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    Chupito Active Member

    do si dos around day 65. Will I get more milky trichromes if I wait? At the moment they are around 40% clear, 55 % milky, 5 % amber.

    20180428-dosidos-01.png 20180428-dosidos-02.png 20180428-dosidos-03.png 20180428-dosidos-04.png 20180428-dosidos-05.png 20180428-dosidos-06.png
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    ThaProdiG Well-Known Member

    im right there with you.. im kind of on the fence about this one.. id say youre in the window.. you can pull if you want or give it a week.
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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    For sure in the window. Go 70 and check again
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    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    I cant lie.. I clicked the link expecting to say "another 2-3 weeks" but dat shits just about done. If you're running low on smoke I'd take a few tops now and leave some of the lowers for another 5-10 days.

    Shit looks bomb tho bruh and imo trichomes change for many different reasons. I've seen people with buds nowhere near ready but "75% amber!" and I've taken plants that are done with 50% clear. It looks done and if its "hard" when you squeeze it then it's pretty much dunzo.

    Well dun champ! :clap:

    Chupito Active Member

    Thanks for your help, everyone. She was chopped today. Next weeks humidity is forecast to be 65 - 70%, and I'm hoping it will help with a slow dry. I'll be back with bud pics in a week. :)

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Window was open.....I like to go one more week at that point.....but it's nice to see plants that far along when asking this question.
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    Chupito Active Member


    10 days after harvest. Please excuse the bad trim job. Do si dos is a nice strain, I like it.
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