Chemdog & Blue Cheese 1000w grow

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    Just to give some specs before I start the grow this weekend. Doing a chemdog and blue cheese mix. One of each to start and then will set up a cloning room as well.

    1000 wt HPS/MH w/ dimmable ballast
    6” in-line exhaust fan w/ variable speed controller.
    Seeds are chem dog and blue cheese femmed
    Nutrients are Dutch pro with another bottle of extra calmag
    Grow Room will be 6x6x7 will be for veg and flower for now.
    8500btu window unit for cooling built into the room.
    Various other parts going into it but none worth listing.

    I’ll set everything up on Friday and keep updates to once a week probably.
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    Can't wait to see it! you vegging with 1000w MH on 100% or dimmed down?

    CrudeDude Member

    I’m not sure yet honestly. I’ll probably start dimmed firs and monitor amps. I need to be as conservative as possible so I’ll probably only do two plants one of each type for now.

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    Got the room set up. Changed it up a bit from my original design. Still working on a proper intake but it’s holding temps with lights on and just running exhaust. For beans germing and should be ready to drop in some starter plugs hopefully tmw night. Need to source a carbon filter and some ocilating fans and it’ll be pretty much squared away. Now we wait! Gonna look into getting a RO filter system for the house as well but for now I’ll be using distilled water and adding nuets as I go.

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    Sites not letting me upload pics but I’ll try again later. Decided to do it in a spare closet. It’s a 2.5x5x6. Lined with 8mm panda film on walls and floor. The two folding doors are lined with panda film as well. Got a couple areas I need to seal a bit more but blocks 99% of the light coming out and going in. Blacked out my bedroom windows as well. I intend on running lights at night and off during the day to help conserve. There’s an air gap at the bottom of the left door that allows plenty of fresh air in but I’m going to run a 4” duct throug the wall and then out the wall under my bed. I’ll put a 4” in-line booster fan to pull in air that way and block off the bottom of the door.

    Beans germinated 9/15/18
    Used distilled water and paper towel inbetween two paper plates. 1 femmed chemdawg and 1 femmed blue cheese. Hoping taproots show today and I can plant before leaving out of town. Would hate to leave this job to my

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