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    MrSmokeZ420 New Member

    soon to purchase 68w 6500k and probably a few 85w 5000ks. I know as far as veg, 6500k is good, and for flowering 2700k is good.

    My questions are... Is this enough light for 3 plants. I believe the lumen count will be around 10000.

    Second, how often should i be watering? I mist in the morning, before 10h of daylight and then 8to9 hours cfl.

    I use a ultra green fert, as i believe its a 10/10/10 speaking as if i knew anything.

    Any tips would be great. Thankyou.
    cypress green

    cypress green Member

    Hi mate,search out instead of all those smaller wattage bulbs which cost more electric,a bulb called a giant dual spectrum cfl bulb.A 125w is ok for one dwarf or clones & a 300w is brill for 3+ or anything really.These bulbs have one side blue & red so autos take what they need when needed.You can get twin hooded holders for them so two 300w give you fantastic growing for lots at cheaper cost.These lights are cool too so no probs with heat,but remember to wipe any greasy fingerprints off or it'll blow when hot..people make this error.I could point you in right direction where to buy & these guys destroy all ur bank imfo etc after payment,& ur name etc.Send me a visitor message or something,i bought a 125w dual spectrum cfl bulb on its own,got ceramic screw in holder & made my hood & holder etc.I hope this helps.With watering mate,water when needed,lift pot by the weight you'll know.Never use tap water,bottled or filtered is best.Set your box up with a cfl,depending on how many ur growing,get a auto fem like LR1 or red dwarf & set timer 18/6 & your sorted really.Try a passive intake for fan as people have fans blowing in but extraction fan must be able to deal with air exchange.Why not have two holes at bottom at either side of box/grow room & one larger fan at top into filter,taking out warm air & smell,the oxygen will pass plant through bottom holes & rise to top taking smell with it.Make your own carbon filter,check utube or use ona gel for plan B.Hope i helped.

    BlinkofAH Member

    just bought and read your book very helpful for me as it is my first time thanks again

    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    you can do 2700k all the way through. for 3 plants you will want a minimum of 4 CFL bulbs... you will probably want close to 300 watts of CFLS... You shouldn't need to feed your plant for the first month. Make sure to have a fan going 24/7 to strengthen stems and to bring in fresh air for the plants. keep the bulbs 1-5" from the plants... just close enough where they won't burn the leaves.. keep the lights on 24 hours a day until the plants are about 1/3 the size you want them to finish.

    as for watering. i water when the container is very light. and i water very thoroughly when I do water... so about once every 4-5 days for smaller containers and about once a week for larger containers.

    Genja Member

    Send me a copy and tell me how much to put where! =)
    cypress green

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    Having your lights on 24hrs is a waste of time,more light is better not the amount of time,18hrs are best.

    firstimegrower1 New Member

    fyl not trying to pay for that

    Littlebigpap Member

    is buds for less book for people with low income?

    DCobeen Well-Known Member

    WTF is with the repeated posts about hair loss and hair products? really?

    applepoop1984 Well-Known Member

    over at marijuanapassion forums, one of the mods there, Thehempgoddess, claims that buds for less uses doctored photos and that he grew them under hps lights and switched them over to cfls to take pictures. she also claims that seemorebuds, the author, is a terrible gardner and a poopy face in general. personally I think she is full of sh__ can anyone corroborate her allegations?

    BSD0621 Well-Known Member

    Hey noobs, 23-26 watt CLF's are better as the produce more lumen per watt... Ditch those big cfl's noobs
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    BSD0621 Well-Known Member

    I concur. Seemorebuds is a hoax. Also, doesn't know shit about growing and is a messy junkie

    cloudhopper1 New Member

    congrats on your book. I have been using cfls for some time now with much success.

    cloudhopper1 New Member

    I am sure that most of us will agree that hps cant be beet and should be used as the major source of light but cfls seem to work well at a lower section of the grow room. When you have thick full plants its hard to get enough light to the inner lower sections during budding. A lot of growers tend to cut off lower sections . If you use cfls down low the lower bud size greatly increases. You can purchase both budding and vegging spectrums in cfls.

    TripleMindedGee5150 Well-Known Member

    Used t5ho and the spiral type . Mixed 3:1 ratio. Def came out better than my outdoor ....

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    skinnysmoke Well-Known Member

    Whats the spectrum of your t5ho?

    TripleMindedGee5150 Well-Known Member

    3000k for flower and used 6500k for veg

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    found the site .... ill surely order this book. Thanks

    kupihea Active Member

    Thanks... Im going there now to order!

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