Chemtrails, what are they? Vote Here..!

Discussion in 'Technology / Science' started by Beachwalker, May 6, 2018.


Chemtrails are:

  1. 1) Condensation trails from high altitude jets

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  2. 2) Something purposely being hidden

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  3. 3) Something purposely being sprayed

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  4. 4) Geoengineering

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  5. 5) Other

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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    can i buy some acid from you? cause you are tripping hard
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    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Only On YT!!!
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    When I want credible info I go right to the source!
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    mustbetribbin Active Member

    Mainly what I was trying to bring out that they have technology other than nuclear that they can use to survive with, they have perpetually running machines/generators that use very little energy to keep running, while not exactly "free" energy that is just the buzz word that goes along with it (Such technology that could exist are Generators with Quantum technology built in and so forth).

    If you feel the Gov has been perfectly transparent with what machines, technology, weapons and chemicals they plan to use to protect themselves with, then you will be thoroughly surprised in the future, not that any of us will actually see such energy technology as I speak of, more than likely we will see weaponry and the AI, and lower technologies that they use to protect their stability over the Earth, the most complex things will not be revealed to anyone restricted, which is almost 100% of the entire population.

    I do commend you for finding this inconsistency, the "free" is silent if you will, in free energy, even I know there is no such thing.

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    There are no secret energy sources.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    I’ve been containing my farts in used water cooler jugs. Are you telling me that the gas won’t run my new world domination lab?

    I’m screwed! I already siphoned off the corporate (Illuminati) funds for the reactor.

    They are going to chemtrail my house I know it!
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    mustbetribbin Active Member

    The truth is life does have illusion, the illusion is that our lives are ours, everything in our lives are only temporary including our fleshly bodies. We only decide what goes on with the bodies that we exist inside of for a short while (life is shorter than us humans are capable of perceiving, 100 years is only the blink of a eye).

    The Truth is that we are hybrid beings compared to the rest of creation, we actually have a invisible spirit inside of each of us, that's what your conscience is , it is the inner spirit being inside you communicating with your present consciousness, there is a being inside of us that is un effected by time, while the rest of matter is infinitely effected by time, there is something infinite inside of each of us that is eternally based,

    If you are able to allow the spirit being inside you which is directly connected to your conscience to over ride your Ego, then your conscience can become the dominant overriding force of your thoughts and perception, which then trickles down into the present reality of your/Our consciousness (here - now - present time)

    4 levels that make up our known consciousness: 1. Our Shadow, 2. conscience/spirit, 3. ego, 4. the present now current perception of this very split second in time. These 4 make up all that we are in our daily lives....

    Through my research, I discovered that several religions promote the philosophy that we actually don't own our bodies, this was after going into deep meditation about how short life can be and that this life is actually just a pre existence of a existence of a perpetual reality that rules over the Universe, this life is just an experience and it's all in the hands of an Infinite being (Creator - God) that such a reality could exist, and because of this we know that changes to the system will be made soon, and Earthy fortifications and governments will be shattered and destroyed, as will the people involved in destroying the Earth and causing harm, pain, lies, wickedness, deception and so on, to the rest of humanity.

    And so with knowing so little is actually owned by us human beings in this vast material world we live in, it brings the value of what we do own which are our own souls and our thoughts, and even then we don't actually own our soul , but we wouldn't be who we are or exist without one (In the End God owns everything in universal existence including our souls, but we can be granted eternal salvation from eternal death if you/me/us live your/our lives in accordance to his word & commandments).

    So this brings the value of our conscious thoughts, hopes, desires and intentions up to a much higher importance than what most people are willing to recognize, and consider to be real or matter, but in fact they are the most important things to our Human survival in the known Universe, and the reason is simple it's because the supernatural realm existed before the physical/material realm known as the Universe, things like thoughts, hopes, desires and intentions and so forth don't exist in the natural world, our Human consciousness is unique to us humans here on Earth. Human's have a rare and unique existence in that we are the only the only intelligent beings in the Universe with a physical body, all other beings in existence, exist in the spirit world of creation, in God's spirit realm of supernatural creatures, beings that don't sleep and are always conscious, perpetual & infinitely alert inside an endless consciousness continually forever to time indefinite and so forth.

