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    I was a member here almost a year ago. Struggled with mental health big time after helping a lady with cancer. She died. I went on a bit of a downhill spiral. I have come back stronger, fresh and healthy. Even went 100% vegan 4 months ago.

    So, I did like it here and made some good online friends, but had my problems. I had to check out for a while.

    I'm starting a new journal. 100% led. Auto's and photo's in soil.

    It's nice to be back.

    Gentlemencorpse Well-Known Member

    I'm new here, but I'll be first to say welcome back. Gotta have that PMA. Looking forward to the journal bud.
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    Fevs. Active Member

    I'm just getting set up.

    Set up will be 7 secret jardin dr90's (90cmx90cm) (3ftx3ft)
    Budmaster Cobx9 Osram cobs x 2
    Budmaster Cobx6 Osram cobs x 2
    Budmaster Cobx6 Horticultural Cob x 2
    Budmaster Cobx2 Osram cobs
    Budmaster God2
    Budmaster xg2 x2
    California Lightworks Solarflare 110 vegmaster (cloning tent)

    I'm doing one 3ft tent with 4 Sweet Seeds Trainwreck auto's. 16 litre smart pots. Budmaster Cobx6 Osram cob + Budmaster xg2.

    Also 4 Sweet seeds Crème Mandarin. Same pots and led panels. So 390w give or take in each tent.

    Other 4 tents with all be photoperiods. Got Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 elite clone 2 still. Had that since an old journal here. Also Big Buddha cheese, Blimburn cindy (seeds), Blim burn CR+, Green poison fast version.

    Seeds should be popping tmrw. Enjoy the journal.

    Fevs. Active Member

    Thanks. Enjoy the journal
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear your doing better.. welcome back
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Thanks a lot.
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Hey buddy glad to hear you have changed your life for the better. Sometimes the toughest lessons in life end up being the greatest blessing.

    Can’t wait to see what you got this year.

    Fevs. Active Member

    Good to hear from you. I clicked on your profile, but the settings didn't allow me to see your posts. So I was a bit stumped... I'm intrigued to see what you're up to, what you're growing.
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    Fevs. Active Member

    I've got some 56 litre smart pots for the photoperiods. Just growing 1 photoperiod in each tent. Not really bothered about yield. More bothered about quality thesedays. I've just had a really good round. I missed this place, but also liked to look at my journals, see what I fed them, how old they are. I just forget else. Looking forward to kicking it off with this immediate journal.
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Hey dude we were all worried about you, but glad to know you’re back and well. As always i’ll be following you.

    Fevs. Active Member

    Thanks @DankTankerous There were a few people worried about me, including myself. Mainly my mother and my wife was too. I really wasn't well at all.

    Lots going on this year. I'm doing a civil case against the boarding school, which I was abused at. That's exciting for me, but very frustrating too, as the school have covered it up. Not going to be an easy ride, but win or lose the school still has to lay their cards down on the table.

    The police, mental health doctor and therapist think it's the right time for me to go ahead.

    It's been great recovering. The truth is I never really knew who I was. There was always a problem, but I could never put my finger on it. 6 years ago I woke up to the barrage of child abuse memories/flashbacks. Then slowly had a brake down.

    Now I'm back recovering. It was just bizarre. If anybody had asked me when I was 28 if was abused, I'd of said no and meant it. It was so supressed within my brain, the trauma so deep that my mind wouldn't allow itself to access it. Then asked me again when I was 31, I would of said yes. Just bizarre!

    I put the recovery down 90%-95% to nutrition + fitness!


    1 heaped tablespoon of Moringa powder (25x more iron than spinach)
    7 alkaline vegetables blended into a soup with some iodized sea salt added. (electricity runs through my body)
    Moringa soup as I call it. My wife gags whilst she me makes it! lol

    This soup makes me feel supercharged with a turbo. Only way to describe it.

    Supplements taken with the soup before 10:30am

    Cold pressed hemp seeds oil
    sea kelp
    Milk thistle
    super greens
    Blueberry extract
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D


    4-5 bananas
    an apple
    any fruit I want.


    Cereal. Super berry granola with added walnuts (for fat) added sesame seeds, added berries.

    Milk: Wow No Cow oatmilk or unsweetened almond milk.

    4 months ago I was 16 1/2 stone with man tits. Now I'm just under 14 stone and down to an A cup!

    I've 2 more stone to lose. Target is around 10% body fat like an athlete.

    I only use organic shampoo, hemp soap. No longer consume fluoride. I brush my teeth with clay or charcoal.

    I go kayaking 3 times a week with friends. Walking for 2 hours a day. Plus the growing tires me out. Kids do too, and the dog, but I now love my life!

    I started to treat myself like a cannabis plant. Fixed myself like a cannabis deficiency! Literally flushed myself out with a 4 1/2 day water only fast, then gave myself half strength nutes and plenty of magnesium.

    So if you know anybody who struggles with mental illness, just tell them to pretend to be a plant :wink: It's working for me :weed:

    Fevs. Active Member

    Well the autoflower set up's are done.

    Two 3ft tents. 390w of led, but only switched on the xg2, which is 90w. No extraction on to keep it warm in there whilst they pop.


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    Fevs. Active Member

    DSCN4255.JPG ...


    Lots left to do. Still go 4 set up's to go up.


    Veg tent

    Big Buddha Cheese mother, which I'm going to flower. 1 of her clones has already rooted. 2 haven't yet, but only needed 1.

    vegmaster 110

    DSCN4254.JPG DSCN4255.JPG

    Drobe. Budmaster cobx2. 100w light.


