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Dec 15, 2017
Mar 3, 2009
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Dec 15, 2017
    1. Jbreezy1992
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      2. rzza
        Sup Breezy
        Jun 2, 2016
    2. sssherbal
      Hello ! Are you looking for the best way to relax? Are you looking for good marijuana to cure your stress, and all other types of problems? We shift world wide, indoor or outdoor, organic and very high quality ! If you are interested, send us a sign at [email protected] . Enjoy your smoke friends !
    3. rockinlespaul
      I sent you a pm yesterday rzza but its not showing up in my sent box? Let me know if you got it or not. Thank you. Peace...rlp
    4. ciH
      Believe it or not these 3 years have come to this.. I was made on this internet for you to see me. I asked why am I on this stupid thing.....THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY TO YOU! YOU ARE NOT LIKE THEM and that GOD loves you very much.......... It is not to break anything it is not about the group.... You and him....put him first my brother that will satisfy your thirst. You all can fukin delete me now! my mission is complete....let me be free. ps fuk abe Is that fuked up or what . You rzza are a very bright star I can see you in a group.
    5. ciH
      Mary and God be with you my friend but mostley God.lol bye rzza
    6. ciH
      Hey man this mother fuking internet land is something else! The more I see and look at the more I just cant take it serious.. I see I cannot pm ya! that is just another mind blower. I miss talking with ya I hang out at 3mg now and am running qwubblexherijuana. Come by and say hi cause Hic says hi but wont last long at all as ciH.. see ya buddy and I hope all is well with you..... I really fuking do and that is the difference.
    7. organic mechanic 420
      organic mechanic 420
      Hey what up Rzza, didnt save your new number.. Its billy with the wifi og and grapestomper og. Get at me with those digits broski
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      2. rzza
        Bro, you still around? I never saw this!
        Jun 2, 2016
    8. kbmed$
      Read you got a new # get at me so I got urs shita bout to blow up on my.end and I'm gonna need good growers
    9. firelane
      Rzza you still play poker? I'm going to play tournament at soaring eagle this weekend. Any chance you're playing. If you are, we should smoke on breaks. Makes tourney a little easier
    10. dollabill420
      Hey whays up rzza.. lost your number bro so shoot me a text when u can
    11. st0wandgrow
      Everything is well with me! How about you? I've expanded the grow a touch, so I've got a nice variety right now! Master Kush, Power Kush, The Church, Blue Widow, Bubblegum, and Kali Mist. Whatcha workin with now?
    12. joejak101
      Joe from out 94 and 23 mile area. How ya doing RZZA? I'm into week 2 almost 3 of flowering the Qwubbles. Ended up with 6. All seem so nice. Hope your doing well and school for the little one is going well. Have a great Christmas and I shall as well. Thankx for all! Let me know if you can if anything what to expect this next 6 weeks besides great joy.
      Joe from Ira
    13. joejak101
      Hey RZZA....It's Taco Bell Joe here. How are you man? Just put the seeds in a shot glass 9/28/11. Is Qwubble an auto flowering or not really? Just dipped
      into shot glass yesterday and got to get them girls going.
    14. stillfree
      thanks for di bigs up brotha
      much love
    15. cephalopod
    16. mellokitty
    17. Rickybobby0007
      I'm looking for clones in the detroit area. No way for me to know if they are good or not so I'm asking you due to your activity here.. please let me know if you have any or a trusted source.
    18. Murfy
      no trippin-

      had to take a brief hiatus. back and better than ever. glad to see you're still around, man. moved back to genesee county. so i'm alot closer to the down under side of things. we'll have to get together one of these days.

      by the way, rzza, i really respect you, man. you're a good guy.
    19. Tamorin
      Good to see othets on the big plant scene. Cheers Tamo
    20. captbooyah
      lol- hey your inbox is full... again. I am seeing a trend on the visitor page here... LOL
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