Cannabis tincture....decarb necessary?

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    QueefCollins Member

    So I've been looking up various methods of making a cannabis tincture i.e. alcohol, glycerin.

    One thing that's still not clear to me is if decarboxylation is necessary or not. I know people do it, but is it a must?

    I know THC is not orally bioavailable unless it's heated, which is why brownies do what they do.

    But since THC is fat-soluble, wouldn't dissolving it in alcohol or glycerin make it bioavailable as well? Without having to decarb it?



    growone Well-Known Member

    my limited experience is it's probably a good idea
    i tried making tincture without decarb
    boiled about a gram of broken up bud with 80 proof vodka
    let it boil right down to almost dry, thought that would decarb enough
    re-added vodka back to original volume
    tincture under the tongue was OK, but nothing i would repeat, mild body buzz from maybe 10 drops under the tongue
    i'm guessing decarb in the oven would have helped

    pattystaff89 Active Member

    I tried making it without decarb and was un-successful. left like 4 grams in a shot-glass of 160 proof for 1 week. felt no effects from the whole shot worth.
    the beekeepers

    the beekeepers Well-Known Member

    I love "tincture" it is a nice way to take the edge off without getting really buzzed. Put the weed in a blender and chop it up then put it in a pint mason jar with a pint of vodka. Close it up put it in a brown paper bag then put it in your freezer. Shake it everyday for 5 days then pour it through a strainer lined with cheese cloth. You can get a little funnel and some vials and droppers at the container store. Don't look to get high but it definitely mellows.

    ak47is1337 Member

    You will definitely need to heat the stuff up first. This is not a big deal; just preheat your oven for 325 and let it sit for a few minutes on a sheet of aluminum foil. Whoila, decarbed. After this you will either need to cook it in alcohol (everclear is best) for the speed of extraction/power, or you can just let it sit in a jar for AT LEAST 2 weeks before you drink it.

    If you choose to cook it, DO NOT let the alcohol boil (get near 170 degrees) and DO NOT use a flame burner!

    If you let it sit, keep it somewhere dark and shake it at least once a day. Do not put it in the freezer - basic chemistry tells us that lower temperatures slow chemical reactions - and thus the cooking method is explained.

    Also, decarbing is not possible just by cooking the alcohol and pot together. I'm not sure at exactly what temperatures it occurs, but it's probably slightly different for each of the many, many psychoactive chemicals in pot and 170 definitely isn't hot enough for the THC, which is what you are going after.

    A properly made cocktail will put you down for many hours. It is an awesome high.

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    redivider Well-Known Member

    yeah you want to heat it up first.

    i'm going to have to do one of these 'tincutres'

    i'm going to do it with 151 though....

    IOWNEVERY1 Well-Known Member

    yea decarb it at 300 degrees for 5 min on tinfoil then use a double boiler with a strong fan above for about 20 min and bam you got green dragon. I use and eight of chronic and start with 2 ounces of McCormicks mint extract and it ends up being about 1 1/2 ounces of liquid at the end. I take 2-4 mL at a time and if fucks me up pretty good for a couple hours. Make sure to take it when your hungry and wait till you get high to start eating.

    JohnnyTHCeeds Member

    Must be heated to 150 degrees for about 15 minutes minimum. If you are going to mess with this a good digital hot plate with sealed element is a really good investment
    And make sue you do this outside, unless you want to be one of those fools on the nightly news.
    Nuwave Indution Cooktop is the best heat source for a controllable cook top that I have seen. About $100

    JohnnyTHCeeds Member

    170 degrees is pushing it. TOO MUCH HEAT DESTROYS....... Less Heat (150 degrees max) for longer time ... 15 minutes minimum. Higher heat burns the oils and reduces potency (considerably) just like burning while smoking. This is why we are doing this process... to maximize potency.
    Visit here:
    & here:
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    What was your total volume of tincture once you'd finished cooking it down?

    JohnnyTHCeeds Member

    If you would heat your finished solution to 150 degrees for 15-20 minutes in a water bath. (Pot with 4-5" of water) Make sure lid is tight enough to keep water out. No open flame and outdoors is a good idea. Your effect will increase considerably. ...... another idea


    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    We decarb the extracted hash over a double boiler and watch co2 bubbles..yes it must be decarbed to cross the blood brain barrier and feel the psychoactive effects
    Tincture in the cannabis community generally refers to a glycerine tincture for its use sublingually .
    Saturate hot glycerine with the hash...put under tongue
    This thread is like 4 years old btw

    stsin Active Member

    You can have excellent results without adding heat, but it will take longer and you really need to use alcohol. The last batch of tincture I made was with everclear and ground up seeded canna (I tried to remove the seeds for future crops). 13 days in the dark (shaking a couple times a day) then filtered through a cheese cloth led to tincture that made the patients / test subjects quite happy :) With glyerine based tincture heat is more important, but as THC is alcohol soluble it's not really needed if you're at a decent proof rate (everclear of course is ideal :) ) .

    But like with everything else, YMMV.... (yes it's an old thread, but apparently there's still discussion....)

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    for thc to cross the bb barier it needs decarbed

    SnapsProvolone Well-Known Member

    Truth ^^^ no more really need be said on the subject.

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    spazatak Well-Known Member

    what about making tincture with vaped weed... would you still need to decarb it?

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    once its vaporized its decarbed

    growone Well-Known Member

    old thread, almost missed you question
    i had maybe 1 to 2 fluid ozs, been a while so it's a vague memory
    couple of grams of bud i think went in there, didn't give me a great result, could be operator error

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