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  • can i ask you something else? my babies are only 12 days old and they only have 2 leaves should i use more light? i have a cfl 65k if i put it 3 inches they curl back away so i can only get about 4' close to them. i have them on 18-6 is it too soon for that?
    Did you mix your garden soil with anything else because i bought mg organic garden soil and theres no perilite or anything in it but it is fluffy..my seedlings seem to be kind of yellowish in the middle but i haven't transplanted all of them so its not the mg..i used cheap potting soil to start surprisingly it wasn't that bad and fluffy.
    Just had a read of your hermie grow thread. Really quite interesting! I hadn't even considered that plucking the balls off would keep the plant going until harvest and then still be use- able.

    Well done for the documentation! :)

    What was the actual dry weight of the yield after all? You never mentioned it in the thread.
    its doggies nuts more money than sense on general marijuana near the top pal..and its on page 348 onwards mate
    hi pal hope you dont mind but would u have a look at page 348 onwards at my plants there 38 days flower so far..
    I feel ya. For my part, I tend to lean in favor of colloidal silver, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm currently in my first grow. I'm thinking of messing around with the bagseed a little just to see what's in the genes. I'm curious as hell.
    That was one of the reasons I made my thread. What I don't get is why everyone demonizes feminization when it's such a powerful tool for breeding. If you get enough seeds, you can get a complete genetic snapshot of a plant's traits, good and bad. It's not a tool that should be overused, but if used properly with the first few generations of a developing strain, it could produce incredible results in establishing the traits one wants in a strain. Might be a huge grow, though. Either that, or years of work for a thorough test of all the seeds.
    I was just talking about this in my thread. I think femming is the PERFECT way to get a look inside the genes of a plant. I also believe that, if used with careful observation for trait display, that it can be used effectively to refine a strain down almost to the exact traits you're looking for. A lot of work, because it will take a lot of seeds to get the variance you need at your disposal to ensure you get the combinations you want, but plants and even some animals are very tolerant to EXTREME levels of inbreeding. I think people are underestimating what we're seeing, and putting too much emphasis on the function of hormones in the herming process and not enough on the function of the stress that causes their release.
    wats up, i saw that one of your posts said choppers were in full force in upstate ny...where abouts was that? looking to move up there but want dont want to be near where that was...
    yo man question, i was reading in one of these forums that you vegged a certain plant for 19 days then started flowering. and you got a plant with an ounce and a bit?? thats insane was it from a clone or from seed?

    "thanks, vegged for 19 days - it was 5 inches - was working with a height limit, 30 inches
    ended up at 29 inches, 35g of bud
    my only regret is i could have ripened it longer - cut with about %5 amber trics - stuff has a bit more of a head rush than i like" mines been veggin for about 2 weeks now and ones shootin up (it might be a male) then the others have huge sets of leaves and theyre chillin at around 3 inches. basically my question is when should i switch from veg to flower?
    Hey you whole setup looks great and my wife and i were woundering if you could help us build i system like yours. It would work perfect for us because of space issues. Please help us out.
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