    Looking a bit rough, but now starting to green up. I'll flower all of these mothers. I just cloned them last grow. Got the best yielding green poison fast version, the best yielding Blimburn cr+ and the cheese I haven't grown. Just picked the biggest seed, germinated it, grew it, then cloned it. In veg she seems ok, just suffered as I've had to keep her in a 6 litre pot for ages.

    Pleased with the start. Did 2 five packs of auto's, got all 10 in there. I don't know which one's are which. I forgot to label them. I'll know when they flower.

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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    I’m glad you’re doing well. It’s been a tougher ride for you but you are a solider.

    I’ve just sprouted my seeds for this season, I need to make a journal. I stopped posting as much around the time you took a break as well.

    Seeing your setup has me inspired to update a journal frequently.

    I did finally make my own cross of the Martian monkey I’ve been running. Made F3 out of my F2 pack.

    I’m ready to see you what ya gonna do this round.
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    Fevs. Active Member

    I'm glad you are doing a journal again too. I enjoyed your last journal.

    In the photoperiod tents I'm doing scrogs. 1 plant scrogs. Going to get their tents set up later today.

    Good thing this time for me, nobody can call me a shill this time. lol It seems I have far more belief than Budmaster do in their panels, than they do in their own products, as Budmaster have discontinued them. So 9 of my 10 Budmaster panels are no longer for sale.

    I will show Budmaster in this journal that he has made a mistake giving up on cobs grow lights :cool: I feel lucky now, like I've purchased something almost exclusive. I have done! Icemud has one or two of these cob panels, not seen anybody else, yet they're brilliant! I've got 1 years experience growing under these panels now too. That will show bongsmilie
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    Fevs. Active Member

    Got 2 set up's 100% complete today. Both these have the same led. Budmaster cobx9 with osram cobs, which draw 450w on full power. Can also be run on 200w or 250w. Both dr90's / 3ft tents.

    DSCN4264.JPG DSCN4265.JPG DSCN4266.JPG

    Auto's day 1

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    Fevs. Active Member

    Noticed a gap in a corner in my place

    Decided to get an 8th 3ft x 3ft tent in there.

    Gone with quantam boards this time though. Going to grow the strongest 2 Cindys in a scrog. I transplanted them last night in to 12 litre smart pots. 3 gallon pots.

    Board is 240w Samsung LM561C S6

    Fevs. Active Member

    Well, this is the 1st time I've ever set up a grow and been truly happy! I have not skimped on anything. I hate growing in 4ft x 4ft tents. It's just a pain getting to the back and reaching pots. I'm in 3ft x 3ft tents this time, 8 of them. 1 veg tent, 2 auto tents and 5 single plant photoperiod tents. All 5 will be single plant scrogs. Now look at my set up. It's rock 'n' roll time people :cool:

    I decided not to grow my Brothers Grimm Cinderella. I have transplanted her into a 3 gallon pot. She was already in 1 1/2 gallon. Anyway, she will grow some nice new growth, I'll clone her and keep a smaller newer fresher mother plant. She was the beautiful lady of the grow room last grow again and it was a tough decision not to grow her again just yet.

    So here is my veg tent. I'm running a California Light Works Solarflare 110 vegmaster, alongside the Budmaster cobx2. Osram cobs. 50w each. It was a bit cold with the vegmaster alone, so gave it a sidekick, both Osram leds :-):-)

    Back left Brothers Grimm Cinderella elite clone#2, middle are 2 cheese clones. Back right is the 'so called' weakest Blimburn cindy 'pineapple x grapefruit sativa' (world's best strain), 2 closest are the same strain, the 2 strongest. I've started some lst on them to ready them for their scrog. Quantum board should be here real soon. When that is there, the 8th and final tent will be set up. Though I have been thinking about a 9th tent...:dunce:

    Veg tent pics, almost forgot. Every plant was fed plant beneficial fungi today.


    Auto's x 8, in 2 tents. Some Crème mandarins and some Trainwreck. Both from Sweet Seeds. Both cracking high quality strains.

    Day 7

    DSCN4279.JPG DSCN4280.JPG

    These lucky lucky ladies are underneath this in each tent

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    Fevs. Active Member

    Ok, so the reason I didn't grow B G Cinderella again yet was the cheese clone. I decided to stick the only rooted cheese clone straight into a 56 litre smart pot. She looks a bit lost, but I'm sure it will be a success in the long run.

    I've never grown big Buddha cheese. This is a very exciting time for me. I want this for personal. 2 of the 3 ft tents are for this strain. The other...

    Cheese mother has been planted into a 56 litre smart pot. I bought this scrog net which is just awesome, so have ordered one for each photoperiod tent.

    Cheese clone and soon to be flowered cheese mother.

    Budmaster Cob x-9. 450w of Osram cob. I like these cobs! So do the plants! The just create a great environment. 450w in the winter when it's cold. 200w or 250w on a hot summers day. Just a pleasure growing under these cobs. No info other than they are osram cobs and are 4000k.


    This empty tent awaits the quantum boards


    Green Poison Fast Version elite mother


    CR+ elite clone. This plant is something very special. Amazing quality and good yield. I call her CR1. She is Critical Mass x AK47. Green poison and CR1 are under Budmaster Horticultural cobs. 300w or 150w.


    This grow has started off very well. Enjoy it people!

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Welcome back brother! I'm tagged in for the ride bongsmilie

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