Cheapest Medical Marijuana recommendation in Arizona?

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    Hello everyone time has come to get my MMJ card and am sick of paying 200$ for a stupid recommendation was wondering if someone could tell me the absolute dirt cheapest place to get my doctors referral in AZ I remember years back there were 50$ recommendations are these still around? I would prefer not to half to pay more than 100$ because really if you think about it all your paying for is legal protection and the privilege of buying from a dispensary doesn't allow you to grow:finger:
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    We usually send people to Precision Medical Group for medical marijuana certifications in the Phoenix area.

    They only charge $50 for the doctor's evaluation if you already have existing medical records, or they charge $100 if you do not have existing medical records.

    If you do NOT have existing medical records, you will actually end up seeing 2 different doctors;

    One doctor will evaluate you and create your new medical records. The other doctor will examine those newly created medical records to see if you qualify for medical marijuana. (Spoiler alert: Everyone qualifies!)

    The AZDHS fee is $75 if your are on Food Stamps (SNAP), or $150 if you are not on Food Stamps..

    Every certification center will offer to file your AZDHS documents for you, in exchange for an additional fee. We recommend that low-income patients decline that service and file their own AZDHS documents instead to save money.

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    Thanks a billion Jason sending positive vibes your way
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    No offense intended dude but I have found precision to be one of the wost in town for many reasons... long waits, spam sent to you constantly, fucked up paper work,
    and the refusal to use the patients email so that he/she can get notices from the health department regarding there card ( they use precisions email).
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    No offense at all my friend, I don't work for Precision medical.

    This thread was asking about the CHEAPEST Medical Marijuana Certification Center in Arizona, which is not necessarily the BEST in Arizona.

    To my knowledge, Precision Medical is the cheapest place to get a Medical Marijuana recommendation in Arizona.

    Truth be told, everything you said about them is actually accurate to the best of my knowledge.

    YES, Precision Medical has LONG waits. Again, they ARE the cheapest place in Arizona to get a medical marijuana recommendation though, so that's kinda expected to some degree.

    I've been told that they do use THEIR email address on the AZDHS application, instead of the Patient's email address. I disagree with their decision to do this too. I've been told that they use their own email address because most of the people that they file AZDHS paperwork for are very seriously ill and/or very elderly and don't have access to email or simply don't know how to use email. Most of their patients who are younger and have an email address opt to file the AZDHS paperwork themselves because filing it is actually quite easy.

    I've personally never had Precision Medical file my AZDHS paperwork for me because I've always chose to do it myself to save money. We almost always recommend that patients do the same and file their own paperwork to save money, if they feel comfortable doing so.

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    I called precison medical yesterday 02/12/16 they are definetely not the cheapest any longer, they wanted $350 to do my renewal, so if any one knows of some place that really is reasonable please let the rest of us know.
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    Has anyone found a cheaper place yet?

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    If your in tucson from start to finish seeing the doc and every thing if u are not on access mine last year was like 195.00 out the door and had my card in 10 days could not be any easier tumble weeds medical center I could not be any happier!!!!

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    HOW ARE YOU!!!:eyesmoke:


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