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    Kurtmisty New Member

    I finally got my seeds after 4 months. They promised a bunch of extra freebies for all of the trouble, I didn't get a single one. Guess I better be glad I at least got my seeds finally. I had to send them the same email numerous times a day every day for months before I finally got a response. Good luck to everyone who ordered from them. Now I'm having the same trouble with another prominent seed bank, wish I could find a good dependable bank with decent prices.

    Tomsmoken New Member

    They promised the same bonus seeds for my trouble. I feel lucky I got my seeds!

    Anyone who finds a reliable seed company please keep us posted!
    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Think there's been quite a few other reliable seed banks within the states that have been mentioned a couple pages back.
    Most popular I've seen on the site
    Green point seeds
    DC seed exchange
    Oregon elite seeds
    Great lake genetics

    I've gotten seeds from overseas sent to me in 7 days gorilla seed bank
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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Waaaaiiiitttt what??? did I say 7 days it took to receive my seeds??
    Fk yea I did!!
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    Kurtmisty New Member

    Thanks, I will give them a shot
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    Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson Member

    Bud aroma kept sending me emails so I got mad and sent them a death threat some guy from the company called me back asap shit I would have been did that. I don't know if it's a scam or not but he seem like a nice guy and said they were having problems blah blah blah but they are trying to find the people that got ripped off he says he putting a order in now with a few extras I will keep everyone posted how it turn out

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    If in the USA.

    Just keep it simple and use these. I know there are others, but these are a great start, and you will get your stuff, and they have enough genetitics to satisfy the most picky buyer.



    DC Seed Exchange

    Like I said. START with these at SeedsHereNow

    I would also suggest the

    Dominion Seed Company...
    Dominion Skunk for a Sativa Dom Skunk, and YES this Shit Stinks. He uses the Pole Cat Pheno.
    VA Chem91 x SSSC Sk x Skelly x SSSC Sk1

    Dominion... Granny Skunk.... 83% Indica... Also KILLER... Id never suggest anything that not A+++ grade. Period.
    VA Afghani x Skelly x SSSC Sk1

    Dominion Sis Skunk.. Chems Sis x Skelly x SSC Sk1

    These are ALL OLD GENES

    The Skelly/Puck is considered the best, and most sought after of all the clone only Hashplants.

    I believe it is a Lebanese Hash Plant Thin Leaf Indica bred with a Broad Leaf Afghani. REEKS of SKUNK, and PINE/HASH.

    All of the Dominion stuff stinks.

    Super Sativa Seed Club ( SSSC ) Sk1 from the early 80s
    Skelly Hashplant ( PUCK ) from the 80s
    VA Chemdog91.. 1991
    Sis Chem... Chems Sister... 1994

    Coastal Seeds... Also t SeedsHereNow.

    NL1 x Puck ( Skelly ) Puck Yeah.

    Look into all of the NL1 crosses, but for 100% Indica, this SKELLY/PUCK X NL1 IS the one you want.

    James Bean also has some really good stuff.

    Coastal Seeds.. Many are sold out for now.. SHN has a good selection, and is cheaper.

    RedEyed Genetics... Locktite...
    Emerald City Cookies are a good start.

    All of these will procuce great, are very potent.

    Id start out with the Dominion gear, from SHN, and keep it simple.

    JamesBean also has these for the outdoors people that want good shit early, and is mold resistant.
    Vashon Seed and Mercantile.. Early Bird/M26... 6-7 Weeks flowering. Done outside Late August - Mid Sept. Mold Resistant. From Vashon Island Peugot Sound Washington State. Thee also came original from the 80s SSSC
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    peenster New Member


    peenster New Member

    guess I mite hafta try that death threat shit! Assholes won't respond to anything else, I guess. I'm still waitin, since Sept 6th, last year. Jesus Christ, at least they send you e-mails, won't respond to any of mine, send em one everyday, guess I'll hafta git a little tuffer with em. You still ain't got yers either? sound like a nice guy huh? & they're tryin ta find the people they've ripped off? Why don't they look in thier fuckin inbox! I woodn't hold yer breath, but I hope ya git yer shit.& I hope I git mine! Fer christs sake, I coulda had 2 crops in by now.
    Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson Member

    Lol don't send a death threat just try calling emailing them they say they want to fix things I don't know they could be bullshitting I will keep u posted I already accept it as a loss I just got tired of them sending me emails so ....
    Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson Member


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    Bigpoop69 New Member

    Keep us updated man. I ordered from them, and they were really friendly and helpful until i asked for tracking, now they are ghosting me.

    Based on this thread alone, i will probably just dispute the charge. Its a shame, because their website is actually really well done, imo.
    Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson Member

    Yes I will keep you posted I think they bullshitting me I never got a tracking number I r nothing else to show that it got processed but I will keep you guys posted
    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    It’s always some excuse at Budaroma! I got my seeds after numerous emails to and from them. Shit I cancelled my order, they never redeemed my money and then my seeds showed up NO freebies
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    Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson Member

    I just got my seeds today after about 8 months no free ones like they said they would but they did send them. Maybe it is a real company just with shitty ass service. I have to pop them first to tell you if the seeds are official could be planting poison ivy seeds or something.
    Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson Member

    I didn't get any either as promised
    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    I haven’t popped mine yet, they came in the original breeder pack.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Yep ... DC seed exchange 3 days ... Tracking too
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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Ever stumble upon nukeheads.com ? I see they do 3 fem seed a pack for ~20$ can get 2 seed pack of regs around ~10$

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    I will - been lurking the reverse auction gear at Greenpoint ... Did 3 orders and happy with beans received.
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