Brown spots and leaves curling up?

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    it's normal to grow

    it's normal to grow Active Member

    Brown spots with bottom leaves curling up.


    2nd Wk.
    Water temp-68
    Tent temp-75

    Auto flower

    Using GH line
    RO Water.

    I have two plants growing in separate containers and both have identical symptoms. I didn’t splash nutes on them either.

    Any help would be awesome.

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    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    Looks like nutrient deficiency. Follow the Plant Problem Guide below, to analyze, and correct the problem. There are tons of pictures, and I'm sure you'll come across something that looks like your's.
    Plant Problem Guide

    How are you watering them right now? Are you using drip emitters, or are you hand-watering? You want to make sure you're getting water to the roots, when they're that small. So, if you're not hand-watering, make sure your dripper is right next to the sprouts.

    Hope that helps. Check back if you're still having problems.

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