical dream star.

Just seedlings but I got a pile of these beans left to run as well. Going to transplant on coco tomorrow, less work and don't have to worry about water temperature either.View attachment 3383082
The Rigel

Hell yeah

Big things have small beginnings Fire alien kush male. Gonna hit bubba, goji og, headband , daybreaker corleone kush, and maybe bio d. Those crosses you made rock genuity
These sound like they will blend well....and that male,oh that male.