Can I start a plant in a closed 5 gallon bucket? (first grow)

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    I had an idea start my plant inside of a 5 gallon bucket. I would cut a circle out of the lid of the bucket and tape a circular light reflector in with a 24w grow light in its place to make a mini grow chamber. Would poor airflow be a problem with this setup? I would move the plant to a more open environment once it got to be about 8 inches. The reason I thought of this idea is, I need something that's very private but I still want to be able to monitor it closely when its a seedling.

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    You live with your parents?

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    Pay no attention to the glowing white bucket in the corner.
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    Yes, they are called 'spacebuckets' and there are subforums dedicated to small bucket grows like you describe.

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    I'll post a link how to make a space bucket pretty simple read through it I'll get pics off one I'm making

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    Cut the buckets and stack em you only need 4-5 buy second hand cheaper

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    I don't need the plant to be in the bucket for its entire life. I just thought it would be better to start it there rather 25ft back in a dusty crawlspace (where the plant will be moved to). I just constructed it and the bucket is surrounded by a winter coat so it doesn't glow. I'm using a 24w LED light which should be okay for one plant. The seeds, or in this case seed, is Blue Mystic Auto. I germinated one seed, planted it, and nothing has sprouted. My theory is that I should have watered beforehand rather than dumping a cup of water it.

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