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    Ive ordered from Seedsman. GYO, & ILGM, great service from all three. The only reason I went thru BA was at that time, they were they only ones that offered GSC autos, after some shopping I found others. There are no U.S. seed banks, it's illegal, they all cum from across the pond. It's ben 2 months, nothing. They won't answer email, a phone, nothing. I ordered before Sept 12, used a visa & it so it on my bank statement. Strate up thieves! Hell, I'd be happy if they just aknowleded an email even with a "fuck you," but the slimes won't even do that! By the way, if they happen ta be reading this, order # 901579! I can't find an address for them in Denver, why? It's as if they don't wanna be found. If anybody knows an address for em, please let me know.

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Swami Organic Seeds. You have to ask for a Seed Request.

    Have Nevils Original 88 NL5/Hz. Now F5

    Blue Orca Haze

    Blue Orca x 1985 Road Kill Skunk Guadalajara. The Clone Only 85 RKS was taken to Guadalajaraa and hybridized with a local strain for over 30 years. I bought 2 packs of these, and am reall interested in these, as well as the other 2 I mentioned.

    The Swami/Nevils NL5/HZ is 1 of the best Males youll find to cross with Indica types. Brings potency with everything it touches. Also very fast growing, and a great branching, and very potent Sativa high. Racy, and paranoia inducing in some.

    I plan on breeding a NL5/Hz with a Coastal Seeds Company NL1 x PNW Hashplant.

    Swami also has the Original Mr Greengenes ( RIP ) 1979 IBL Cherry Bomb. Only Verdant Green, and Swami have the Pure IBL. Given Personally by Mr GGs before he passed.

    Swami Organic Seeds

    Here is the CURRENT list of the seed types available upon your donation to the non-profit organization LOS,LLC

    The One x Punto Rojo $100
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Punto Rojo $100

    (Blue Orca x The Black/NL5haze) x Punto Rojo $100
    Blue Orca x Punto Rojo $100
    Blue Orca x 85 Humboldt Roadkill Skunk/Guadalajara $100
    Each seed pack contains 15 seeds per pack plus an additional pack of hand picked freebies from Swami Organic Seed.
    Blue Orca Haze 100
    Blue Orca Haze x (Vietnam Black x The One/Panama) 100
    Blue Orca Haze x (Neville's Haze/Malawi x a5haze/Thai) 100
    Blue Orca x (The Black x 91 NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Bliss' 100
    Blue Orca x Blue Mystic/PPP Bx1 75
    Mr. GreenGenes Cherry Bomb 1979 Maui Wowie IBL 80
    Durban Bubble x Nigerian Sunshine 80
    Kahuna Bud x Cherry Bomb Bx1 80
    (Kali Mist x Burmese/Cherry Bomb) x Mazar-I-Shariff/Guerrero aka 'V Shiva' 80
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Pakistan Chitral Kush 80
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Punto Rojo 100
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Guerrero 80
    NL#5 x Neville's Haze F4 100
    Nigerian Blue Haze (Nigerian Blue x NL5haze 80
    Nigerian Sunshine 80
    Nigerian Sunshine x (Nigerian Sunshine x Blue Mystic/PPP) 80
    The One x Pakistan Chitral Kush 100
    The One x (The Black x 91 NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Yogi' 100
    The One x Punto Rojo 100
    Velvet Rush X NL#5/Neville's Haze 100
    Vietnam Black x The One/Panama 100
    Zazen x (Velvet Rush x NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Guru' 100

    DC Seed Exchange. I just got Hazeman G13 x 88 PNW Hashplant. As you can see Ive got an obsession for anything I can find, and is related to anything Nevil had anything to do with, or obtained genetics from.

    JamesBeanSeedCompany... They have Coastal Seeds Company NL1 x Hashplant. Not a big producer, slow growing, stout, and a very good breeder, and heavy duty Indica STONE.

    Mountainorganics. Got 1 called Cosmic Lotus.

    Below is the list of available crosses. All have been open pollinated with 4x select TO x VR males to infuse a greater Thai influence which will 1. provide a good foundation for my future work with these lines and 2. preserve the variety of expressions these genetics have to offer and the hidden gems yet to be found!

