Can helicopters spot seedling plants?

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    mydogjustfarted New Member

    Hey guys, have a couple seedlings in tiny pots in my backyard that are a week or two old, and heard a loud plane/helicopter (not sure which, couldn’t see it, nor come out quick enough to see it) sounding like it flew right close to my house, but it only flew across once and didn’t keep coming back. Is it just me being paranoid? My question is: could they have been able to determine them if they are only 2-leaved plants a week or two old, or would they just look like a lot of other plants at that age?

    Hashishh Active Member

    If you're that paranoid already I'd move them. It's fire season out our way so we're getting a lot of air traffic at the moment.

    Bigjim34 Member

    I agree with hashishh you should move them. If they are a week or so old without the real leaves yet they can’t tell the difference
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    plants have a heat signature. they don't really show up in flir until they get a couple of feet tall. guys flying by at a couple of hundred feet aren't going to see seedlings in pots, they might not even see the pots. if they're using flir, i'd say you're still safe till they get a good leaf canopy going.

    Nugs1 Well-Known Member

    Plants do not have a heat signature. Thats urban myths and has been debunked many times in the past.
    I can tell you exactly how they spot plants from the sky. First off its practice and training. The plant gives of a emerald green look that is mostly different than other plants around. It also has a very distinct growing pattern.
    The helicopters are out mostly looking for guerrilla growers, that means out in the woods normally near a source of water and recently cleared out patches like trees down etc etc.
    They aren't normally looking at houses for weed growing but they will do passes. Also the Supreme Court (in the US) has upheld that its illegal to use FLIR to look into people property to see if they are committing a crime. Its a violation of your 4th amendment.

    I get being paranoid so let me give you a piece of advice.... if they are going to stay outside the whole time then get some plastic. 6millimeter thick plastic is perfect but you can get 3 mil and fold it over you know what I'm saying.
    String the plastic up over your area, make sure it can drain if it rains. Or you could buy a premade cheap greenhouse. You could prob get one for $100.
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    mydogjustfarted New Member

    Sweet man. Never knew that, thanks for the knowledge!
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