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Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Pipe Dream, Nov 17, 2009.

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    I'll try to get some pictures up if i can

    Strain: bubbleberry
    Growth: na
    Nutes: na
    Yield: na
    Bag Appeal: 9/10
    Smell: 10/10
    Taste: 8/10
    The High: 7/10
    Comments:I reread the description from sagamartha seeds on the strain and I would have to say the description is spot on. Dense thc coated popcorn sized nugs. They smell like blueberries and a hint of bubblegum and that familiar weed smell and I mean they smell! The buds are a dark green with bright orange hairs with some very subtle purple. Unfortunately the taste isn't quite as good as the smell but leaves a mild taste of berry. The high on the other hand didn't impress me too much. Sagamartha describes it as pleasant and uplifting or something I felt more of a murky body stone and i feel like im coming down off of coffee (not a lot but just a little) On the other hand I think I have a pretty strong tolerance and the fact that i felt the high shows that it's a potent strain. I would recommend this strain for someone who wants a fruity indica - medical uses would probably be pain and sleep deprivation. All in all I give this strain an 8.5/10 because the buds are so aromatic you can't stop admiring them but I prefer sativa highs

    Strain: ak47
    Growth: outdoor
    Nutes: organic
    Yield: na
    Bag Appeal: 6/10
    Smell: 7/10
    Taste: 8/10
    The High: 9.5/10
    Comments:looking at the bud I was a little dissappointed. They are generic looking and the trichomes seem few and far between(perhaps this batch is slightly premature) The smell also seems generic and not very powerful-I believe the description by serious seeds says it's has low odor and the smell taste description is accurate smells like a spice cabinet. On the other hand smoking it was great very smooth the taste is subtle and leaves that fresh weed taste on your tongue along with the spicy flavor. The high is great too. Very clear headed and UP. Almost like i just drank a cup of coffee as oppsed to the bubbleberry made me feel like i was coming down off a cup of coffee. I also had some tincture made from these buds and it was very nice kind of made you feel light and floaty but I think some people might find the high a little intense because I was even stuttering a little bit. Little bit giggly and happy I loved this smoke.

    As you can see from the numbers I gave bubbleberry more points BUT I feel that the high is more important than the bag appeal and smell so I'm going to give the ak47 a 9/10. Highly recommended by me now I see what the fuss was about.

    next time i should have some romulan and maybe some grape ape:weed:
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    Glad you found a winner. Cheers for reporting on the Bubbleberry, been waiting to hear what it's like for couple of years. Unfortunate that it has that 'groggy' sort of effect, but I guess some of its phenos would be a little better due to that killer family tree. Nice job
    Joint Ops

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    Well blueberry has a higher THC content than AK47. Maybe the blueberry was not done?
    UnKlE SaM

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    ^^^ LOL 10 char

    GardenSpecialist Active Member

    Any pics of your bubbleberry yeild?!
    Jer La Mota

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    the blueberry was harvested late, prolly why the high is sedative ..

    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    imo the blue strains are kind of mellow compared to alot of strains(white,purple,light-light green)except MOTARO BLUE . i smoked some last year at a growbuddies house.that shit had my mind workin overtime,im usually pretty tolerant to most weed but this weed is two-hitter quitter.try it out

    Newbiematt Member

    Yo brother was that motaro blue from kannabia?

    SweetLeafGrower Member

    Blueberry is one of my favourites. It's what I'm growing now.

    Jbcny72 Member

    Mine to

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