Challenging & Limited gadget for growing Delahaze by Paradise Seeds! Excited!! Please Help this newbie..


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Hello fellow Growers, this will be my second thread and will be my second grow since few years ago.

Since this global pandemic I have more time to be at home, I have germinated my Delahaze strain from Paradise Seeds few days ago:hump:

I will only grow 1 plant because my space and resource is very limited.

The outdoor environment condition:

-very hot (82F / 28C - 87.8F / 31C) equatorial country

- humidity 50%-80%

So I decide to plant it indoor.

Indoor condition:

Grow media : soil mix ( soil , perlite & coco coir)

grow space : (L x W x H) 1.5 foot x 1.5 foot x 4 foot. will this be sufficient? Is it okay to plant it without reflector on the side wall?

humidity : 25% - 50%

temperature : 75.5F / 24C - 82.5F / 28C (will be regulated by air condition & fan to circulate the air)

grow lamp : 45 watt LED (will 45 W LED enough, if yes how high should it be from seedling, vegetative & flowering state??)

I hope to learn from everybody in this great forum.
Any advice and recommendation from Master will be very useful for newbie like me :D

I will update any progress that I made soon.

Stay safe guys.

Thank you. :weed: :bigjoint:
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