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    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member

    Here is some of my favorite shots of my Chernobyl. One of my go to smokes ATM. I got the lankier sativa, spear throwing, big stretch pheno that had a strong lime smell with a nice funk and tons of trich's.




    You could say I am a fan of Chernobyl.

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Love the last shot bro just classic TGA Resin Tacos, extra long
    You could seriously dry that fan leaf out and roll a joint out of it!
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    boneheadbob Well-Known Member

    TRay, have you grown Vortex and if so what are your thoughts comparing the two.

    I grew Vortex, loved it and was gonna get another pack but I keep hearing great things about Chernobyl. I could say that about all subs strains though.
    Tough decision
    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member


    No I haven't grown Vortex. Being Sub's number 1 recommendation though, has it in my list of strains to try for sure though.

    jd123 Well-Known Member

    heres one of my chernobyl phenos, i think this one is more jtr dominant or mabye a 50/50 mix.

    my other bloodwreck dominant pheno is still a bit away and i havnt pulled her outa the tent yet so no good lighting for my crappy camera, but i will have some pics of her soon too.

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    JessiJames Well-Known Member

    Here's a copy of our Green Leaf Lab test results for the Chernobyl phenotype pictured in our earlier posts:
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    mercuryobsession Member

    fantastic idea

    gonzo3732 Well-Known Member

    mmm chernobyl, lemon lime slurpee


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    Medshed Well-Known Member

    That's a beauty!

    somedude247 Active Member

    Im just 4 weeks in with 3 different phenos. One smells like chemicals, another like lime and the other is like fruity baby poop!!! LOL I dont know what any of them would be dominate with. The fisrt 2 are growing the spear colas and the stinky baby poop pheno is shorter and fatter. Any ideas what I have?

    GanjaGood! Well-Known Member

    Here are a couple of phenos...not far along enough to know yet...but the first one looks more indica in structure, where as the second picture has other pheno in foreground and first pheno in far right corner...amazing that the first one looks two weeks ahead of the others but are from same 6 seed pack (5 girls).....

    The first one has musty earthy rotten fruit smell and the others have perky lemon lime smell....

    Im only a few weeks in but no mold so room stays at 50% humidity though...

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    Lysemith, Lowkey

    Lysemith, Lowkey Well-Known Member

    *Bump* The pheno that I have recently got is a little under 5 weeks, and smells like violent lime sherbert! If it was a food, I probably wouldn't eat it.
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    keifcake Well-Known Member

    BAsically what I'm seeing is that the JTR pheno is a lime smell with a 'freshness' to it, totally different than anything I've smelt before. And it doesn't stretch a whole lot when going into flower with foxtailing buds that are SUPER sugar coated making taco leafs everywhere, and the smoke is strong, but super clear and awesome tasting like it's smell??

    If so, thats the one Ive been running for a year or so always revegging. I had another one that was less frosty but greener, kinda blue tinted and was more uplifting of a smoke( i kinda preferred it a little better but it didn't make the first reveg). I did make fem seeds from the cross of the two though that I will be starting soon. I also have some S1's of the frosty one, I'd like to see how they turn out as well.

    bowsa Well-Known Member

    are you kidding me that is a perfect looking plant relitive to who your talking to then i sroll down and a dude name gonzo glad i have a five packpack me a bowl guys!

    baddfish99 Active Member

    I have been vegging out 10 chernobyl seeds and am about to take cuttings and move them over to the 12/12 tent. All of this information has been really helpful as I'm about to go through and sort the various phenos! Growing up in the bay area trainwreck was always one of the best strains around so I'm dying to finish this run!

    keifcake Well-Known Member

    This one is the one I have that revegges and clones awesomely, it does have a shitty yield, but it's pretty much white because of the frosting is so heavy on it. It's 1 0f my 2 favorite smokes. I have some Chernobyl x Sour AK that seem to be lanky with almost no branching at all, i assume this is trainwreck coming out of it because the Sour Ak definitely wasn't lanky.

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    Digging this thread up from its peaceful grave...

    Great info here about Chernobyl. Thanks to all who contributed! I just picked up 4 Chernobyl clones from Harborside yesterday. They've got super thin sativa-style leaves, so it's looking like I've got a pheno thats going to be on the taller side. I'll try to get some pictures up soon, and maybe start up a grow log.

    Anyway, I don't have much to add, but just wanted to say thanks. If anyone has any new Chernobyl pictures, I'm sure we'd all love to see them! :)
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    H3Farms New Member

    We currently our flowering from seed two very similar pheno. They look to be trainwreck/trinity dominat. The stretch was crazy 2x s plus a lil. They are like 3-4 weeks in have to check notes on that, but even though crazy stretch they are really sturdy an the resin profile is insane. It reaches to the larger sucker fan
    n leaves an is coating them. This is my second time runnin this strain the last pheno we had was I guess the JTR ,it was bushy but had the super lime sherbet smell with lil spice. Look forward to seein the finish on these girls. Will post pics soon.

    DLOPEZ1420 Well-Known Member

    A little late.. but im here now.. i have two phenps of the chernobly..

    This one i call th resin tacos pheno.





    Smells like a lime slurpee.

    Then i also has this beffy bitch.. she loves to eat..


    And shes been in a corner the whole grow..

    I call her bertha..

    Really low smelling strain.. but so thick...

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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    i don't know which picture i love most! god dam, looks like some mean cannabeees, nice work, mon!! can't wait til ours flips and the pheno type pops.. hope we get some hues like that

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