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    I appreciate it...Thanks:)...I don't use that light anymore,the one with the horizontal bulbs,it's just too heavy(avatar pic)but it had pumped out a couple nice 5oz plants before retirement.

    Don't know if you seen my reply in that other thread or to the proximity to foliage issue....

    A lot people,most...are only using a few cfls not 40 or more like us.Good advice would be to keep them as close as were saying like a foot away,if someone were to keep a cfls a foot away from a seedling or smaller plant or during stretch after 12/12,stretch would be crazy.
    I know what your saying though...AFTER my plants have stretched and have fat buds,THEN it's ok to move the lights up off the colas to avoid heat buildup.
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    CFL's do have their place in cultivation along with led's, ect - Yes some better than others - but the end result no matter what type of light used is one can grow a plant that will give you a "reward" which is what it's all about
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    I have posted a little report on my Ringlamp-Grow in the cfl section... Haven't seen that anywhere. Maybe that qualifies? No part of the plant is further than 12cm from a light source, and many leaves already touch the lamps. It seems to like it!

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    all autos... nycd and fast and vast!! lights look about right?

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    I've had good results from my cfls at 6-8 inches from the plant useing 220watts per plant. 2 weeks into flowering and my biggest girl is almost 3 foot she's been toped a few times and did some lst/hst and some defoliation IMAG0033.jpg
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    Nice plant!

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    Did I just bleach the plant with light? Or is this something else? I did have too high of a lumen bulb in with some clones and this tallest one developed this white on it. I assumed it was because I burned it but usually burning looks different anyone have any ideas?

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    Yo I'm growing two white widow plants with a 400w Apollo horticulture. They are both in a 7 gallon pot. About to transplant to a 10 gallon. I SERIOUSLY need TWO pounds do yaw think a 10 gallon should do it

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    Yo I'm growing two white widow plants with a 400w Apollo horticulture. They are both in a 7 gallon pot. About to transplant to a 10 gallon. I SERIOUSLY need TWO pounds do yaw think it's do able

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    I'm sorry to say this, but a 400w will not produce 2lbs. I have the exact same setup. One gram per watt is considered very good. The TOP you will hit is 14.2 ounces, that's if your fertilizer and soil are top notch. The Apollo bulbs are not very good, and yield will be low. You will need to increase lighting to achieve 2lbs.

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    According to my calculations you need a minimum of 896 WATSS before you can possibly harvest 2lbs. No matter how big of container you choose.

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    Damn. Hope u wrong my dude lol. But it's looking pretty big tho I'm a post a pic

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    Not done yet my dude. Two more months

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    That's actually a big ass plant. Should see a good yield.

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    Greetings Earthlings.. and hydro ppl :lol:

    so had the time to read the whole thread and learned a thing or two about my first grow and the lights. have atm a single 250w CFL combi light going on 6400k and 2700k with reflector (beginner set i call it). might not be the best start setup but trial and error plus a good bargain at the time.

    had the lights couple iinches from the plan. but moved it up some notches to make the plan start stretching.

    just wanted to say thanks from people to share they experiences, now if only they would grow faster those small fuckers lol... "patience young padawan"

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    Here is an example of the way I use my CF's, As the OP stressed, I like to shove them damn lights in as far as I can on the sides, and with the 125w I hang that damn thing within an inch or two of the canopy. Without doing that, the stretch would be unbearable.

    Really I didn't know very many people at all, despite lack of access to gear or hostile environment would even TRY to FLOWER cannabis using standalone CF lighting. I mean, If you have the $ and environment and tools such as fans that are completely necessary, it seems odd to me that you would be unable to procure and/or pay for the electricity to run an HID.

    Is there some appeal I'm unaware of? I've always been under the impression that you would get little more than some un-potent sugar leaves unless you supplemented w/sunlight somehow?

    Anyone got pictures or stories to the contrary?

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