Browning on leaves, light burn?

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    New here and looking for help. 2nd grow but first time seeing these spots. The light is about 15 inches from the top of the plant. I took two photos one of a leaf about 20 inches from the light and another about 36 inches away, both seem to be experiencing the same issue. I water at pH 6.5 and my run off is measuring about the same. Is this light burn or something else?
    Molybdenum deficiencies??

    Also, I moved these from the garage to a bedroom 3 days ago so they are getting optimum temperature. The garage was about 15-20 degrees cooler.

    Tent. 3x1.5x5.5
    Light. King plus Led 600watt
    Soil. Oceans forest, fox farm
    Strain. Auto fem blueberry
    Neutrient. Foxfarm 3 bottle combo at 1/4 strength
    based on suggested soil schedule.
    Age. 7 weeks from germination
    Schedule. Nutrients given 3 days ago
    Temp. 70-78 inside tent
    Humidity. 45-50 inside tent


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    Also.... I noticed a nutrient burn at 1/2 so that's why I'm doing 1/4

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