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    Egzoset Well-Known Member

    Trudeau's THC-centric Mari-CACA (socio-toxic) RED WARNING (2018-Mar-20) [400x400] .GiF

    The more it changes...


    All Hands Abandon Ship!!!​

    The more it's the same.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i don't live in canada, and don't know all the details, but i've been loosely following this process. it doesn't seem so much to me that they're trying to legalize, as they are trying to monopolize. we want weed legalized for several reasons. the first and foremost is that most of us enjoy the hell out of it. then there are the undeniable health benefits. which could stand to be studied a lot more than they ever have been. then there's just the whole freedom of choice thing..why do you assholes get to have martinis in a bar while we have to sneak out to the alley to catch a buzz?
    but until they just completely decriminalize it and allow people to grow it how they want, where they want, with no permits's not really legal
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    Egzoset Well-Known Member

    Salutations Roger,

    Lots of people don't either simply because Canuck mass-media press has some self-serving socio-toxic agenda of its own. For example being unable to perform a mediatic U-Turn after decades making a dime on bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionism. After all how does one remain credible after recognizing being wrong so consistently for so long, while saving their "image" to begin with?!

    That's all it takes, a critical mind able to retain a sufficient amount of criticism!

    Exactly. The keyword underlying all recent efforts is VILIFICATION, since it helps tighten their grip in the public eye, considering a large part of Canucks doesn't mind about public institutions being taken over to persecute the other half, as long as there's money to make. Fuck the children, welcome mammoth revenues. All too often drapped with plenty of "smart", "responsible" and whatnot intentions...

    M'yeap! And racist murder in disguise ain't one of those, even less when the criminal mind is a para-military cop with special training who conveniently forgets the manufacturer's manual instructing NOT to shoot his "ballistic wand" at unsafe range, for example. At least that's unworthy of Canuck citizens like myself.

    Indeed, but the bigot predators now believe they're entitled to hate speech stigmatization, theft, child kidnapings and life sentences in extradition. Much like USA actually. We all heard about Donald Trump who used his big mike to argue it's OKay having people killed for this.

    My wish was that someday i'd be able to stand proudly in the middle of a legit 2:1 or 3:1 THC:CBD crop on the land of my fathers, under the sun.

    Animation for 2-to-1 THC vs CBD Ratio .GiF
    [ ]
    Leafly: How to Help Consumers Understand the Amount of THC and CBD in Their Cannabis (2017-Nov-29)​

    Cap'tain Itnoc already failed over this most basic right in my province, not to mention they're all obcessed with THC % while it's the THC/CBD ratios which actually matter, including the "entourage" effect. But as i commented above, self-vilification performed by their unsuspecting victims themselves only serves their evil goals all too well!

    In The Name Of Children...

    This other word put in the mouths of most politicians just doesn't even mean what you and i would expect. Instead that means they can continue investing money on police equipped with civil asset forfeiture laws to perpetuate our persecution, mis-guided CPS interventions to violate sacred fundamental values as the family core, effectively infantilizing a whole nation - as if we were all infectious walking-dead zombies threatening failed ideologies inherited from doctor John Warnock in some Cairo/Egypt assylum of the Victorian age, unable to question his patients without assistance from a translator...

    One other trick they do is talk about "Harm Reduction" when in fact it's about coerced so-called "re-hab" (e.g. "Fix-My-Kid"/"Kids-for-Cash" stuff put in the hands of mercantile "saviours" with criminal mind$)...

    That's why i started to write about "légaleezation" kind of early, before it even started (...), because it was all too obvious our greedy politicians just ain't willing to walk the path. I only need to refer to the Joy Davies case right into the Liberal's political campaign, or sending Hilary Geller as Canada's emissary in preparation of UNGASS 2016 despite her past career with the previous government of Harper! Etc., etc.

    As a matter of fact the real crime is in Ottawa, expecting the people to accept price-tags way above street market, while the production cost was said to be around 89 ¢ only a few months ago, with Québec's Greenhouse Producers claiming in "La Terre de Chez-Nous" that they're willing to charge 2.50 $/g for "bio" quality that comes with tracking similar to chrysanthemums... Yet Lucie "Nez-Rouge" Charlebois once pretended 8.50+ $/g is going to "save" some lost statistically-ellusive children (with such high teen consumption how come do we not have schools reflecting her claims?), for example! Etc., etc. And i didn't even evoke "science" so far...

    Ah, and talking about that:

    [ ]
    GNW: Hydropothecary partners with Segra to scale-up production in preparation for cannabis legalization (2018-Mar-16)

    « Segra’s expertise and unique tissue culture technique will allow Hydropothecary to increase its yield of healthy, top-quality plants to serve the growing medical and recreational cannabis markets. ... This process replaces traditional cloning from mother plants with rapid, sterile production of robust and healthy plantlets. It generates exact copies of the original plant without the risk of pathogens, fungi, and other issues that can plague other industrial-scale production processes. ... Segra is a plant biotechnology company that specializes in industrial-scale cannabis plant micropropagation. The company is developing industrial-scale cannabis micropropagation laboratories to produce healthy, robust plantlets for licensed cannabis producers globally. »

    Now please someone try to convince me that justification for the additional expense for dust-free white cleanrooms didn't include GMO transgenic engineering meant to introduce "Bio-Markers" for an even tighter control over what's legal or not!...

    Cause and effect (ST TNG) - Picard - All hands abandon ship!!! [400X300] .PNG
    Abandon ship!!!​


    Good day, have fun!! :peace:
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    Egzoset Well-Known Member


    There's been broken image links from PostImage since its .Org domain changed to .Cc - lets fix that!


    The more it changes...


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