    The One BC1 = TO x TOVR F1
    Lotus = The One x Velvet Rush F2
    Cosmic Lotus = Gonzo x TOVR F1
    Purple Lotus = Purple Gonzo x TOVR F1
    Blue Lotus = Blue Gonzo x TOVR F1
    SunShine = Gonzo 5 x TOVR F1
    DarkShine = Gonzo 6 x TOVR F1
    Maya = Acapulco Gold x TOVR F1
    Gold Rush = Colombian Gold x TOVR F1
    Blues OG = Orange Cookies x Face Off OG F1 (Pure OG phenotype) x TOVR F1
    Marmalade = Orange Cookies x Face Off OG F1 (ORANGE phenotype) x TOVR F1
    Velvet Sunrise = Sunset Sherbet x TOVR F1
    Citron = J1 x TOVR F1

    All packs are offered at a donation of $75 ea.
    Citron will have 12 seeds, all others will be 15 seeds.

    I will accept payment via PP/CC at http://mountainorganics.net/products/custom-order - just add the number of packs you’d like to your cart and be sure to email me back with your selection. Alternatively I can accept cash or blank money order via USPS. Please allow up to 1 week to receive tracking info via email.

    Thanks & let me know if you have any questions!

    Below is a quick description of the strains / parents:

    The One: 1976 Highland Thai x 1971 Kandahar Afghani. A balanced yet potent F1 landrace hybrid from 1984. Floral/perfume, fruity, incense, skunky/musky flavors on large, dense, resinous flowers. The euphoric Thai/sativa affect hits first with the body numbing afghani affect settling in after. Strong stemmed structure with excellent branching and stretch.

    The One x Velvet Rush (TOVR): Velvet Rush is a similar cross as T.O. From the same era - Highland Blue Thai x Afghani #1 - but is extremely Thai dominant in every respect. Having been crossed with TO you end up with extremely vigorous, fast growing plants with the dense, resinous flowers of TO and an enhanced thai/sativa affect from the VR. I selected 4 males for this open pollination and the intent was two-fold:
    1. By using the same males to hybridize all the females I create a solid genetic base to easily select plants that are similar to the respective mother for future backcrossing and isolating unique expressions.
    2. Males were selected ranging from pure TO dominant, 50/50, and slightly VR dominant. This way we maintain the genetic diversity of the various landrace expressions to pursue within each individual cross and find amazing new hybrids.

    Lotus: The F2 of TO x VR, the same 4 males open pollinated to 4 females also ranging from TO dominant to VR dominant. Expect a few different main phenotypes from strong stalky plants with minimal side branching, to ones with excellent side branching and 3x-4x stretch both with large spear like flowers and lastly plants with more side branching than vertical growth and more golf ball type flowers. Potent euphoric, flavors ranging from floral/perfume, tropical fruit, juicy fruit bubblegum and musky/sandalwood/incense.

    All 5 Gonzo moms are sisters, very unique expressions from each other: The One x (1988 Nevilles Haze x Northern Lights 5)

    Gonzo (Cosmic Lotus mom) is incredibly resinous (like all the Gonzo sisters) but maybe a tad more than the rest, smells of hashy/earthy/musky sour lemons, is incredibly potent in both body and mind, night time only for me! Untopped/untrained she stretches excessively, the more training and topping done the less stretch.

    Purple gonzo (Purple Lotus) is the opposite end of the spectrum with a pure cerebral affect, no body, pleasant and motivating in small amounts but gets trippy if you finish the joint by yourself LOL strongest smelling of the gonzo with a very sharp, bright, fermented berry jam type aroma. Branches very well, average stretch, tight structure so she benefits from being ‘opened up’/ trained.

    Ive used all of these companies. Recently.

    Tj Youngman

    Tj Youngman Member

    I ordered from bud aroma over a month ago, they still haven't shipped my order and they refuse to respond to emails or answer their phones. I wouldn't bother with them if their customer service is this bad.

    Nickmassa5 New Member

    DC seed exchange is amazing I ordered from them after bud aroma never came through and got my seeds within 4 days from DC seed exchange I would definitely recommend them over any place especially if your looking to order from bud aroma I would 100% look elsewhere
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    peenster New Member

    They're fuckin thieves!

    Kurtmisty New Member


    Kurtmisty New Member

    They are a scam. I ordered 35 days ago. I keep getting canned emails saying my order is in que and will be shipped in 7 to 11 days, that was 30 days ago when I got the first one. I have emailed them and called them every day. There has been no response to my emails or phone calls. They got $78 of my money. Wish I would've seen this before I ordered from them.