    In saying all this I would like to mention that if we cultivate our conscience and allow it to override our Ego, then the world can change, how we feel can change, our contemplative/ conscience side can be combined with wisdom and knowledge that has the ability the free us from the material/physical/fleshly existence, this is how we can gain access to the supernatural realm to which we are hybrids of, as God made us Humans in his image and the greatest gift God gave Humankind was our Consciousness (Our spirit mind) as God is all consciousness and it was only through an Ultimate Supernatural being that this gift could be granted.

    It's just amazing to me that all living physical fleshly movement in existence is possible only because of Supernatural force that was in place before hand, since the beginning of known creation. As we know for certain nothing from the physical world can create anything supernatural, we here in the physical world are limited to the limitations of matter, space and time, it's far beyond any imaginable possibilities that this could ever come about.
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    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Tom Cruise should be told about this.... STAT!
    Do you ever get around to growing??
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    what it comes down to is we all have our theories, our beliefs, our hopes....who's right? who knows?
    any set of beliefs is as valid as any other, if the holder of those beliefs really believes in it...
    no one is going to KNOW anything till they die, and there's a 50/50 chance they won't know then, they'll just be dead
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    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Yeah but...... Some folks just hang the swing too close to the house.
    And Stupid ain't cheap, and sometimes Stupid Hurts..
    Just sayin.

    mustbetribbin Active Member

    I respect that view point and i thank you for your response.

    My main reason and point behind what I'm saying is that if I have information from outside of Our Universe, then why would it not be possible for the Elites to also have information from outside of Our Universe, and if so why wouldn't this technology and information remain hidden from the rest of the population, especially when order and control are at maximum importance?

    mustbetribbin Active Member


    Hey friend, I just wanted to let you know this part of my comment was actually jokingly stated, and was just to mess around with you for a bit, for fun, even though we are on a serious subject.

    Just didn't want you to think I was serious about this part and wanted to clarify.

    I actually respect your opinion, and everyone's opinion (I at least try) I'm just here to bring about to attention things that I'm able, and shed light where I can.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    you believe you have this information, the rest of us may be a little skeptical.
    i am not privy to the thoughts in your mind, you may actually have this information, you may be deluded, or you may be lying.
    if you do indeed have access to this information, you are a privileged person. why assume anyone else has this access?
    why assume someone who is essentially "evil" would be granted this privilege?
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    Rrog Well-Known Member

    The delusion is deep. Humans can’t keep secrets. It’s the first thing we learn in 1st grade.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    people as a whole cannot keep a secret. there are individuals that have the ability, but it's rare.
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    Rrog Well-Known Member

    I’ll give you that it’s possible and rare

    All conspiracy theories require the secrecy from untold thousands, over generations... never ever gonna happen.

    And it’s complete and utter bullshit to postulate that the government only hires people with extended families so they can threaten their execution if you divulge the secret. What fucking lunacy
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    people would notice the families of government employees being slaughtered....i'm pretty sure someone would make the government employee connection on the second occurrence. the fact that they were the families of whistle blowers would take about 2 seconds longer to be noticed.....
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    Rrog Well-Known Member

    Yes. And yet this secrecy of thousands of people is the cornerstone of any good conspiracy theory. Without that there could be no conspiracy.

    People are fucking stupid as a whole.
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Thousands could know the "secret" about what really happened in July 1947 in Roswell New Mexico if they did then how the fuck would you know? How the fuck would you know if 1,000's do know for a fact that the moon landings were staged by Stanley Kubrick? The government decides what you think you know. If "they" put it on the evening news it becomes your reality. Muhammad Ali refused to fuel Vietnam war propaganda/induction and was stripped of his title belt and the right to earn a living. No state would allow him to fight and the government took his passport. Elijah Muhammad even banned him from the temple. Oh but that was just a conspiracy and it never really happened because 1,000's of people would have to have been involved.

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