China Import Glass vs Domestic

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    I guess its ALL Chinese glass I have ever seen that wasn't from a single blower. ALL the chinese glass that comes out of a shop like his. Ones that make the 600 a day he claimed. I've seen a lot of MANUFACTURED chinese glass with my 7 years of selling to shops and it is a horrible product. He is not a blower. He doesn't make them. He said its over an hour away to get to the shop. I've seen the bongs exactly like he sells at millions of stores. Seriously. Same ones. Especially the fake roors. Those are bullshit.

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I'm confused as to how this is suddenly just about snuden. I don't think I've said anything regarding snudens glass aside from some of it being just as well made as yours (or better).

    I've seen the whole gambit of glass coming from China from amazing pieces to absolute crap - just like I've seen with American glass. You know the majority of the pieces made in America are cheap crappy pieces right? We have bulk manufactures as well... I've tagged along while large quantities of American glass were being sold and vast majority is garbage meant to be smoked in once or twice and then tossed in the trash before boarding a plane.

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    Its pointless to continue.

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    Call any glass supplier in America.

    Ask them what their #1 seller for clear glass is.

    (I called them)

    The answer is CHINESE.

    Between the three, and their estimates, over 65% of the clear glass they sell, is Chinese glass.

    Its about the person *melting* it, not about the *country* of the glassblower.

    researchkitty Well-Known Member

    Nah, I consider it correcting false information, and educating the public. :) When you have the right facts, share em! Its the folks trying to share opinions or their own facts that makes it fun. :)

    dankshizzle Glassblowing Moderator

    I don't think anyone mentioned the quality of the glass made in China it is more about the end product that the huge companies are mass producing over there. So actually instead of just giving information you are just stirring up more shit. Everyone is over it. Get over it...

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    Bigotry, "just get over it". - Dank.

    I swear in your thread you ragged on ALL Chinese glass - another blanket statement. Something about how all of it is infused with dangerous levels of lead. Of course I could be wrong, might have been someone else, can't tell because you deleted all of your statements.

    dankshizzle Glassblowing Moderator

    I said I found the colors thy use on bongs unappealing. The green and blue you see everywhere. High times said the thing about lead.

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    lol the feds dont give a fuck about your red card you stoner, theyll still knock you senseless and leave you in a cell for 3 days.

    i always bought glass from friends but when i do go to the shop to purchase i always do a close inspection, things like poorly blown glass and drilled holes are common. as a consumer you should know what your looking for a far as quality before purchasing.
    plus no piece is made the same.

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    I rike my chinese food cook right
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    noticing a trend of poor quality imports is not discrimination

    i have never used a Chinese pipe but trust me, they have some pretty fucking horrible quality control regulations in Chinese exports, comparatively

    like any nation, they make their good stuff

    but they clearly give little to no fuck about the people using the products they export half the time, and sometimes it's dangerous

    it's not just china. middle eastern countries do it too

    the discrimination card is old and flimsy at best
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    futureprospects Active Member

    stay w the american glass breh

    SmokeMonster420 Member

    Good read. Good knowledge. I just ordered online from a bunch of different companies and got screwed. Only 2 had high quality glass. Were they imports or USA made? It's hard to tell, but one thing for sure they were high quality. that being said, not all imports are bad. There are legimate non usa based companies.

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    That's straight up racist. You do blackface also?
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    gagekko Well-Known Member

    I'd put money on the best glass blowers in china can easily hang with the best glass blowers in the USA... If you buy production glass, it's all gonna have flaws as production is measured in pieces per hour, not quality.

    gagekko Well-Known Member

    Lighten up francis...

    malignant Well-Known Member

    It's not even about the flaws, it's that they are hammering them out and don't always melt the frit all the way in and you find yourself inhaling things you don't want to as it heats and off gasses. If you need good glass at a decent price just let me know, I'm easy to work with, work from home so my overhead is low. I can afford to charge you what I charge head shops. I specialize in concentrate utensils, however can make most things you need. Sidecars, bubblers, spoons steamrollers etc.. If you want dab pipes that's my AO.

    malignant Well-Known Member

    Oh and the Chinese and Pakistani glass blowers usually are children who are making more cash than anyone else around. It's the highest paying sweatshop job and the families who have glass blower children probably have less prostitute children. Even as a glass blower I don't see that as a bad thing. Even if it tanked our glass market here, just means we have to stay up on the game, constantly pushing the boundaries and staying ahead of the curve. If you know what your looking at, actually know and understand glass it's a very clear cut difference between import production and domestic production. However if your buying production pipes you really shouldn't care anyhow.

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    I forgot to mention, many of those import pipes come in with only a pushed bowl, no hole. That way it counts as a bead. Then someone drills the hole out. That is bad. Heat and cool and heat and cool little shards of glass get unhaled by you. Locally made pipes have a worked bowl. Popped and then pushed. Then if the flame worker is any good, the bowl is polished and that little hole get heated back up to annealing temp.

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