    Tomsmoken New Member

    I ordered from Bud Aroma it's been four months and nothing. They only respond when I flood their system with emails then they just give me an excuse that they have a rush Mr. Mainebud must have just got lucky that they sent him something. They sure got my money. I was told that they (my seeds) was boxed ready for shipment, they told me that three times.

    Tomsmoken New Member

    I blasted them with emails I think we all should keep blasting with as many emails you can with your order number repeatedly they do respond just flood them when you have time.

    Tomsmoken New Member

    I ordered from Bud Aroma in August they sent me a fake tracking number a week later which went to Mount Vernon Ohio. I finally got someone to respond to the fact I was sent the wrong number. Then they acknowledge that and said I would be getting extra seeds for the trouble. Everything would ship, still no seeds for four months so far. They do respond if you flood them with thousands of emails for hour's at a time they do respond then. Good luck everyone

    Tomsmoken New Member

    Up date just came in after hours of emails and I really mean hours of sending them over and over Bud Aroma just sent me an email stating my order is shipping in the morning, I'm sure hoping that this is it. Just wanted to update everyone that tried Bud Aroma of any progress on my order that so far has been four months waiting. Thanks and Good Luck.

    peenster New Member

    ben over 3 months fer me.I send em emails every other day along with my order #. Finally I git some form letter from suposedly the company, can't spell, sayin about scams & that they heard it all & yada yada yada, I kept callin em thieves & finnally they sent me an email sayin they would refund my money, obviouslly my refund is sittin rite next to my package of seeds cuz ain't neither one showed up.They asked for my order #, which I sent in every email, so either they don't even read em, or they sit around all day smokin what they're spose ta be sellin, or they're awfull fuckin stupid, It's my opinion that all 3 are accurate. The only thing worse than a thief is a child molester! I'm going to the attorney general.

    Kurtmisty New Member

    Yea, it's been 47 days now. I send an email every day and get the exact same canned message every time. I wish I could report them here, but I can't where I'm from. I have always said the exact same thing about thieves and child molesters, thieves have no respect for anyone else. These people are the worst thieves of all. I guess I should blame myself for trusting the internet.

    peenster New Member

    I'm gunna stay on thier ass untill I git one er the other. Just as soon have my beans, but after I've ben on thier ass callin em fuckin thieves, if I do ever git any seeds from em, I doubt like hell it'll be girl scout cookies autos. Probally all males is what thet'd send. Remember, they is for souvieners only, so I'd stick with the muny back refund shit. Growin smoke is still illegal where I live, but I think a person could remain anonimous when reporting em to the attorney general. They ain't out ta bust us, they're after the scammers, scandel & scoundrels. I hope like hell I see these sonofabitches on American Greed in the near future!

    Kurtmisty New Member

    I got my first real reply today, not one of the normal canned messages. It said they checked on my order and it's supposed to ship by Tuesday. I will believe it when I see it.

    Tomsmoken New Member

    Well everyone I finally received my seeds haven't tried to germinate any yet . I waited four months and was sent two tracking numbers one went to Mount Vernon Ohio and the other somewhere on the east coast then received my third tracking numbers the seeds did show up, I'm relieved to get them but they didn't include the bonus seeds for getting the wrong number's and waiting four months.
    Just have to be persistent and thousands of emails every day until it works.

    peenster New Member

    I called em they other day & did git to talk to an operator, but it sounded like she was on the planet Saturn, couldn't hear her. But I did hear her say that same old bullshit " we'll return your call within 24-48 hrs. What bullshit!
    Andrew Serbin

    Andrew Serbin New Member

    This Bud Aroma place order a month ago send emails called the number they gave no answer so I'm taking it as a loss if you want to get riped off order if not check out new420guys you will get orders in 3 days Thanks for nothing bud aroma

    Tomsmoken New Member

    I did get my seeds after I flooded all their emails I actually sent thousands and thousands of emails consisting of my order number over and over probably 5000 in each one it must really messes with their system they finally sent me my seeds it took 4 months though not recommended if you're not patient to those who haven't ordered from Bud Aroma. I finally have three that showing tap root today.I hope this helps someone.

    peenster New Member

    bud aroma are thieves! I ben waitin over 4 months now. Can't git a reply from em, Maybe sue em?

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