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    JessiJames Well-Known Member

    We have just started growing out our Chernobyl females and I would love any info you guys have on the different phenotypes that are out there. I have heard of one with red highlights that is supposed to have similarities to BloodWreck. I do not think we have this pheno. Ours is tall, more than doubled its size in flower, super resinous (even resin coating the stock as in the first pic), has dark purple/dark blue highlights on the sugar leafs. I have attached some pictures, she is week 5 into flower. Please fill me in with what I should be looking for, what I might have, any info would be great!! Chernoby (a) 1 (resin stalk) Week 5.jpg Chernobyl (a) 2 Week 5.jpg Chernobyl (a) 3.jpg Chernobyl (a) 5.jpg
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    arik maso

    arik maso Active Member

    hey!!! nice looking plant. awesome frosting!! i grew a chernobyl outdoor last year and it bushed out nicely. planted an 8 inch clone in mid june, harvested late september. had 10 oz on it. Not too bad i thought. Yours looks freaking great! keep up the good workbongsmilie:leaf:

    Monkeymonk840 Active Member

    My chernobyl smells like a lime Popsicle. It's also very similar in looks to yours ESP the far right. I'm hoping mine turns black as well I got two freebies and one popped it was a girl but I'm growing dq bside it n the two from them r girls as well. I'd say dq smells better but both look bomb. Good luck

    vilify Well-Known Member

    i dont have much of a pic of mine atm. got it from a buddy who ran a SHIT ton of chern seeds till he got what he wanted.


    said he averages 1oz/gal of soil. with many different pot sizes being ran.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    sounds like you got the sativa dom pheno.

    JessiJames Well-Known Member

    Vilify- Your plant looks a lot like ours did about a 2 weeks before our pic was taken. Its always nice to have a ton of plants to choose from when phenotype searching; you lucked out having a buddy dedicated to finding the right pheno. Keep posting pics! I'd love to see what he chose and see how our choice compares.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    ill grab a pic in the next few days. maybe tonight. its about 2 weeks from harvest.
    guess i can grab a pic of the 2 in veg as well.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    had some time. so i took some pics.

    my yield isnt going to be spectacular. but ive been running 15+ plants under 2 600w's
    light coverage wasnt what it should be when these plants started. running a light rail now to help solve that issue.

    100_0269.jpg 100_0270.jpg 100_0271.jpg
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    mega72 Active Member

    I hope this is not too off topic I was just wondering if you saw any mildew on these if you ever even have mildew issues at all.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    yeah. I had mildew pretty bad in my room, because it went unmanaged for a while. got it from some clones a buddy gave me.

    didnt have a problem up until then.

    JessiJames Well-Known Member

    Mega72- Watch out with Powdery Mildew. It is systemic, which means that if you take cuttings off of a plant that has had it, all of those cuttings will have it internally, and when the conditions are right in your garden, it will come out. If you think you have a strain that "attracts" it, make sure you haven't taken a cutting from any sickly plants in your past and pop some new seeds before you give up on the genetics.
    BatMaN SKuNK

    BatMaN SKuNK New Member

    4 Main phenos. The JTR phenos are shorter and require a heavier feed. This phenotype will be meatier and give higher yields. Should smell fruity/spicy. The Trinity Trainwreck pheno is the taller and lankier one, especially if it looks viney you know you have it. One hybrid pheno leaning more JTR, and another leaning more Trainwreck. The keeper will give a fuely diesel lemon/lime smell and show some color towards the end as it fades red. It will be the lower yielding plant. I found it was best to veg this plant to a bush topping multiple times to bring up it's yield quite a bit. The smoke is insanely potent and taste is phenomenal. It tastes like it smells.

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    tomscro Well-Known Member

    Good to know.. In one 10 pack I ended up with 1 JTR pheno and one Trinity Train wreck pheno (Super Silver Frost and Blood red stems) And a few of the hybrids.. All were great smoke but for me the Trinity TW pheno is my fav.. in fact maybe some of my all time favorite smokin bud. A buddy likes the JTR pheno better. But no doubt some very excellent smoke. :bigjoint:

    CreedTaylor Member

    I find the JTR dom pheno taste stronger and easy to pick up. I can't describe it, pine gym socks, maybe. Never tasted anything like it ever.
    Bill Hayes

    Bill Hayes Active Member

    The JTR is the one you want for a small garden, on the other hand commercial growers will want the TW pheno, with tightly managed super cropping and topping they are great plants to have in your mix, potent meds, consistent yield
    B DUB

    B DUB Active Member

    I have the one that is triny-trainwreck pheno. It does require a very heavy feed. Almost daily in flower. One of my favorites ever though. I have them in flower veg and cloner right now. Monster producer short and bushy. I did have just a bit of mold issues on this strain. I really want it crossed with a afghan or something. Explosive growth in veg too.

    View attachment 2049584 View attachment 2049585 View attachment 2049586 View attachment 2049587 View attachment 2049588 View attachment 2049589 View attachment 2049591
    IMAG1077.jpg IMAG1081.jpg
    B DUB

    B DUB Active Member

    Those bud shots were taken tonight of chernobyl.
    BatMaN SKuNK

    BatMaN SKuNK New Member

    well a connoisseur would want to acquire a phenomenal keeper exhibiting traits that match to his or her needs. taste, aroma, potency, yields, uniform growth,and even color if desired.. etc.

    your comment not only is rude it makes zero sense... selection is key to better harvests.

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    You shouldnt have spout off at the mouth about I'm gonna run this persons this or this persons that.....your in the subcool section of the forum, did you think by saying what you did you would get more help? People here are more than helpful, AOS info is everywhere, chernobyl not as much, but its there as well.. Not only that, your original question was answered I believe, 2 main types of pheno's JTR dom or black cherry soda dominant, anymore than that you have to tell us what you have.

    Nothing is worse than a person that screws up another thread because there question wasnt answered somewhere else. If no one answers your question quickly and accurately for the most part, its because the information is literally staring you in the face, happens to all of us, just move on and act like it never happened, unless you are a woman, bitching will not be tolerated.

    And FYI I stalk this thread because I have some chernobyl waiting to be sexed and to figure out what phenos I have, 3 fems so far but they are in veg still aside from 2 suspected males I threw in the bloom tent last night to confirm.

    bigcarty24 Active Member

    This guy has no idea what's goin on. I find that alot on these types of sites... I ve read someone else recommend to use dog shit as and this comment I now quoted... what a dick. There's so much BAD information out there and stupid comments. lol. but I guess it's up to us to filter out the Stupid comments and so...

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