Carrying seeds in your luggage on a plane


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I flew into the U.S. coming home from a Jamaican vacation. I had the seeds in little paper pouches between my toes. YES, I DID WASH MY FEET FIRST. The two different dogs that I walked by in the airport did not even pick up there nose, if your worried about smell. Easily carried back 15-20 seeds, sorry can't remember exactly.


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The question is, can a scanner see the seeds if they are inside of you?
Yes, had a friend who worked for Homeland security, the scanner will see just about anything. I heard some crazy stories about people who had items inside themselves.


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I've had luck quite a few times sneaking beans in from South Africa, Laos and Nepal.

I just take a pair or three of fluffy hi Vis socks and sprinkle seeds and the odd grass clippings on/ in them.

That way it just looks like you walked somewhere with no shoes on and copped a few seeds.

I'm in Aus though, out border security might be a bit more lax.